I need some help setting up a random ai vs random ai configuration
Hello, I am posting this here because this community is full of talented people way smarter than my monkey brain, what I am trying to do is simply have random characters from my char folder battle other characters from my char folder on a random stage in the stage folder. After alot of google searches I found a code online that did something similar to what I wanted however it would run a character you predefined vs a random character on a random stage via a .bat file. I am not familiar with .bat files however through trial and error I have managed to make it also randomize the p1 character. So the program almost works for me, however it has been having errors when trying to grab characters with a space/italics in their .def file/folder name and stages with space or commas or really anything that isn't an underscore. I have included my code down below, if any of you guys know how to modify it to work with non-normal character/stage names I would be immensely grateful. Like I said, I never messed with .bat files before (mostly because I was to afraid to) so I don't know if it's a problem with running it in the command line itself or if the code stops grabbing after the space/weird characters.

Thanks SOOOO much.