Kibozetsu Grand Prix Livewatch Thread [SPOILERS!]
Howdy forum!
  Occasionally in the Debuts Highlights thread, I mention a certain Niconico tournament that I'm always excited to be getting characters from. In seeing this, you may wonder, "what Niconico tournament, Dash?". Worry not! This thread will answer that question and more!

In this thread, I'll be talking about Regulus' Kibozetsu Grand Prix tournament and posting my thoughts on each episode as it airs. New episodes release every Sunday EST; I'll be posting them with each write-up so you can watch along, but since this thread won't be starting with episode 1, the entire series can be viewed here.

The summary of the tournament is as follows:
   It's your average "hope vs. despair" madness-level JP tournament, but with a cool twist: while the "hope" side is all pre-existing characters, the "despair" side is entirely new, never-before-seen characters! When a despair-side character loses for the first time, they are released to the public and are moved to the hope-side. When a hope-side character loses three matches, they are disqualified. When a hope-side character that was previously on the despair-side loses, they are moved back to the despair-side until they lose again. Some of the participating authors include STG, KN*RS, luppi, Gondwana, Shigaraki, and more!
  For a more detailed summary, the tournament's atwiki page can be viewed here (though do note that it's entirely in Japanese and will require translation).

Now, you may be thinking, "Why this tournament to do a write-up thread on? Aren't you actively watching a few other tournaments as well?", and to this I answer... "Why not?". In retrospect, I feel like I should have probably done this with some other tournaments I watch(ed), yeah, but this one has a lot of other people here watching as well, and I really like posting my thoughts in the Discord. I'm only moving it here cuz it's easier to keep them all in one place instead of having to scroll for 8 hours thru a Discord channel trying to find my thoughts on the last episode.

Of course, before I begin, since it's customary for me to spoiler-tag certain events / characters when I do my write-ups in Discord, I should mention here that ALL SPOILERS WILL BE UNMARKED. Don't read thru this thread before watching the episode if you don't want to get spoiled!! I will also recommend catching up before reading, since this thread will be starting with episode 8 rather than episode 1.

EPISODE 8 - Who come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly are ravening wolves.

First post (technically), first fight. I wasn't expecting to see a totally new character right off the bat.
  KING DALLY, by waguna. This author seemed to have only sent in kaiju, which is cool, and definitely something different from what else there's been in this series. Anyway, Dally's kind of a glass cannon. It seems like one of its supers just kinda immediately kills you, though that might just be because it's on 11p. Its opponent almost got a round, though, cuz of how low its health is.

The second and third fights were alright. I can't tell yet whether I like MX or not, but Time Wanderer 12F sure is cool. It was kinda sad to see Ace in the Hole eliminated so early, he looks to be a real mainstay for madness-level tournaments, so I was kinda hoping to see him get a bit farther. Time Wanderer also gets bonus points for having fought A-Jedah, cuz I like him.

But after that was a new character, so.
  Metal King, by kiwi. CREACHER! I love the Dragon Quest slimes, they look like they don't have a single thought in their head. I like that this one also summons other slimes (knights, since this one is a king?). Overall, very cute, I'm excited to see more of it.

After that, a few characters I really like showed up. Elemental Shooter Wildcat very quickly became one of my favorites after she first debuted; I don't really "go there" regarding Million Arthur, but she's just so cool. Myrtle is really cute, too, very summer-y, but with storm-y undertones, if that makes sense. The Knight of Despair is just gorgeous; she reminds me of the witches in Madoka Magica, but more humanoid.

Also in this episode was a really crazy comeback. Just as I was going to write about how many hope-side eliminations happened so far (Ace in the Hole, Shozui, and R-Kunagi), Aruaru-Orochi, who was at 0-2, totally upset against Ashes of the Dead (which, by the way, is a really cool name). It was kinda nuts to watch, I expected him to just kinda get ragdolled after the first round showing, but he pulled thru and won like it was nothing. Really cool fight.

