Welcome to the Spriteclub forums!

Things are still taking shape here at Spriteclub. I am currently the sole developer, so feel free to direct any comments, suggestions or feedback to myself or post it in one of the respective forums.
Over the upcoming weeks/months I'll be working to make things smoother and more complete and I would love to hear what features you'd like to see implemented next.

The M.U.G.E.N stream should be up most, if not all, of the time, so check it out. It may be taken down during times of low activity, primarily during weekdays.
If you're interested in submitting stuff to the roster, be it characters, stages or music, check out the guideline threads on the Submissions forum. Instead of using the e-mails listed on these threads you can also contact me directly on Twitch, where I go by the name Erxos4, (it's probably the easiest for now) but I give no guarantee that I won't lose track of the things you link me if you do.
For anyone who doesn't already have it installed, I highly recommend downloading the FrankerFaceZ plugin for Twitch chat. The emotes available through FFZ are often used in the Twitch chat.

May RNG be kind on your soul during your stay here.