Minor Edits Wanted thread
On SpriteClub, there can be characters that need minor edits to fix the character. Minor edits may include the following:
  • Fixing crashes.
  • Fixing permanent timer freezes.
  • Fixing missing/problematic sounds.
  • Fixing missing/problematic sprites.
  • etc.
This thread is meant to be a complete collection of characters who have minor issues people could fix when they've got the time. These edits do not include changes to the character's playstyle, AI or functionality. They are merely small, QoL changes people can fix. Suggestions and/or additions are highly recommended if you've got any.


Quote:Name (db link)

- Problem description

Possible download link if available

Example (not real obviously):

Quote:Rare Akuma (https://mugen.spriteclub.tv/character?id=4551)

- Becomes KFM when grabbed.


Make sure to describe the problem as thorough as possible.

List (Alphabetical order):
Quote:Kunagi Tenrou EX (https://mugen.spriteclub.tv/character?id=11662)

- Several effects lack transparency and have a hard black border around them.


Quote:RU (https://spriteclub.tv/character?id=4791)

- This character's winning screen doesn't manually skip, therefore it is stuck until automatic skip or manual mod skip.


Quote:Samus (https://spriteclub.tv/character?id=9410)

- This character completely freezes in 7p and above due to never entering a proper intro.


Quote:Shadow Lady (https://spriteclub.tv/character?id=5130)

- A few of her effects lack transparency and have a hard black border around them, although with that said, she is the Shadow Lady so question is if its intended.