Right before the last fight, I also got to see Deathscythe Hell again! He showed up all the way back in episode 1 and very quickly became one of my favorites. Unfortunately, he's at 1-2 right now, so he's going to get eliminated sooner or later. But until then, I'll keep rooting for him! (He's also on SC now, so please root for him there, too!)

Aside from the last fight (which pulls anyone so long as they're active and not eliminated), that was the end of the episode, and subsequently the end of the write-up. See you next Sunday!
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EPISODE 9 - Simple is the Best.

I think this might be my favorite episode thus far. I wonder if I've said that for every episode that releases...? I think that just means this series has been great episode after great episode.

The first fight was really fun. A very close match that ended in Flame Spirit's elimination. I do like her, she reminds me of Eternal Vortex (probably because they share an author, LOL). I wonder if they have some sort of interconnected lore?

What I found particularly funny, though, was that Grimnir showed up twice in a row: first beating Flame Spirit, then losing to a new character.
 Nameless (Ж'), by Tsukinoa. Now, I had been watching the new episodes muted more often than not (because I'm usually watching them first thing in the morning on my phone), so hearing Nameless' theme play when he showed up was a very pleasant surprise. He seems very... simple yet effective, which fits with the title of the episode! Kinda reminiscent of V-Gato, which would make sense, cuz it's the same author.

Right after that, Blue Informer showed up! Yay!! She is one of my favorites currently unreleased, alongside Gondwana's character, who I won't spoil cuz she hasn't shown up in an episode I've done a writeup in here on yet. I wonder if underling accepts fanart of their characters, I'd love to draw her for them...

A few fights after that was... B-Vegeta vs. Deathscythe Hell. Now, I usually would preface this with "OMG DEATHSCYTHE HELL!! YAY!!" like I did for Blue Informer, and while this was true for this match as well, I kind of want everyone reading this to watch that fight for themselves without spoiling too much. When I tell you I had to pause the video and walk around to take in the ending of that fight...

Myrtle is a character that likes showing up a lot. I really want her to go far. There's another character I won't name as to not spoil that I think will make it all the way on the despair side, but I'm really starting to root for her as well. Maybe they'll face each other at some point. That'd be cool. I also got to see Raditz KN and KING DALLY again, though, admittedly, I was... kinda rooting for Dally's opponent. I've grown to really like R-Akatsuki. Oops.

The last fight before the last fight had a new character, and one that put a huge smile on my face.
 William Lewis, by Shigaraki. OMG!!! A Rage of the Dragons edit!!! BY THE AUTHOR OF DISASTER DAEMON!!!!! Most of Shigaraki's other characters in the Grand Prix are Arknights characters, so I wasn't expecting to see this at all! As simple as he is, he's immediately jumped up on my list of favorites. It always kinda feels awkward rooting for a character to lose in this tournament, but I can't wait to see him on SC.

After that was the last fight, which marks the end of the episode. Catch everyone next Sunday!
I thought B-Vegeta's fight was funny for very obvious reasons once someone watches. Also the King of Greed got a post-loss update that added a second form. It's pretty cool, but unfortunate that it wasn't included in the prix. We're still waiting for five more characters to make their first appearances, and then we'll have seen all the newcomers at least once.
EPISODE 10 - In war, to keep the upper hand, you have to think 2 or 3 moves ahead of the enemy.

The big one-oh! I'm surprised it's been 10 episodes already. This episode had a lot of beloved characters in it. Characters I'm always excited to see, pre-existing characters I don't get to see often, and even new characters that I'm sure will be very popular once they're released.

The first fight started with the elimination of Raditz KN. He fought really well, but once SolaR figured him out, it was just kinda set and done. I don't get to see SolaR that much, so it was nice to see him again. I wonder if I could use him for a certain tournament I'm slowly but surely curating...

Another fight similar was Queseth vs. Tsukuyomi. Firstly, OMG YAY TSUKUYOMI SHOWED UP!!! Secondly, OMG YAY TSUKUYOMI WON!!! But it was shockingly one-sided for just how much Queseth was doing. She was really trying hard, but it just wasn't enough. After that, I got to see Fie again. She's really cool, but she kinda feels like a matchmaking ghost on SC. Maybe I'll use her in a tournament or something down the road.

