AAA's random FAQ

The existing FAQs are very good at explaining SpriteClub's features and how we should use them. I feel that they are a lot of things that are left unexplained. Some can be useful, why others are more silly, so here is a FAQ that contains them for you.

Where should I start ? 


What are FrankerFaceZ and BTTV ?

FrankerFaceZ and BTTV both have the same goal, to enhance your Twitch experience. The most used feature by far is to use their unique emotes for usage in the chat. For BTTV, there is a lot more than just a bigger collection of emotes. This is also why you can't see some emotes if you only don't use them. It is very recommended to use both extensions, or use the BTTV emotes add-on with FFZ, in SpriteClub and in Twitch in general.
You can grab BTTV here
FFZ here
BTTV emote add-on for FFZ here.

Despite using these extensions, I still can't see some emotes, such as SourPls and NiceMoves. Is there a problem ?

These are animated emotes. You can enable them on Twitch in Settings/BetterTTV Settings/BetterTTV GIF Emotes then choose On. Enjoy these cool-looking emotes !

What is a command ?

We run Nightbot for running information about the matches on SpriteClub. You can also type a command ''!(a command)'' and Nightbot will showcase a specific message on the chat. You can find the full list of commands here or by typing !commands in chat.

While a lot of commands are there is to keep a good ambiance, there are some useful ones that you can use. Here is a short list of them.

!stage, !song: See the current stage and song.
!author, !pal, !div: See the author, palette and division of the current characters.
!new: General information about debut mode.
!rookies: See a list of characters that appears in debut mode and their starting division.
!actuallycallflan, !callerxos and !callgunnin: ping a moderator so that it comes to SpriteClub if active. !cancelcall will remove the ping if !actuallycallflan is used.

WARNING: Those calls commands will actually ping the mods, even if they are not currently in this website. Do not use it just to see what it does. Please only use it there is a problem with the stream, such as a frozen match.

Also, there are some commands only a mod can use, such as !skip (skip the current match) and !queuesong (queue the next song to be heard).

What are some fun commands I could use  ?

!orochi: Either say ''I dare all in red haHAA'' or ''I dare all in blue haHAA''.
!traitor:  Create a tourney possibility so ridiculous that most of the time, it is not possible.
!blame: Blame a random SpriteClub members for anything bad that happened in SpriteClub.
!fancy, !fancier and !fanciest: Create a custom character name, usually with lots of adjectives, and is a tribute to King Fancy Man and all sort of edits seen in MUGEN. !fancy randomizes ''Kung'' ''Fu'' and ''Man''. !fancier create a name with KFM edits, while !fanciest does it with almost every character in SpriteClub.

I have seen something funny on SpriteClub. How could I save that glorious moment ?

You can create clips on Twitch and showcase it for everyone. On SpriteClub, click on the small clapperboard and you can edit your clip by there.

Why do somes of my clips got more views than others ?

It is because of various reasons. Either you or someone else shared it in the SpriteClub community. Also, your clip has some quality in it and the normal journeymen just want to see it. Enjoy your views !

Why there is characters that have the same rating, but are in different tiers ?

After a character have been tiered, it gains or loses ELO in rated matches. Some of these could go above or below their respective tier. Most often, they are gatekeepers. (Characters that are very close to a division's rating limits, hence the nickname) There is also a smaller amount of characters that are rated 50+ above or below it's divisional range. They are often mistered, or got lucky or unlucky in a promotion/demotion match. It could also be a gimmick. As for some of these having egregious ratings for their division, **** happens. It's just life being funny. Kappa

What is F division ?

F Division hosts characters that lose 10 matches in a row in 5th Division. They are usually weaker than the rest of the roster. There are also no plans of bringing some F division back into 5th division, but some ideas, like a special tourney, have been talked about in the SpriteClub community.

What is Untiered division ?

Untiered division if for characters that are too problematic to be in matchmaking but not enough to warrant a full ban. While three of these are considered too strong and messy for 1st division (Oni-Miko X, Nao The Fallen Killer and Reality Virus), the rest are simply gimmicks that leads to timeouts most often than the others, and reduce the quality of matches here in this stream. We put them in this division, instead of being fully-deleted so that some users still wants to use them in exhibition. This tier is also a room for spriteswaps that are still keep, such as PewDiePie and Super Homer.

What is Joke division ?

Joke characters are well, jokes. A large amount of these characters are simply minigames that are better used against a human player. Some
of these could possibly be in matchmaking, such as U-Mizuchi and TN Giygas. The latter was possibly put there because it is very creepy to some users, even if we have stuff like An Ordinary Sonic The Hedgehog and Dark Donald in matchmaking, as both have screamers. ZZAZZ Bulbasaur is basically a coinflip character. Pigmon and The Shin Mega Giant Ultimate Dark Silver Surfer are as strong as The Kid aka painfully weak.

Why do I see characters with a winning or losing streak bigger than 5 ?

