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  About music submissions after they are sent
Posted by: SpacePirateRyoko - Yesterday, 04:58 PM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - No Replies

So I sent you guys a pretty good list of songs that I think would fit in the SC playlist via email.  Since I can't seem to find audio tracks for most of the songs on YouTube to add through Twitch chat, is there an easier way of seeing if anything I sent was added... besides going through the actual playlist itself?

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  Bronic The Legendary Hedgehog is ready for destruction!
Posted by: GTFoxN6Y - 27-03-2020, 03:16 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

The impossible fusion of Sonic and Broly! Bronic, The legendary hedgehog, is ready for destruction!

Download: http://www.mediafire.com/file/vt72vqpjpxczoen/Bronic_The_Legendary_Hedgehog.rar/file

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Video I updated warp man
Posted by: Dniw - 06-03-2020, 07:58 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies


Attached Files
.zip   Warp_Man.zip (Size: 336.73 KB / Downloads: 0)
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  Automated Tournaments
Posted by: tripleap74 - 03-03-2020, 04:25 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

I was curious how you went about running the automated tournaments portion of Spriteclub and if it was something that can be done on just a normal version of Mugen 1.1.  I have very little coding experience and I completely understand if it might be something over my head.

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  AC versions of Muteki's characters
Posted by: tripleap74 - 07-02-2020, 07:40 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

I was looking through the Guilty Gear character stats and noticed that most characters have an (AC) version listed.  I then went to the files of my version of these characters and could not find a seperate .def version of these characters to switch too.  I was curious if these (AC) versions were some kind of patch or if I simply missed the way to access these versions.

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  Tokisaki Kurumi EX(GhoS) DL?
Posted by: ?8Nairb - 05-02-2020, 03:13 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

[Image: 10719.gif]
Can anyone share this modified char as seen in the match, please?
The one at MUGENArchive has .sff errors, sprites not being transparent issues, and doesn't have an aggressive AI...

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  New Years 2019 Tournament
Posted by: Arxos - 24-12-2019, 12:38 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

Another year has come and gone. Thus far, we've ran three new years tournaments. I don't think doing one for 1st division is a good idea so I figured we'd go back to our roots this year with a 3rd Division one. I'll most likely do a 5th Division one in the middle of 2020, but I'd like to stick to a more favored bracket for the new years tournament.

Tournament Setup
- 512-bracket double elimination, for a total of 1022 matches
- Every 64 matches the tournament will be paused for exhibitions
- No matchmaking will take place while the tournament is running
- The tournament will start on Friday, December 27th at 6 PM UTC.
- The last 62 matches (meaning the top 48) will start on Monday, December 30th at 6 PM UTC.

Character Suggestions
Same as last year, I've set up a google forms that people can use to submit character suggestions. Eligible characters are:
- 3rd Division characters less than or equal to 1625.
- 4th Division characters greater than or equal to 1550, and less than or equal to 1625.

Use this form to submit characters. Eligible characters can be found on this sheet.
NOTE: These are SUGGESTIONS! I reserve final judgement as to whether the character is fit for the tournament or not. My apologies if your character is not included, but I hope to make a balanced bracket in the end.
The form will stay open until December 26th, 12 PM UTC. Full list of characters that will be present in the tournament will be posted within 24 hours after that.

Character List
A total of 97 characters are auto included, on account of being made by local authors, or being a Hokuto no Ken character (for it is tradition).
If I missed any local authors, please contact me! There's been quite a few additions to the community and it's becoming hard for me to keep track. You should not need to suggest your own characters or AI patches anyway, these should all be auto included so that you can use your 10 suggestions on other stuff you like!

Characters by Arxos:
- Arrange Sion Eltnam Atlasia
- Azurite
- Chartette Force
- Elite Force
- GIGN Force
- Lisa Force
- Mila Force
- Remilia MAX
- Renge RE
- SAS Force
- USN Force

Characters by Below273:
- Deathsaurus II
- Goomba
- Magical Sion
- Orochi Marisa
- Tiharu
- Voltage 2.0

Characters by Brergrsart:
- Bulk Bogan
- Fattest Tony
- Me and the Boys
- Mister Fahrenheit
- Santos
- The Goenitz Experience 2015
- The Shockmaster
- Time Loop Madoka
- True Monando Boy

Characters by Coldskin1:
- Infinite Ryu EX
- Krillin

Characters by Deoxgigas:
- Izayoi
- LF2 - Firen
- LF2 - Firzen
- LF2 - Henry
- LF2 - Rudolf

Characters by HerttainenSpade:
- Employed Mercury

Characters by Infernal Spectre:
- Grim Patron Man
- Joutenchi Wind
- Juliette Elpis
- Kyogoku Majikina Mioh
- Lux Aeterna
- Miyako X
- Queen of Heart
- Ryona
- Tenshiel
- Void Shana
- Wireframe Boxer

Characters by KDT/SFG:
- Gunvolt+
- Rage Rock
- Salty Surfer

Characters by Lillie's MADs:
- Bellyache

Characters by Gumhoy:
- Barlog
- Bowsette
- Logical Conclusion Guile
- Retro Suika RSR+
- Sanic
- Stronk Guy

Characters by Jor8a:
- Charlie Frost
- Cookie Crab
- Explosive Kyo
- Greek Goku
- Terminator Orochi

Characters by Overlord:
- Flock of Geese
- Original the Character
- Revenge of Mr. X

Characters by SpaceMouse:
- Billy 'Big Bang' Blitz
- Chibi Nazrin
- Mawile
- Maximum Maxime
- Pulseman
- Sparkster

Characters by TwistedSynapse:
- Broly LSSJ3 EX
- Jobber Jose
- Rascalex
- TS Link
- Malicious Nue Houjuu
- Shocking Shocker

Characters by VirusComputerBad2003:
- Hovernyan
- Jibanyan
- Mog
- Tat

Hokuto no Ken characters:
- Hakureimu
- Italian Raoh
- Jagi-sama
- Juda
- Juda 31
- Mamiya TS
- Negative Shin
- Raoh Sai
- Raoh_G
- Shin 2
- Shin Aino
- Shuh
- Suicider Raoh
- Thouther 31
- Thouther D.
- Toki_A

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  Lost Iink to Ms Fanservice character FOUND!!
Posted by: GTFoxN6Y - 07-12-2019, 01:28 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies


I already know you were looking for her, but i found it right here all thanks to the wayback machine!

Link to Ms Fanservice

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  I need help!
Posted by: GTFoxN6Y - 03-12-2019, 08:37 PM - Forum: Live - No Replies

Okay i made a character name ultimate shadow 
Vanellope but i don't know where can i add her to your livestream. Can you help me?

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  Ultimate Shadow vanellope destroys spriteClub (Not really)
Posted by: GTFoxN6Y - 03-12-2019, 08:32 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies


The link to the character:

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