Character Submission Guidelines
Characters should be DM'd via Discord to Arxos (preferred) or e-mailed Click here for an invite to SpriteClub's discord.
  1. Please verify if your character runs correctly on MUGEN version 1.1a4 with OpenGL renderer and 4:3 resolution. Generally speaking just testing if it runs on 1.0+ should be enough.
  2. ZIP all the characters into a single archive and mail the download link. The folder name for each character should match it's .def file, so don't submit a single folder with multiple .def's.
  3. If you have the know-how, remove permanent timer slows or stops from your submissions. Removing this is very simple though, so don't worry about this step too much if you don't know how.
  4. Your character should really at least beat standard Kung Fu Man, given that it's not a joke character.
  5. No instant-kill characters.
  6. If the character needs palette locking please include a message regarding it in your e-mail.
  7. You can use this page to see all characters on the roster. Please check for duplicates.
Additionally, you can also send character updates to, though processing them isn't high on my priority list right now so I recommend only sending major updates (e.g. crash fixes or AI patch on a character with otherwise no AI).
This post is primarily for local authors to customize their character pages/info. If you're submitting other peoples characters, you can skip this post.

There are three special lines that it'll check for in the .DEF file:
;SC;Author="Arxos" -- this will set the author field on SpriteClub to the given value. This can be used to keep the internal author field the same for things like intro's (many of them check the author field), but still have it shown up as you want it to on SpriteClub.
;SC;Idle=0 -- this will tell the parser to use the given animation as the idle. Feel free to make custom animations if you so desire. Please do make sure that this animation loops cleanly (it will start from LoopStart if its present, otherwise it will start from the first frame).
;SC;Preview=0,0 -- this will tell the parser to use the given (group,index) of the SFF file as the preview sprite.

These commands are NOT case sensitive and you may place any number of spaces in the lines, as long as ";SC;<command>" is exactly like that. Some examples of things that'll work are:
;SC;author = "Arxos"
     ;SC;Idle    = 9001 ; Special field for SpriteClub
;sc;preview = 1234,5

What will NOT work is putting spaces in the identifier or adding a comment without the usual mugen comment character, such as:
;SC; Author = "Arxos"
;SC;Idle = 9001 Special field for SpriteClub

All commands are entirely optional, although note that if you set an idle without setting a preview, it'll use the first sprite of the animation as the preview. If this isn't what you want, you'll have to also set the preview.