[In Progress] First division freezers
With my friday night tournament, I've come across a fair few characters that end up freezing the fights and ultimately the tournament for a longer period of time. Maybe they have excessive superpauses/pauses, or constant timerfreeze. Whatever it may be, it makes fights less intriguing to watch because they take an excessive amount of time. I will update this as more tournaments run:

Quote:Name: Pretty Big Frogge
Page: 13775
Fight: 1015103
Problem: This seems more like an unintended functionality. This character has a parry system using reversals, the character it was up against spammed attacks, which caused it to constantly pause and stop the timer.

Quote:Name: Ultra Rare Doruge
Page: 8019
Fight: 1011839
Problem: This is likely more of a problem with the 2v2 format, but a problem to address none-the-less. Ultra Rare Doruge gains fast meter, which causes it to spam one attack that pauses, meaning constant pause.