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  Custom Mode suggestions thread
Posted by: Hafkie - 03-01-2021, 03:29 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (3)

Over the last month we've had custom modes I've floated some ideas for future potential modes and wanted to make a place for myself and others to suggest them. Feel free to add more suggestions or iterate on my ideas in this thread!


15 or 25 matches

A game mode featuring alternating intense 1st Division/1800+ rated matches and decisively not as intense 5th Division/sub 1300 rated matches.

Bonus Exhibitions

15 matches

This mode would have a slight chance of appearing (say like 5 or 10%) and grant us with extra exhibitions. In the event exhibs get skipped this could also be immediately re-rolled as well (or just skip straight to matchmaking is fine too.)

Author Showcase

15 - 20 matches

Matchmaking that picks 3 to 5 authors and features their characters versus others in traditional matchmaking. The amount of authors featured would be dependent on how many characters there are to pick from, to avoid picking 3 smaller authors and getting a bunch of repeats.

Lightning Round

30 Matches, no 3/4 turn matches.

Taking advantage of the upcoming SSD upgrade, this would operate with a tournament balance but with matchmaking-style matches instead of a normal tournament (since they use a nonstandard ruleset, matches won't affect division/rating). Matches are best of 3, run twice as fast, and have a 10 second betting time. No time to carefully weigh your options, bet FAST, bet NOW.

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  New Years 2020 Tournament
Posted by: Arxos - 15-12-2020, 09:41 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

It's that time of the year!

Tournament setup
As every year, the tournament will be a 512-bracket double elimination tournament. This year, we're aiming for high 3rd Division, as well as certain characters in 2nd and 4th Division with additional restrictions.
The tournament will start on December 27th, 13:00 GMT+1. The Top 48 (final 62 matches) will start on December 30th, 20:00 GMT+1.
- Every 64 matches, an exhibition break will occur
- While the tournament is active, no modes other than exhibitions and tournament will play
- Upon reaching the final 62 matches, the tournament will be halted until the scheduled finals time
- The Top 12 (final 14 matches) will have 1 round more than usual

Eligible characters
The following characters are eligible: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...sp=sharing
- 3rd Division characters rated lower than 1700
- 2nd Division characters rated lower than 1650
- 4th Division characters rated high than 1600 and lower than 1700
- Characters that are banned from normal tournaments are also banned from this tournament. Additionally, certain characters may be further banned for balance/enjoyment concerns.

Viewer submissions
Right above we can see the eligible characters, but who will actually be in? Well, you the viewer can help decide!
In previous years, the characters voted on were included automatically, but with the number of voters rising every year, and even more this year, we're changing it to something more robust for a large number of voters.
Therefore, this year we'll be using a raffle system to decide who gets to participate. The raffle system will work as follows:
- Every eligible character gets 1 ticket
- Every viewer vote gives a character 3 additional tickets
- Characters made by local authors get 5 additional tickets (request this via forms, you may vote on your characters as well)
- Viewers must be level 10 or higher to vote (also applies to local author benefits)

Here is the form to submit your votes: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQ...w/viewform
You can edit your response!
Note that your votes should meet the following requirements!
- 1 character per line
- The name must match exactly, but does not need to be capitalized correctly
- Multiple votes by the same viewer for the same character will be ignored
- Maximum of 50 votes, any lines beyond that will be ignored!
- Characters may be added to the ban list (removed on the sheet) as late as December 20th, 23:59 GMT+1. A list of characters banned after initial posting will be maintained in this thread and on Discord.
- The form will close at December 22nd, 23:59 GMT+1.

For transparency, the total tally of tickets per character and users who submitted their votes will be published, exact votes of each user will remain private.
If an attempt of a user to vote with multiple accounts is spotted, all those accounts will lose their voting rights.

