Tournament Submission Guidelines
In the future we'll have a proper webpage for this, but I got tired of manipulating text manually to generate tournaments, so I made an application for it for now. As such, from now on, I expect tournament submissions to be supplied in a text file with a specific format. The format is as follows (everything is case insensitive):

User: [username]
Size: [16, 32, etc., must be a power of 2]
Format: ["single elimination", "double elimination"]
Matchup: ["1v1", "2v1", "2v2", "2-turns", "3-turns", "4-turns"]
Palettes: ["matchmaking", "lowest matchmaking", "custom"]
Team names: ["enabled", "disabled"]
Stage: ["random" or a valid stage name]
Shuffle: ["enabled", "disabled"]

Most of these are fairly self-explanatory, but I will elaborate a few. First off, the teams are formatted such that they should be easy to copy/paste from excel/google sheets or similar applications. Each team is a single line (row) of tab-separated values (columns), with the exact content structure changing slightly depending on the settings you specified.
Teams - If all relevant settings are disabled, this is expected to simply be a list of tab-separated character names.
Palettes - Matchmaking - Will select a random matchmaking palette.
Palettes - Lowest matchmaking - Will select the lowest matchmaking palette (i.e., typically 1).
Palettes - Custom - If set to custom, an additional column after each character name is expected to indicate the palette. If you don't care about the specific palette of a character, leave it at "-1" to default to lowest matchmaking, or "mm" to default to a random matchmaking palette.
Team names - Enabled - If enabled, teams are expected to have an additional column at the very end which will be used as the team name. Leaving it empty will use the default name.

This sheet here contains a simple setup of characters, palettes and team names. We can very simply just select all rows (except the headers/slots) and copy/paste them into where the teams are expected to be in our text file. This will give us the following file:
Alternatively, copy pasting only the character names and changing our configuration accordingly gives us a more minimal tournament setup: