Update of 25/02/17
So a lot has happened since the last update and I just wanna give a breakdown of what actually was changed over the past 1.5 months or so.

1. A song update of ~250 songs has happened. Full list can be found here: http://pastebin.com/08mD8ZYn
There's one more pack of 128 songs that I have to process, so whoever was that sent that, don't panic from not seeing anything.

2. Some updates to tournament generation:
- Minimum rating increased to 1200 for 8-double/16-single, 1375 for 16-double/32-single and 1550 for 32-double/64-single. Note that 2v1 tournaments are 1200 at all sizes.
- Every tournament has to be at least a different Division and rating from the last. So if a tournament at 1450 rating ocurred, the next cannot be 4th Division, nor around 1350-1550 rating.

3. As I'm sure you've all noticed, turns mode has been introduced!
Just for the sake of clarity, turns mode means that a team of characters is created, each fighting solo. When one loses or draws, he is replaced by the next on his team.
Turns mode is supported in matchmaking, tournaments and exhibitions, but note that, right now, teams must be of equal size.
I actually found a way to get around this for at least 1v2/3/4-turns, but I'll have more info on that later. It may take a few days to work everything out for that functionality.

4. Lastly, a ruling change has been in effect for a few weeks regarding how I've been updating characters. From now on, when an AI patch by an entirely new author is received for a character already on the roster, that character will be removed from the roster and the new version added to the NEW pool. This means the characters start fresh, the AI patch is properly shown off, and the debut pool stays a bit healthier in size.

As a result of this, over the past 3 weeks or so the following characters have been removed from the roster, to be returned through debuts in due time (those that have already done so I marked with a *):
- *Ageha Hayate
- *Akiha Vermilion(Re) -- name also fixed to Akiha Vermillion(Re)
- *Alex_A
- Avdol
- *B-Cirno
- *Cammy
- CvW Haggar
- Cycloid Sigma
- Fliz
- Foreigner
- Frog
- G. Rugal
- *Gaoh
- Hotaru Futaba MOTW
- *Huitloxopetl
- *J-Angel
- *Juli
- Karin Kanzuki
- *Kiyohime
- Komasan
- *Kuando
- Kureha Hayate
- Lee NBC
- *Lilith
- Lt. Chelnov
- Magic Geese
- Meifang
- Minis Mahn
- MVC Anakaris
- MVC Jedah
- MVC2 Oro
- *Nakoruru
- Ninjaslayer
- Oota Kanako
- Pop
- Powered Ciel
- *Reggie Skatore
- *Rimururu-M
- *Rosa Ushiromiya
- SF3 Alex
- SF3 Hugo
- *SF3 Ryu
- Solis R8000
- *Terry Bogard MOTW -- name also changed to Wild Wolf
- Willard