December 20th, 23:59 GMT+1 - Last date for additional character bans
December 22nd, 23:59 GMT+1 - Last date for submitting votes/editing your response
December 24th - Full bracket posted
December 27th, 13:00 GMT+1 - Tournament start
December 30th, 20:00 GMT+1 - Top 48

Character bans
The following characters were banned from the beginning, either due to tournament bans or other concerns regarding these characters:
- Alvaaron
- Bone Dino
- Explosive Kyo
- Giant Snowman
- Gigapowier Loves Dark Ruler
- If Marguerite
- Killer Croc
- Kraidgief
- Logical Conclusion Guile
- Mecha Birdo
- Mecha Sonic S2
- Mermaid Boss
- Moldy Snail
- Moogle
- N'Doul
- Niwakalolicon
- Osaisen Bako
- Pepsimen
- R'lyeh Text-Special
- Red Sprite
- Shark Bonus
- Skyrider Nanaya
- Space Warrior
- STG Inu Sakuya
- Sticky Keys
- Stupid Little Drill Tank
- The Deadly Dragon
- The Territorial Mammoth

Furthermore, the following characters were banned on December 20th for balance/entertainment concerns:
- AK Man
- Chibi Nazrin
- Eri Hasumi_A
- Essence of Darkness
- Jibanyan
- Killer Whale
- Kraken
- Michael 64
- Ryu VBE07
- Shulk
- Slug Type R
- Taiyo no Tou
- Taokaka CSE
- Usapyon
- Wall-of-Flesh
- Will-o-the-Wisp

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Heart The Official MKT Thread
Posted by: Disins25 - 10-12-2020, 06:37 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

Thread made to discuss just about anything on the subject of Mortal Kombat Too MUGEN fullgame and characters, be it new AI patches discussion, MKT edits, yet be noted this was only a suggestion in the chat and if one is to be made, better ask Bane84 if edits are allowed & his consent/blessings depending on the reaction, just to be sure, any trivia regarding the fullgame(I think most details were covered in the MFG threads, but ya never know whenever something pops up or not), which MKT is your favorite(maybe once they are all added, but honestly fan favorites have been added prior to this thread's creation) or the community posting K.O cries in the replies below so that someday !MKT is made/generated. HelloFriend
Without further ado, the release threads for said fullgame if you wanna check it out and test/have some fun with it:(it should be noted SC isn't affiliated with Bane84 by any means, I'm merely just spreading the word on something plenty of people really enjoy and hold real passion towards! Which has been the case for quite some time now, so there you have it.)

Welp, that's everything for now, I hope you all have a good weekend and Christmas/New Years, SpriteClub! cirWAA

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  New Custom Mode: Tables Turn
Posted by: Snack - 07-12-2020, 05:54 PM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - No Replies

Feedback / Bug Report / Suggestion: Suggestion

Priority: Very Low

With the recent additions of custom modes, here's a suggestion for a possible addition in the far future:

Tables Turn (x%)

In the Tables Turn mode, every match is turns mode with descending level of divisions, while rating is an average of all characters in the mode. For example:

Team 1 and 2 has a 5th, 4th, 3rd and 2nd division character. The total average rating of these characters amount to 1600, therefore the rating of the individual characters should be 5th (1300), 4th (1500), 3rd (1700), 2nd (1900). Whether the individual characters meet the same average rating standards (that is, whether the two 5th div characters is the same average rating) can be decided upon, but the two teams will still be around the same total average rating.

Team 1 and 2 can also have 4th, 3rd, 2nd, 1st, or a mixture of them such as 4th, 3rd, 2nd; 4th, 2nd; 5th, 3rd, 1st; etc.

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  Changes in .json since newest update
Posted by: Snack - 06-12-2020, 04:57 PM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - No Replies

Feedback / Bug Report / Suggestion: Bug Report?

Priority: Low

I wanted to gather the changes in one place for Arxos so he could check, the reason I put Bug Report? is because I am unsure if it was an intended change, or unintended.

