4-Turns Community Tournament
Hey guys. It's on a bit of a short notice, but I figured we could do a special tournament this Sunday.

I've created an excel sheet over here. You can select 4 of the characters from the 'Characters' sheet (listing all 1550 rated and below characters) and make a team using them.
A character may only be picked once, so be quick!

For now, it's just 1 team per user, but you can submit extra teams in the area below. I'll be using those to pad the tournament to a 32-size if there aren't enough submissions in time.
You can supply a team name, but I can't guarantee I'll have that feature ready by Sunday.

The tournament will be a 32-bracket double elimination tournament, starting at 8 PM GMT+1. Countdown here.
For my own sanity, please make sure you've submitted your teams at least 2 hours before the tournament starts.