New Years 2022 Tournament
Yet another year has come and gone. Yet another stream PC has died, but SpriteClub lives on.
It's time for another new years tournament!

Tournament setup
You know the drill, 512-bracket, 1v1, double elimination, no items, Final Destination.
This year we're doing a bit of a neglected area, usually we do grab something within the range of a Division, but now we're taking the area between Divisions.
The tournament will start on January 6th, 18:00 UTC (2 hours before standard debut time).
The Top 48 (final 62 matches) will start on January 8th, 19:00 UTC.
  • Every 64 matches, an exhibition break will occur.
  • While the tournament is active, no modes other than exhibitions and tournament will play.
  • Upon reaching the final 62 matches, the tournament will be halted until the scheduled finals time.
  • The Top 12 (final 14 matches) will have 1 round more than usual.

Eligible characters
Eligible characters are any 3rd, 4th and 5th Division characters between 1500 and 1575, for a total of 1925 characters.
The list of which can be found here:
Note that there is a separate sheet for each Division.

Viewer submissions
The votes will be based on the same raffle system as previous years, in which each vote earns a character additional tickets, making them more likely to be selected for the tournament. The setup is as follows:
  • Every eligible character gets 1 ticket.
  • Every viewer vote gives a character 3 additional tickets.
  • Local authors can request for all their eligible characters to gain 5 additional tickets (request this via forms, you may vote on your characters as well).
  • Must be level 10 or higher to vote (applies to both regular and author votes).
You can submit your votes here:
Furthermore, the guidelines for voting are as follows:
  • 1 character per line.
  • The name must match exactly, but does not need to be capitalized correctly.
  • Multiple votes by the same viewer for the same character will be ignored.
  • Maximum of 50 votes, any lines beyond that will be ignored!
  • I may still add to the banlist. I will add to this post/notify on discord if/when this occurs.
  • The form will close at January 3rd, 23:55 GMT+1.
The raffle itself will be streamed at January 5th, 20:00 UTC. I haven't decided yet whether I will stream anything else as well that day.

Character bans
The characters currently banned are:
  • Devil's Eye
  • Evolution Targets
  • Kraidgief
  • Save SpaceMouse!
  • Sphere of Nameless
  • STG Inu Sakuya
  • Will-o-the-Wisp