Spriteclub down
So this happened.

This is just a small part of the house, but unfortunately a part where the streaming PC was located. No one was injured.
In essence, the top of the wall (2nd image) crashed down on our garage, destroying the roof. As you can see the entrance is entirely blocked, so I don't know if the PC is broken or if the power was simply cut.

I'm not sure when the stream will be back or anything, right now we haven't even confirmed yet if we are allowed to continue living in the house.
Additionally, rest assured that no data was lost. Everything is fully backed up on an external hard drive that is located in my own room which is entirely safe. The stream WILL return.
The old PC is still usable, as it was located in the main living room. But, it's quite possible the monitor was broken (as the old PC's monitor is now used by the new PC) and I'm not sure if we have another one. In other words, a whole bunch of unknowns.

Anyways, don't worry about me.
The future is entirely unknown, but this isn't something I can't deal with.
I'm just sad that this damage had to affect you guys as well.

UPDATE 1: We're not allowed to live in the house at least until the storm clears up. Additionally, I noticed the main site had gone down as well, probably as a result of death cries from the host PC corrupting the database or something. It's probably an easy fix, but at my current location it isn't something I can fix in a timely manner. It'll remain as such for a little while.
The most important is that no one was injured. For the rest, take the time you need.
I'm open for donating if you like ThatBooty .

Wait that came out wrong. Or did it?
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Oi! What the hell? Who requested Roadsign vs Whirlwind goenitz?! DansGame
[spoiler] shitty jokes aside we're glad nobody is injured and wish you a speedy recovery from that disaster [/spoiler]
That's some really shitty news... I'm glad you and the the rest of your house is OK at the very least.

Quote:Posted by aRubberBall - 6 hours ago
I'm open for donating if you like ThatBooty .

Wait that came out wrong. Or did it?

I'm with Rball, donation link when? :3
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Patreon when
WaifuWars when?
Arcade when?
Ur nan when?