NEW division this friday
Despite the unfortunate events this past week, I want to move with my original plan of having the new game mode enter into rotation this week.
Before I say anything, I'd just like to tell everyone that as a result of my garage collapsing and leaving the new PC in this state, we'll be stuck with the old PC for 2-3 weeks. Some time after we'll be switching back to the nice and smooth 60 fps setup.

As for the new game mode: it'll be on the first matchmaking mode after Friday 9PM GMT+1, countdown here.
Henceforth, during the weekends, the standard Matchmaking mode is replaced with 'Debut' mode, which has 100 matches instead of Matchmaking's 50 matches.
This mode replaced Matchmaking from Friday 9 PM GMT+1 to Sunday midnight, during which it'll randomly pick characters to add to the roster. Rated matches against the existing roster are used to determine the new characters' rating, and thus Division.
This process takes 10 matches. Especially in the first few matches, rating is gained much quicker than normal. A total of up to 20 characters will be in the NEW 'pool' at the same time. So you'll see these characters appear a lot in a fairly short time.

Once the weekend passes and it becomes Monday, the Debut mode will still activate in order to empty the NEW pool, but no new characters will be added to the pool until the next weekend.
Finally, note that this means the roster will not expand all at once. Characters are hidden until their first match.

For authors that want to be there when their character is added, priority can be given, so contact me (please don't whisper me about it on Twitch though).

I hope that covers any questions people have on how this game mode will work.
By the way, some quick math tells me that we have enough characters in waiting to keep this up for about 5-6 weeks, but given that we'll surely get more submissions in that time, who knows how long this may continue (especially considering that I will probably disable this mode during special weekends, such as Capcom Cup, Christmas and New Years eve, as they too fall on the weekends this year).
You don't like watercooling? OneHand

In all seriousness, though. Looking forward to the new characters.

i got to finish my 2 new chars lol
Ooh, the new pc is looking pretty nice Kappa

New characters are pretty nice, though (this is just an idea, dunno if you would want to go through with it) you could put the newly tiered characters into one group for the week after they get tiered so people that haven't been on can see the new additions if they missed the weekend. Also to have spicy newly tiered character exhibs Kappa
You can review them from the session page:
Granted, it's a bit split up, so some sort of week-based consolidation may be a good idea, but it is entirely possible already.