Content requests
Only content request from me right now is Strike Freedom Nitori by Kaixa.
Blazing Winnie
Ellie NGI
#13 Do you all know this character?
(21-10-2017, 02:11 AM)Rex Blanchimont Wrote: Requesting...
-Pepito (I can't find him anywhere,despite him being a minorly-famous character)
-ResidentSleeper (The sleeping Cirno by Pre-To)
-Uncle Joel
-Giga Bowser
-Masked Dedede (NOT Revenge- Just "Masked Dedede",by suika_no_otto)
-Toma's Neco-Arc (I'm pretty sure I have this one,I just want the AI this character has... But include the whole character in case I don't own this one)

No more requests for now,just focus on these (If you can only grab one,make it be Uncle Joel,please),please.
Sorry, but Uncle Joel is a private character.
Giga Bowser:!jpoEATQT!we-Wpq0Eq-oW5...J-M2CE3gUs
Masked Dedede:!moJSTRhZ!jYMwQ7yBtm90i...UNljaSCeXk

(02-12-2017, 01:14 AM)y2k890 Wrote: Requesting...
Blazing Winnie
Ellie NGI
Blazing Winnie and Rascalex is by Twisted and I'm not sure if he wants to share them, so I'll refrain until I see him again.
Ellie NGI:!PthRxT4a!Dv2fLu3RNujVf...Eo2WHO9b38
(11-05-2017, 08:35 PM)Below273 Wrote: - AK Man
- DM Tenko
- Fleet of legend NEET Orochis
- Salty surfer
- R'lyeh text special
- Chaos Suika
- Christmas Misaki
- Kappa
- Bug Rei (fixed)
- Coffee azteca
- 808080

With thanks :)
Some of those are by KDT that I don't want to release without his permission. Aside from that, I'd kinda like to keep Bug Rei private for now because he's one of the great achievements of the converter. For all others:
AK Man:!jphw2IaS!Mp1yquU8e19LM...fW_3NV7Nv8
DM Tenko:!ukJlhYgC!Kxa7bnbbgeu6V...JXAq-392-I
Fleet of Legend NEET Orochis:!y1RBlCLK!sadi7-JWXhHGi...xF1zw3KyVE
R'lyeh Text-Special:!vkoAmCiK!UTOIqKzGYeguo...KFLnCofR2Q
Christmas Misaki:!a8ZzDLZD!UgEby6M8gbN7F...7ZxJeJm29Q
Coffee Azteca:!OxpBwTbD!9TQmD-NezzjuQ...68n2Yfk1ME

(17-10-2017, 09:50 AM)filozof Wrote: Anti-Mage from Salty Bet

We don't actually have that character so I can't help with that.
Just a follow-up, Uncle Joel (and Bulk Bogan) have now been released. Download 'em here:
I'm missing Bousou-Alex! Could really use him for research purposes. (Don't worry, I won't be making any characters with parries like him.)

I'm here to help, so feel free to ask!

Some requests coming from me-
-Serval (Might have fugged up the download link while trying to download her- Hoping for an easier download here)
-Shin D.
-BS Reimu (Already have these, I think, but they don't have any AI, and I'm too lazy to look for it)
-Maplestory Nagi
-Gekko Moriah (NAGI is a nice author, I wouldn't mind having some of their characters on my roster)
-UMVC Red Arcueid
-Preposterous Cirno
-Asgore Ver.S
-DBZ Goku (Coldskin edit) (Misc stuff)
-Piplup's 7th Evolution (I'm guessing he's a SC exclusive, but it doesn't hurt to try, right?)
Few joke chars with probably not edited author field, so quite hard to find them...

- Purulee
- Shishi Teioh
- AwwMAwwKUwwSAww
Piplup is indeed private, but from what I understand it'll be added to the MFFA thread soon, after some updates. So keep an eye on this:

For Rex:!m5AHGC6Y!LTFbbDcxDA_tF...nruTmkd4VI
For Below:!b9xylCAI!9LcmbXaliMU3v...vnDLIKTNDs