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Dynamising matchmaking / the gamemode rotation
Hey there,

Earlier today I brought up in chat a bit of an idea I had about "scaling" the matchmaking size depending on the size of the previous tourney (bigger MM if huge bracket, normal MM for normal bracket, etc) and it kind of sprung into a bigger discussion about dynamising matchmaking and the gamemode rotation in general.

So I'm making this forum thread here so that people can centralise their ideas and discuss this in a better format than twitch chat Kappa

Personally I had that idea because I thought that we're "too often" in tournament mode due to the bigger brackets. It feels like half the time I tab in to SC to make a few bets it's like "welp it's tourney guess I'll bet $920 then."
On the other hand, Matchmaking is a bit dead usually especially during EU daytimes so it could use some way to make it more interesting to stick around...

Anyway, vote/discuss.
Also bear in mind that none of this is official, is only my personal opinion and Erxos can just be like "wat Kappa" and not do anything Wowee
Ideas discussed in chat:

Relative increase of MM matches if long tourney
Direct 1:1 increase of MM matches if long tourney
New mode in the middle of increased MM to break up the monotony (mini tourney, free matches, otherwise)
Moving around order of when Exhibs happens

I think I've voiced my opinion that MM is rather dead so if we're going to increase the amount of MM matches, it'd be good to think of an incentive to stick around.
To add more variety it would be cool to have something within or in between mm, like a mini tourney showing up at random of 4 or 8 bracket, it would be quick and fun i think (keeping normal bailout/balance). It would be just for the sake to follow a team/char until the win and dynamize mm which can get boring.
Secondly on the tourney itself, maybe we could add an extra bet which would be on who wins the tourney (char/team) and winners would split the winnings. That way people would get hooked till the end and it would add more tension and interest.
It never bothered me before, but I think a change like this would definitely streamline things a bit. However, I feel that longer matchmaking after a long tournament would slow down the stream a bit. I agree with the concept of having longer matchmaking after a long bracket as it would mean that we get to see different game modes for longer, and we would have an "even" amount of time in each mode, but I don't want to create a situation where people are asking "Next tournament when?" if they come into a long matchmaking session. On the flip ide, if we have a short tournament, we end up with short matchmaking and exhibitions, and we'll be back to a tournament again in no time.

Alternatively, we can have shorter matchmaking after a long tournament would mean that we can always cycle through different game-modes faster so we're never on the same game mode for too long. But if RNG decided to give us a lot of long tournaments, it would make the situation that Flan brought up even worse.

That said, the way it is right now doesn't seem to be that awful, especially since longer tournaments are fairly rare anyway. It all really depends on what our stream's focus is on:

Are we here to show off what we can do with MUGEN? Or are we here to showcase the variety of different fighters that populate it? Or perhaps we're just here to provide a fun betting website? If we answer this question it can help us decide how much time we give to each game mode.

In the end, I don't really have a solid opinion about this matter, but I do feel that these options need to be examined.
What we need is a chance to roll a MM that is nothing but free

[Image: 5W6TmS9.gif]
I don't remember who brought this idea up in chat during the original discussion (I think Maha?) but I like the idea of having a short "free MM" session of like 10 or so matches in the middle of MM.
Would break out the monotony of MM, give an incentive to stick around and overall make the rotation a little more dynamic.
Then you don't necessarily need to increase the size of MM since it'll effectively be 60. 25 random MM → 10 free → 25 random MM.
I'm surprised you're in any way for more free matches Kappa Anyway, this could be done, it's interesting for sure.

The best idea's so far seem to be either the free session in the middle, or moving exhibitions (to be, e.g. 30 MM -> Tournament -> 30 MM -> Exhibs)
Hey I never said I'm against free matches; it's just in tourney form that I don't like free.
What if after tourney there was a mandatory "catch the Ducky/Whale" 10 whatever-free-or-random MM rounds before exhibitions? Most of the time the bots have at least -some- money to rob them.
Would be more fun if that short stretch was a bit more unpredictable.