Characters with a winning or losing streak of 5 or more will go to a promotion/demotion match. If their streaks are higher than 5 it is because they entered a tourney beforehand, making their streak even bigger as no promotion or demotion match could be made there. In case of a big winning streak, the character simply wins a tourney before going to a promotion match.

These chars are awesome. How do I get them ?

If you want a specific character, Googling MUGEN + The author's name or the character's name should get the job done. If you can't find them, or you don't download for whatever reason, you can request them in this thread. Please note that some characters are kept private, and we will carefully tell you if it happens.

Why are some chars kept private ?

There is some reasons why some characters in SpriteClub are not public. Most of time, it is either their characters are buggy or incomplete, or they want to be exclusive for SpriteClub. Not everything is lost, as you can request them in exhibition. For authors where most of their works are known to be private, All of Gumhoy and TheTrueAnalysis's Tharja characters aree private.  Just don't request their character to be released.

So, can we find links for authors seen in SpriteClub ?

There is an entire collection in MFFA focusing on authors seen here. Click here !
As for the rest...

Deoxgigas: Link
Arxos: Link
Guykazama (He creates AI patches for existing characters): Link

There is a friendly reminder that some of their characters from these authors are still private. There is also more authors who made characters for SpriteClub but their release status are more or less undefined.

What exactly is a palette mode ?

MUGEN allows palette customization and it can do much more than just changing the color of the character, and you can add specific properties to a them. Most of the time, they simply make them stronger, often to the point of being a high 1st division, but some authors can be quite fancy when creating an unique palette, like making the character die instantly and other silliness.

Sometimes, a palette can mess with MUGEN itself. They will be banned from being requested in exhibition in order to prevent abuse.

For a good list of palettes, you can check this Google Sheet. This list will be forever incomplete due to the large amount of characters we have in SpriteClub.

Why is there many edits of existing characters, such as Evil Ken and God Orochi ?

This is a trend that begins in the fighting genre before MUGEN ever existed with Evil Ryu in Street Fighter Alpha in 1996. It`s basically Ryu but he went to the dark side. MUGEN is basically the perfect place to unleash these kinds of edits. They range from very powerful and edgy to comically funny and stupid, such as Slighly Pissed Off Ryu.

Why are many characters in SpriteClub overpowered and broken ?

They idea of a character being overpowered and broken can vary from one person to another. For an AI vs. AI standpoint, I could safely say that the entire 1st division and the stronger half of 2nd division are unbetable using fairer characters and strategies. Also, there is no rule that forces MUGEN authors to make a balanced character, because the engine itself allows ultra-powerful monsters to exist.

Why are there so many little girls that spams projectiles, such as Reimus and Remilias ?
These are Touhou characters. They come from a doujin bullet hell series created by ZUN and it is extremely popular in Japan and in the otaku fandom. MUGEN is also very popular in Japan and Touhou received some official fighting games. Naturally, their characters received various conversions that span the rainbow. As most of them tend to spam lots of projectiles, it's their way of fighting. 

Why there is some badly made characters, such as GabeN and GooGoo64`s chars ?

In a nutshell, as long as it have an AI and it is interesting, anything goes. GabeN is a jacked-up no-AI character and is only there for meme value, while GooGoo64's are very unique in terms of bad quality. They have shoddy sprites, and their overpowered attacks and glitchy nature can cause upsets. These are the main reasons why some people love them.

Also, there are many characters that looks good at first glance but have many gameplay quirks. They are only noticeable if they are controlled by an human player and if you analyse their coding. As this is an AI vs. AI MUGEN stream with many broken characters, we don't care about their problems that much.

How could a palette be banned ?

The usual FAQs already explain how a specific palette could be banned, but I could name specific reasons as seen in Roster Update.

It causes heavy lag.
It have a extreme chance of crashing MUGEN.
It breaks MUGEN in a certain way, such a making the timer freeze, breaking rounds or even the intro phase, while being unable to kill the opponent.
It is a guranteed tie.
It is way too obnoxious and it is constantly used in exhibition. (Case in point, Sanic 12p)

There is also some palettes that are banned right away when the character appears in debut, because Arxos foresight them and applied a cockblock to these palettes.

There are also a tiny amount of characters that are fully exhibition-banned. Why ?

We usually only bans palettes instead of entire characters. However, if the matchmaking palettes are problematic enough,
the entire character will be purged from being requested in exhibition. Thanksfully, this is a very rare action that should only be used for the most obnoxious cases.

There are only 2 character that are fully exhibition-banned. Here are the reasons. Both are 1st division.

Fleet of Legend NEET Orochi's: Unkillable character that fills the entire screen with Orochis shouting ARIENG ! While we have a few unkillable characters in 1st division, his only mean of attacking and his unkillable nature both lead to very stale matches, especially in case of a tie.

Lialucard Scarlet: Remilia edit that gets stronger is she loses a round. While the entire palette selection is prone to unstability (Her
12p breaks the intro phrase and behaves like an edgy screensaver.), her only matchmaking palette has proved to be problematic by itself, with multiple crashes and timeouts that happened here alone. She is mostly banned due to repeated usage in exhibitions that either caused a crash or needed a skip.
Now I have heard of characters that are fully banned from SpriteClub, not just in exhibition. Why ?

