Transfer ownership to Flan
Game Mode rotation updates since ownership transfer to Flan:
[*]Matchmaking has been replaced with 50 matches of Kenshiro vs Raoh.

[*]Tournaments now feature brackets comprised of at least 50% HNK characters. If an HNK character loses, they will receive +300% to their stats while in the loser bracket. If there is no loser bracket, the character will advance regardless of match outcome if they are against a non-HNK character.

[*]New exhibition rules: All requested exhibitions must be new, innovative, fun, and especially exciting. As an example, Kenshiro vs Raoh is a good starting point. Anything less interesting than this matchup will result in the requester being banned.

[*]Fridays will now be chat-Karaoke night, where users are encouraged to type out the lyrics to songs as quickly and accurately as possible.
[Image: HCqEJDO.gif]
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