1. State.a matches till Y
Before, the state.json would show exactly how many matches left until the next mode, much like !mode does. Here's an example:

Quote:{"s":"m","r":"Hyper Gotenks","b":"Limiter Cut Legendary Super Saiyan Akuma","a":"13 matches left until next tournament","B":"bracket","T":0}

And here's how !mode looks:

Quote:Current mode: Exhibitions. 8 matches until Free For All.

However, after the change here's how the state.json looks:

Quote:{"s":"m","r":"Giant","b":"Code","a":"17 matches left","B":"bracket","T":0}

State.a no longer shows what session comes later.

2. State.a intermission
Before, the state.json would show something along the lines of:
Quote:"a":"Switching to tournament mode!"
Quote:"a":"Exhibition mode will begin shortly!"

This is much like how the bot in chat shows an intermission much like:
Quote:Switching game mode. Starting custom mode: Free For All 

However, after the change, the state.json does not show an intermission and sticks on the same state.a text as it does prior to the intermission, such as
tournament -> exhibition intermission:
Quote:{"s":0,"r":"Athena GZ","b":"Kanna","a":"Grand finals!","B":"bracket","T":0}

With this said, it does now state:
Quote:{"s":"m","r":"challengers","b":"happy feet","a":"Free For All mode starts after this match!","B":"bracket","T":0}

Which can somewhat be used for the same thing.

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  Best of 1 choice for Exhibitions
Posted by: Snack - 05-12-2020, 01:15 PM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - Replies (1)

Feedback / Bug Report / Suggestion: Suggestion

Priority: Very Low

In 1v1 or simul, best of 1 could be a possible choice making for interesting fights, some characters get stronger as the fights go on, some get weaker which makes a best of 1 situation an interesting addition with its change in format. It'd also be useful for a sort of fast-paced best of 1 tournament.

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  Major update & downtime of December 3rd, 2020
Posted by: Arxos - 03-12-2020, 08:51 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - No Replies

Hello everyone, it's been a while since I've been able to make a write up about all sorts of new stuff coming your way.
SpriteClub has been in a bit of an odd place for the longest time. I enjoy the site a lot, even if my free time in recent months has been pretty dreadful. Over the years, I haven't really done a good job at maintaining it however, for various reasons. However, I've finally gotten around to addressing that issue, and changing the setup to be ready for the future.

These updates come in the form of a long downtime however, and this thread is here to detail the various changes that come with it.

First off, I finally got around to another feature that I've been wanting for over a year, which is custom modes. These are small modes that occur after exhibitions, before matchmaking (not during debuts). These modes use an alternate set of rules to determine their matches, which will hopefully create a new and fun experience for everyone. More information on that can be found in this thread: https://forums.spriteclub.tv/showthread.php?tid=201

Secondly, with this update I've added two new commands, namely one that tells you the upcoming custom mode, and one to tell you the upcoming tournament. Since the number of commands has gotten rather large with these additions, I have now outlined all of them in this thread: https://forums.spriteclub.tv/showthread.php?tid=200

Thirdly, clips and VODs will return! However, copyright strikes are still a major issue on Twitch right now. Since I cannot control the sounds used by characters on the stream, I unfortunately do not have a choice right now but to remove both the live music, as well as the in-game audio from clips/VODs. Instead, clips/VODs will use an entirely separate soundtrack, the live stream will continue to be unaffected. I'll continue to evaluate the options in the future to determine if/when it is safe to include in-game audio.