After the Fie fight was a new character, and boy was it a fun one!
 MS-06S Sinanju, by STG. This one I was really excited for -- STG said on his Twitter a few days before this episode aired, something along the lines of "the last character from me in the Grand Prix is my magnum opus". He's quickly climbed up the list of my favorites (maybe he'll replace Deathscythe Hell's spot), and I can't wait for him to be released (especially because I know a few people that would be really happy to see him on SC)!

A few matches after that, Secretary Susie beat Classified Luigi. I was sure because of the way he works that he was going to go fairly far on the despair side, but Susie seemed to figure him out almost immediately. That was a really cool thing to see. Maybe she'll beat the other character I think is going to go far on the despair side, too...

After this was the last fight (Are vs. A-Jedah), so I'll see everyone for...

EPISODE 11 - He has brought up a bird to pick out his own eyes.

Well that was fast! Definitely didn't completely forget to write last week's writeup until this week's episode dropped (oops) (I was just burnt out).

The first fight was Stella vs. Hammer Bros Ace. I hadn't seen Ace before, so I was going into this match completely blind aside from having seen high pal Stella in a few tournaments before. The first round made me giggle cuz it was so just... "if it works it works". After that was Solid Snake EX vs GR-Chirno. I was watching that match intently; I had forgotten just how cool STG's Snake was. One day I'll show him to my friends (since they like Metal Gear a lot). KitakuBucho vs. Metal King was kinda boring, but Metal King is cute, so it was okay.

After I got to see the creacher again, it was time for a new character.
 REctA_ad.CereBruM-#!+, by KN*RS. I'm not typing all that out every time I talk about her from now forward, so I'm just gonna call her Kaori. Password name aside, she's cool. I like the new color palette, and her effects remind me a lot of Wind Priestess Rache. I'm excited to see more of her.

After Kaori, you won't believe who showed up again... TSUKUYOMI!!! YAYA!!!! I got to see her dance Berserk Rugal to death, that second round was so totally over before it started!

And theeeeeeen....
  Yosuke_Shadow by Shigaraki. I really like the way he's shaded, which I feel like is a really random thing to notice... I also just kinda like the way he plays, and the sound that plays when he summons his Persona, which is also a really random thing to notice. He's simple in a kinda refreshing way, if that makes any sense. Flashy, but not too flashy. You can tell what the flashiness does and what it's meant to portray. I like that a lot in characters.

And theeeeen, SINANJU SHOWED UP AGAIN!! And totally destroyed a Kirby! Sorry, Sergio. Yosuke's music kinda fit Sinanju's whole vibe, it was a nice touch to let it continue after his first fight. Then after that, ELEMENTAL SHOOTER WILDCAT!! So many characters I like these past few episodes! The music change was also nice, I hadn't heard OVERDOSE in years. It's like, the one thing I know about that game.

The penultimate fight had HS-Azteca-R eliminated. He died as he lived: going way too fast. No shame in losing to Fie, though.

Anyway, the last fight was, well, the last fight. Secretary Susie was in it, so that was cool. See everyone next episode (hopefully on time this time)!
EPISODE 12 - Daylight Follows a Dark Night.

I'm actually getting this one done (somewhat) on time for once. Who cheered!!! Anyway, 12 is my lucky number, so of course I'm going to be partial to this episode.

The first fight was funny. Something about HS-Azteca-R jumping around the screen going crazy and then just kinda getting blown up by Accelerator_BOSS, who usually just kinda stands there and occasionally teleports, was so funny. Maybe slow and steady does win the race... The fight afterward was really cool, too. I've learned to really like SolaR, and Edmond Dantes just kinda rules. They felt evenly matched in a way I can't really describe.

After those two matches...
 Amaterasu-R, by regulus. An Amaterasu edit!!! I really love Aitoro's version of the character (what this one is edited from), so I'm very happy to see her get more love. It's the kind of character I wouldn't expect to see here, but it's the Grand Prix! Anything is possible!

A few matches later, I got to see Rosalia Velvetta again. I really like her! I didn't know how to describe what I liked about her when I first saw her many an episode ago, but she reminds me a lot of Vlad-Rose, and the rose petal effects she uses so often are so pretty. Her opponent, Lowe, is cool, too. I feel like I never get to see him on SC, though. After her match was the elimination of Noir Corne SA, whom I had totally forgotten had multiple modes (oops). Losing to Taberungo-no-Ko is an honor, though. I think she might be one of the best characters of all time. Plus, I had gotten to see her use a super I'd never seen before!

Following Noir Corne's elimination was Iod vs. Vendetta. Not really a match I'd have much to say on, but I thought it was kinda funny that two characters from the same series showed up in a row (Noir Corne, then Vendetta). Iod is cool, though. Blade edits are really rare, I'd love to see him get more love. Then, I got to see a character I'd never seen before -- Reunion of Puzzles, an Alien... Metron? Edit? I think it's Metron. I should probably look him up. He seemed okay, but I was paying more attention to Ж' throughout the fight. After that, Amaterasu-R reappeared and eliminated Aruaru-Orochi. After he saved himself from elimination in his last fight, I can't be upset to see him go now.

On my first watch, I was really confused, I had thought the last fight (the one where it picks from either side so long as the character has shown up) was omitted. I don't know how I had completely glossed over both sides of the roster being present in the selection portion of the last match. Oops. Anyway, it was Jinx vs. Elemental Shooter Wildcat. A cool match! Maybe I should pay closer attention to the last fight more often instead of starting the writeup as soon as it gets to that point if every last match is gonna have characters this cool...

Anyway, that's it from me this time. See you next week!
EPISODE 13 - There is luck in the last helping.

This episode is pretty special. It's the last one in which we'll see a totally new despair-side character! There's only one left, so I wonder who it's gonna be...

Lots of characters I really liked in this episode. Tsukuyomi was in the first fight! She had to pull out a rare move to beat Zetu both rounds, it was cool. After her was Yosuke_Shadow, who I'm also coming to enjoy... he ended up eliminating Freezing Knight BC, but I got to see him use a rare move before he went (the one where he summons Reimu). For most of the match, I was trying to figure out Yosuke's life mechanic. The numbers in the bottom-right corner was definitely the amount of life he had left, but I was trying to understand why he'd suddenly get a portion of his HP back during certain moves.

After Yosuke was a creacher (Metal King), and after Metal King was Blue Reformer! Yay!! She just kinda totally annihilated Chaos Satellite, it was cool. The fight afterward felt like something Sergio would really enjoy (R-Akatsuki vs Black-DDD-Revenge). T-H-M-A vs Knight of Despair was a cool match, I really liked how the music for it was handled. Something cool about how she got song advantage after the first round (when she went into a new mode)...

And then, the moment of truth, the LAST totally new character...
 Raiden Shogun, by luppi. She's cool! I like the cutscenes and the effects, the way everything was put together with her is really nice. Her opponent, Ryoto, was super cool too. I think they played off of each other really well, the way Ryoto's screenshake worked with Raiden's effects and all. One of those fights that kinda feels like an AMV.

After Raiden's introduction was password Kaori. Weird name aside, I do like her. It was at this point where I was noticing like, a lot of the fights had been really close. If Zetu was faster, he totally would have been able to eliminate Tsukuyomi, T-H-M-A and Ryoto really tried hard against their opponents, and Siby was able to get a round against Kaori. Unfortunately, that was her elimination match. Silver Mildred vs Myrtle was a good match, too. 

Then it was time for the very last fight of the episode. It had Tsukuyomi Kei in it! Yay!! She feels pretty rare, so I'm glad I was able to see her again.

That's it for me this week! See you next episode, for a special "debuts update" writeup (to see if anything new from the Grand Prix got into SC)!