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So, another year of madness is coming to an end, but you know what is an AMA ? Let's do this !

I will set up a few rules in order for this AMA to be done in a positive manner.

1: Please no questions that are very personal. Stuff like your personal finances and the likes.
2: Please avoid ''spicy'' questions here. If you want to know what a spicy question is, just ask yourself if it is better done in PM than in public.
3: Questions could be from nearly anything, from MUGEN to video-games to whatever.
4: There is no limits of how many questions a single user could made.
5: Questions could be poster here or in various forms of PMs (This forum, Twitch, Discord, etc) You can make yourself anonymous if you choose the latter.
5: Have fun !

Answers are posted here !

What is my favorite video-game. ? - Gumhoy

Somehow, I think the answer is obvious. No ! It is not MUGEN. (It’s an engine used to make games after all.) It’s Team Fortress 2.

The game by itself doesn’t need an introduction. I played it when it becomes a f2p, 7 years ago. I played all sorts of game mods, but not limited to, regular matchmaking MvM, MannPower, x10, Saxton Hale, Saxton Hale x10, and many many more. I have also played all sorts of custom fancy maps, and even played in a very chill server that sadly is no longer there. After more than 3000 hours played, the game is insane and basically, is still a huge part of my life. Causing salt, and being salty, marked my young adulthood. I still remember using the Gunslinger in Hightower, the most cursed combo in all of its lifespan. The server I played become so pissed off that it banned Engineers in the map. Maybe this caused Rocket Jumper Soldiers to be dominant in the metagame ? I don’t know.

One thing that could be against it if that it spawned the infamous lootboxe craze  that some AAA industry jumped in, to the point of pissing off some countries. At first, nobody minded much, because it’s just cosmetic, but Battlefront II happened, and that excuse is no longer valid. Even then, it doesn’t stop people to waste a shitton of money on ‘’just cosmetic’’, or in my language, trying to get an unusual while you can just buy one in

The greatest thing about the game is that it spawned a massive fan culture about the game. With GMod and SFM being used widely, many videos and memes related to TF2 were made. So even if you stopped TF2, you will somehow watch GMod and SFM videos, and you will be in for a feast, then you will come back to TF2. It’s a circle that never stops.

Very few games could be as memorable and creative than Team Fortress 2. Even if some competitor such as Overwatch could rise, could it rival his massive culture ? Maybe in porn ? I guess that’s possible. Kappa

When's your next character coming out ? - Rya

For now, I have plans to continue working on Y.A.M.E.T.E. She is 60% complete according to the Readme. I wanted to do an intro, and outro (already done) and a few more attacks before making here at 100%, but percentage can go above 100% so this is meaningless… Kappa

Like many authors, I do have a few ideas in mind, one of most feasible is a Ryu, but with a catch. It’s from the worst Street Fighter game available. This version of Ryu is still a mystery. It depends of the resources available. I wanted to make one based off the Tiger Electronics game but I remember a Fighting Street port on a computer where the character doesn’t have transparency at all. A black box will surround them, and you won’t notice at first because the background is mostly black. I need to find that version of this game. oie

What is your most favorite concept of fighting games? - Darkinside25

I think you wanted me to respond with M.U.G.E.N, due to me liking the sheer amount of insanity there, but there is a fatal flaw. It’s an engine, not an actual game, when anyone can make stuff with it. This means that most characters made to it will be flawed for some reason or another. Be it a lack of polish, numerous bugs and problems, being broken on purpose, or being utterly terrible in general. Thankfully, I am not into bashing things an actually respect the authors who tried to contribute to the engine regardless of their works being actually liked or not. They just wanted to make something fun with it. It is possible to make your MUGEN into a more decent fighting game with some help but we could have fun with MUGEN with the insanity by itself. If we are speaking of full games made with the engine, it’s another story but an easier way to discover an balanced MUGEN.

My favorite concept of fighting games is something akin to a Smash Bros game. A platformer fighting game. One of the reasons if that this is they only fighting game I have seriously played, not helped the fact that I bought a Switch with Ultimate with it. It’s also crazy fun, and the professionals players have pulled crazy moves in those games. I have watched those compilations and the shenanigans they pulled off is crazier than those in a more normal fighting game. Thanks God for the series actually existing. I think that Smash Ultimate is by itself my favorite concept of a fighting game, due to the reasons above, and also due to being the most recent game with ‘’Everyone is here !’’ as a selling point. That’s the point of a killer app.

You can cheese wins with items, so that’s a thing you can do. haHAA.

No, it is not MUGEN, despite the numerous third-party characters, but with Miis being playable characters, people can be very creative.
What's your favourite video game?

I'm here to help, so feel free to ask!

When's your next character coming out? :P
What is your most favorite concept of fighting games?