Content requests
My current requests for now.

- Goku Z2
- Edit
- Nrvnqsr Chaos AA (Download link for patch isn't working anymore)
- Mewtwo
- Minato Arisato
- Shen_M
- Jin QYC
- Metaknight
- EN-Eins
Here ya go:!rwgHWAZa!NbRyu07U0sjoF...fkIOjSnGGQ
Thank you very much! <3
Combing through the database, I express interest in these characters-

-Tukihime, by EINZBERN
-Yami-Hime, by BAL
-BAL, by BAL
-4Head, by ju
-Akaitsuki, by Shiroto (IQS AI)
-Alice Margatroid D4, by aka65535
-Archetype Sun, by Hei Meiling (Infernal Spectre AI)
-Arrange Godzilla, by tokuiten
-Asagi, by Stupa
-Bagan, by Kozeni
-Big Zam, by taurusac195
-Most of the Kaiju Lens (Godzillen, Biollente, Shin Godzillen) because missing AI
-BMG, by tsubaki
-Calypso, by Erick
-Chie Rumiko, by Shiroto
-Chie Satonaka P4A, by Son of Aura (AI by Holn)
-Chinese Gatekeeper, by bosouvy (Edited by KamranBernstein)
-Chiryno, by minaduki
-Criss, by Kairiss
-Crowe Sail, by nanikoro
-Cruelty Blood Arcueid, by 586&otto
-Cueca, by Jabulleta

Yes, I know it's a lot, send it in parts if you so want

I'll ask for more later because hot damn am I tired right now...
Thanks anyway, though.
My requests
Yu-tyan & Rei-kun (Enterku)
Reality Virus (Ultimaetus)
Dual Screen Mio (EINZBERN)
Jack-o'-Lantern (Burst)
Rex Blanchimont:!apZQDAwC!r990wy_uZzuqt...iCAH6qJ8IU
My request is for the Spriteclub's Mugen 1.1 compatible version of Immortal Devil by okihaito, please.