Update of 1/12/16
Just a short announcement, but some details needed to be posted and made clear.

First off, the largest playlist update yet by far. All new songs can be found here.
Also, for those that didn't notice, some of the more major changes to the runner of the past month'ish were posted here.

Finally, I'd just like to make clear that the stream will be taken down during Capcom Cup streaming times. NEW may be delayed by ~1 hour so that people can take a bit of a break after Capcom. Capcom Cup starts at 9 AM California time tomorrow (More details over at http://capcomprotour.com/capcom-cup-2016-details/) on Friday, and 6 PM on Saturday. Be sure to join us all at http://live.spriteclub.tv/!
Jebaited 500+ songs update Jebaited
As Potable GOD 「ROMANCERS NEO -Arrange-」

should be renamed

Lyrical Nanoha As Potable GOD 「ROMANCERS NEO -Arrange-」
Fixed the song name.
On that part, Tosiaki, could you help us with the translation/romanji of "Horizon in the Middle of Nowhere OST - 焦熱領域"? I tried looking for it but to no avail.
Sorry for not looking at this forum for a while. Title can be found from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YEvSg0ByHnE