Finally, a list of other changes:
- Fixed the balance not updating at the start/end of tournaments
- Fixed character match counts sometimes not being saved for the right type
- Fixed promotion/demotion matches not always having 3 rounds when 1st Division characters are involved
- Fixed the next mode stated by bot announcements/commands not always being correct.
- Bets will now always stay open at least 30 seconds, even if Mugen closes earlier for whatever reason
- Crash detection has been improved. In general, crashes should be determined within 3 seconds.
- Intros/outros that last longer than 45/90 seconds respectively will now be skipped. If this threshold is reached, subsequent intros/outros will be skipped after 5 seconds (both, regardless of which one triggered it). If for some reason they're not yet skipped 15 seconds later, the match is regarded as a crash.
- Rounds in which the timer, during a single round, has moved by less than 30 seconds over the course of 3 minutes, will be skipped.
- Tournament finals are now allowed to go on for 14 minutes, as opposed to the standard 10 minutes of regular matches.
- Free mode now selects its matchup/turns size at pure random, instead of using regular probabilities.
- Tightened the rating deviation allowed when selecting characters for particularly high/low rated matches. Overall, this should slightly increase the number of very high/low rated matches, and decrease the average rating gap between characters in those matches.

...in addition to a lot of behind the scenes work! For the curious, I've greatly changed the runner so that I have greater control over its configuration without having to restart it (no, I still cannot influence actual characters selected outside of NEW characters), greatly optimised its performance to free up more CPU for the stream, and added functionality that'll allow it to report things to me via Discord, so that errors/problematic characters can be better identified and addressed. All in all, a huge portion of code was altered/added.

I hope that everyone will enjoy these updates, and have fun with the new game modes. As you'll have noticed, most of the changes for now are aimed at the Mugen runner. Now that I've taken that through a development phase, I want to focus more on the website in the coming months. Stay tuned for more!

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  Custom modes
Posted by: Arxos - 03-12-2020, 08:51 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - No Replies

Over the years people have often suggested small ways of mixing up matchmaking to be more exciting. In order to address that, a new "custom mode" feature has been implemented. Custom modes are designed in a flexible manner, so that custom rulesets can easily be added and expanded upon. At present, there are 7 custom modes.

Custom modes occur after exhibitions, and before matchmaking. They do not take place while debuts are active (although they will not stop automatically if debuts activate during them). The next custom mode is visible in advance via the !custom command in Twitch chat.

Custom modes last for a total of 25 matches, unless specified otherwise.

Free For All (20%)
Do you enjoy chaos in its purest form? Free For All has you covered. During free for all, every match is a free match, meaning all random characters, with random palettes.

Boss Rush (6%)
Is it your motto to go fast? Do you try your hardest to ignore trash mobs in games? This mode covers your speedrunning needs!
In Boss Rush mode, each match is a promotion/demotion fight. Characters are picked at random from those that are eligible for a boss fight, meaning there is no bias towards certain divisions like regular matchmaking. Since there are only a limited number of characters eligible for a boss fight, this mode has only 15 matches and is quite rare.

The Great Escape (6%)
After several years, the time has come to fight for freedom! No longer will F Division characters be slaves to viewers, only appearing based on their selfish whims! It is time to break free from this prison!
In this custom mode, a tournament bracket is generated featuring solely F Division characters. These characters will fight to the death to determine who gets to return to normalcy in 5th Division. These tournaments are limited to 16-bracket single elimination tournaments.
Breaking out of prison is a tough job however, and therefore tournaments of this mode are more prone to be 2v2 or turns matches than regular tournaments.
The conditions for breaking out of F Division is different depending on the type of tournament generated. These are:

1v1 -- The 1st/2nd/3rd place contestants are promoted with a winstreak of 0/-3/-6 respectively.
2v2/2-turns -- The 1st/2nd place contestants are promoted with a winstreak of -2/-6 respectively.
3-turns/4-turns -- The 1st place contestants are promoted with a winstreak of -3/-4 for 3-turns/4-turns respectively.

Note: Since there has not been a way to escape F division in the past, it has grown fairly large over time. Therefore, this mode is set to occur more frequently for a while, but will become quite rare afterwards.

