Your Lord has arrived.
Hello. You may know me as "Meep140", "Superoverlord Meep" or some permutation thereof, and I am indeed the selfsame author of those characters/edits and quite a few others. Should you want more of my works (as there are quite a few things missing from the roster that I've noticed) do inform me of the proper procedure for submission and I will do so in short order.

Not much else needs to be said, though if you have any questions, feel free to ask here. I am still in the business of edits, I might add, so if you have a request for an edit of some kind (within reason, of course) you may also ask that here.
Hello, and welcome to our forums. Nowadays you submit characters through Discord DMs(which I will link below for easier search) as the email hasn't been checked on by the admin for a long time since Discord is more easy to read by and etc. Make sure to upload your edits to any web hosting site like Mediafire/Onedrive/ etc so they can be accessible to SC's admin.
Anyway, hope this can suffice your questions while being able to contact our staff easily,
Best of wishes for you,
Discord server link: