New Years 2018 Tournament
It's that time of the year again! The first time we did 3rd Division, then 2nd Division, and now we've arrived at 4th Division.

Tournament Setup
The format will be largely the same as usual:
- 512-bracket double elimination, for a total of 1022 matches
- Every 64 matches the tournament will be paused for exhibitions
- No matchmaking will take place while the tournament is running
- The tournament will start on Thursday, December 27th at 7 PM UTC
- The last 62 matches (meaning the top 48) will start on Sunday, December 30th, at 7 PM UTC

Character Suggestions
For this year I figured I'd let the viewers have some more input on the characters that will appear in the tournament. For that reason I've set up a google forms that people can use to submit character suggestions.
For a quick overview I set up a sheet of various characters that can be considered as eligible, namely:
- 3rd Division characters below 1550
- 4th Division characters
- 5th Division characters above 1400

You're free to make suggestions for characters that don't appear on those lists, but I'd recommend sticking to characters on them.
Anyway, you can submit your suggestions with this formNOTE! These are suggestions only!
In the end I will still be the final judge as to which characters will be featured in the tournament. I'm looking for characters that'll make for a fun and even tournament with not too many gimmicks. And no, I do not need to provide a reason that you are happy with. This isn't the community tournament where anything that is on the sheet goes. While I would love to make everyone happy, please be prepared to accept the fact that your suggestion wasn't included.

The form will stay open until at least the end of December 23rd. I'm aiming to post the final list of characters before the 25th.
Since the form will stay open for a long time, please take your time to consider your suggestions and refrain from submitting multiple times.

Character List
Lastly, a few characters can already be regarded as included, or rather, considered for inclusion. These are all the 4th Division characters by local authors, as well as (traditional-style) Hokuto no Ken characters. Because we just can't have one without them, it's tradition at this point!

So anyway, that gave me the following list of characters. Note, characters marked with a * are above the 1550 rating, and can be considered as at risk of removal. Mind you, even characters not marked may still not be included. Some of them are just really gimmicky, or have had updates which push them above the level of a 4th division, even if their ratings do not yet reflect that. Still, any character on this list, don't bother putting it on the form. Furthermore, if I forgot a local author, please point it out to me (and sorry for forgetting you)!

Characters by Arxos:
- Cirno RP
- Eirin Yagokoro RP
- Fujiwara no Mokou RP
- Guerilla Force
- Ichirin Kumoi RP
- *Patchouli Knowledge RP
- Phoenix Force
- Pink Ranger
- Renge RE
- Rusty Force
- Suika Ibuki RP
- Super Saiyan 4 Goku
- Super Saiyan 4 Vegeta
- Yuuka Kazami RP

Characters by Brergrsart:
- Bulk Bogan
- Tenshi AR
- The Bestest Ken in the World
- *True Monando Boy

Characters by TwistedSynapse:
- Button Masher Onomatopoeia
- Driver's License Kirby

Characters by Jor8a:
- BF Mario
- *Charlie Frost
- Giant Sakuya
- Spinner

Characters by Below273:
- *Iori Bogard
- Kiei
- Misamu
- *Orochi Marisa
- Syameimaru
- Unicorn Gundam
- Voltage 2.0

Characters by Infernal Spectre:
- G_Raging
- MG-FV Madotsuki
- MG-Sephiroth
- Ryona
- Seizure Lady
- Yue Hizoku
- Yukino Lv2

Characters by Deoxgigas:
- Izayoi
- LF2 - Archmage
- LF2 - Bat
- *LF2 - Davis
- LF2 - Deep
- LF2 - Dennis
- LF2 - Firen
- LF2 - Freeze
- *LF2 - Henry
- LF2 - John
- LF2 - Julian
- LF2 - Louis
- LF2 - LouisX
- LF2 - Woody

Characters by VirusComputerBad2003:
- Hovernyan
- Jibanyan
- Rover

Characters by Blazemanxd:
- Bender
- Blaze Sman
- *Shin Marie
- *Unlocked Power Marie
- Winnie the Pooh

Characters by KDT:
- Rage Rock

Characters by Guy Kazama:
- Armadon
- Clite
- Damian Shade
- Dinosaur
- Ebisumaru
- FL_Mugen
- Gekkou
- *Gyarados
- Ickybod Clay
- *Rare Gregorious
- Reiji Oyama PI1
- SCWU Doraemon
- Yukkuri Hibiki
- Zen MC

Characters by Barcode:
- 63
- *True Monando Boy

Characters by SpaceMouse:
- *Billy 'Big Bang' Blitz
- *Maximum Maxime
- Tora Shou
- Watatsuki no Toyohime

Obligatory HNK's:
- *A-Rei
- Kenshiro
- Komachi Raoh
- Jagi
- *Jagi Meiling
- Juda
- Mamiya
- Raoh
- Raoh-JP
- *Thouther 31
- Thouther JJ
- *Toki Hakurei
- Toki-N
- *Toki_s
- Shin
- Shin Aino
- Shin D.