King of the Hill (17%)
Do you think you have what it takes to dominate your Division? Are you looking for that promotion to the next level of fighting?
In this mode, a random division (excluding 1st Division) is selected, and characters of that Division will fight to compete who stays, and who leaves. The winner of each match will continue on, until that winner receives a boss fight. Once a boss fight has been held, the process repeats.

Lord of the Valley (17%)
Are you unhappy with your current Division? Do your fellow Division mates pick on you for how weak you are? This is your chance to prove you don't have what it takes, and that you belong in a kinder place.
In this mode, a random division (excluding 5th Division) is selected, and characters of that Division will fight to compete who leaves, and who stays. The loser of each match will continue on, until that loser receives a boss fight. Once a boss fight has been held, the process repeats.

Downdraft (17%)
Does the sound of a gentle fight help you fall asleep? Do you enjoy watching kittens fight each other? Are MKT's your favourite characters? Then this mode was made just for you.
This mode starts off at a rating of 1550 and gradually works its way down to the soothing rating of 1050 for maximum sleeping comfort.

Note: Due to the way in which characters are picked, matches are not guaranteed to be exactly of the target rating, particularly at the top/bottom end of the character spectrum.

Updraft (17%)
Do you enjoy watching the world burn? Do you relish your eyes being assaulted by colors while your ears bleed? This mode is made for you, as it is the prime opportunity to watch characters launch weaponized code at each other.
This mode starts off at a rating of 1650 and gradually works its way up to the tantalizing heights of 2150 for maximum eye bleach.

Note: Due to the way in which characters are picked, matches are not guaranteed to be exactly of the target rating, particularly at the top/bottom end of the character spectrum.

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  SpriteClub bot commands
Posted by: Arxos - 03-12-2020, 08:51 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - Replies (1)

In this thread the commands that are available via the SpriteClub bot are listed. Since these are provided by the same application that runs the stream, these commands will generally not work when the stream is down for whatever reason. For commands available on Nightbot, please see https://nightbot.tv/t/spriteclub/commands.

Aliases: color, colors, colour, colours, pal, pals, palette
Lists the palettes used by the characters in the current match.

Alias: author
Lists the authors used by the characters in the current match.

Aliases: div, divs, division
Lists the divisions of characters in the current match.

Aliases: char, chars, character
Lists the names of characters in the current match.

Tells the current mode, the number of matches remaining, and the next mode.

Provides a link to the last Challonge tournament bracket.

Gives the name of the current stage, as well as the author, if known.

Aliases: music, track, playlist
Gives the name of the current song.

Aliases: debut, debuts
Gives the number of characters currently in the pool, the number of characters that are left to be added, as well as the time remaining until debuts starts/ends.

Alias: requester
Gives the name of the user who requested the current match.

Generates a random name based on the name of characters on the roster. As of this writing, it is outdated and only includes the first ~7000 characters on the roster.

Aliases: custommode, nextcustom, nextcustommode
Tells the next custom mode. Only gives the type of custom mode, not the exact contents of it.

Alias: nexttournament
Tells the next generated tournament setup (not custom tournaments). Only tells the setup, actual characters in the tournament bracket are only determined upon start of the actual tournament.

If a moderator has queued any songs, this tells you how many songs are queued, and which song is up next.

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  Lock the spots of the top x exhibs
Posted by: Snack - 26-10-2020, 05:25 PM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - No Replies

Feedback / Bug Report / Suggestion: Suggestion

Priority: Low

One of the main concerns of users during exhibs, especially with free exhib usage, is the ability to bump people out of their spots by queueing up an older exhib. While this isn't possible to eliminate, one way to alleviate this problem is by locking the top x spots in the exhib queue.

While in queue, if your exhib enters the locked exhib queue spot, you can still remove it, however new exhibs added to the list will not be added above the locked exhib queue, regardless of how old they are. They will always be added below the locked exhib queue. I am currently working on a mockup example of how this could work, but it was a bit more effort to design it to look nice than I expected so expect it later.

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