There are two main reasons why a character can be fully banned. It is very inappropriate can could be against Twitch's ToS. Combat Echizen has an attack that implies sexual acts with his gun thingy, and was banned very early during SpriteClub's life for safety purposes. Note that we have some lewd characters as long as some censors are in place, such as Sweet-Angel. The other reason is to be so broken it is not worth having in our roster, or it doesn't work as intented. Neo Zekrom Mk2 is basically a troll character that is both broken and an extreme eyesore. He is not needed here in SpriteClub. The rest are mostly duplicates. We don't need two of the same char in SpriteClub. This is not the same as characters being removed then added later, usually with an AI patch or a big update, or characters that are put in Untiered/Joke/F tier. 

On the same vein, characters can be removed from SpriteClub if their authors make that sort of request. It happened once so this is possible.

Who is the strongest and the weakest character in the roster ?

Ignoring palettes, there is no clue about who is the strongest character, because they will often Tie due to being unable to kill each other. That, or they will crash or bring MUGEN to a halt.  Fleet of Legend NEET Orochi's having the highest rating is a clue of how overpowered a MUGEN character could be.

The weakest characters are mostly a tie between The Kid, The Lad and NES Silver Surfer. They are pitfully weak and die in one hit. They are in F division and if not, they will be. It is actually recommended to use them in turns exhibitions if you want the number of fighters in each side to be different, because they will lose against almost all characters. (These matches cannot be done unless using these weaklings.)

What exactly is a gimmick character ?

Gimmick characters have a unusual way of fighting. They are known for having a wider range of which character could defeat them and which character could be defeated by them. They could be used to be an upset magnet. Here is some example of which characters are considered as clearly gimmicky but not limited to these characters.

Super Armor shenanigans: Dark Ruler and fhqwhgads7`s characters
HPs are kept between round: Walpurgisnacht
Can kill in one hit but can die in one hit: Divekick characters, Golgo13
RNG Goodness: Bokosuka Wars and Slot Machine

And many many others.

What is anticode ?

A character can be coded to detect the names of their opponents and their authors, or even if they use moves with specific properties. Such coding are used to do a response against unfair attacks. Most of the time, their response is an OHKO or near-invincibility. For a good example of anticoding, do an exhibition match featuring Ren Idagawa against any Seravy's characters.

This community is very friendly !

Well, thanks ! We are actually very chill for a MUGEN community, as we want to create an enjoyable experience for all Twitch and MUGEN users.

Why is Boss Nao a meme ?

''In the beginning there was Nao. He said let there be fights! and SpriteClub came to existance. He saw it and thought it was good.'' - Brergrsart

Boss Nao was one of the strongest 2nd division, and we begin to greet other 2nd divisions with exhibition matches. We thought that it was very clever and funny, so Boss Nao become a memetic god in SpriteClub and the most requested character in exhibition. Sadly, he recently went to 1st division and we needed a replacement for him, so PressF. This is also the birth of all ''Welcome to ()division !'' exhibitions that we often see in such sessions.

What is a science match ?

A science match is an exhibition match featuring some of the most powerful 1st division and palettes. They have their roots from a user named ''Barcode''. He also uses ''Guilty Gear - Ky's Stage (Paris) 'XX'' as the stage and ''Over the Railgun'' as the song. These matches often leads to a crash or a timeout, so it could be dangerous to create these. This is one main cause of palettes and in one case, an entire character being banned from exhibition, so be careful.

What does we call some characters ''Mexican'', ''Canadian'' and such ?

A Mexican character has poor AI but their attacks can deal massive damage, sometimes, to the point of being an OHKO. It is due to the amount of old Spanish Dragon Ball characters that have beefed-up stats to compensate their lack of  AI. The poster child of this is Radish SSJ4, where all its attacks can OHKO almost all characters, to the point of being nicknamed El Presidente. He also got an edit with a very deserving nickname, with an AI and more powerful attacks (One of them can KO Rare Akuma).

Canadian characters are the reverse of that. They have good AI but with low damage. Both jokes are due their countries' geographic position compared to the USA so these jokes have no unfortunate implications in there, heh ?

How could a specific user could be associated with a character ?

If a user often picks a specific character in exhibitions and have them as an avatar, he/she are usually associated with said character.  Here is some specific examples.

Traitor: Tenshi Hinanawi and their edits (Touhou).
M0nkubus: Boss Nao (SNK).
Flandre5carlet: Flandre Scarlet and their edits (Touhou) and Tizoc (SNK).
TheTrueAnalysis: Tharja (Fire Emblem) He also created various version of her in SpriteClub that are all 1st division.
HelloMyNameIsAAA: Either Le Policier or El Presidente.

Who is Brergrsart and why he is popular ?

Brergrsart is a known member of SpriteClub. He created various characters that could qualified as jokes and as shitposts. He is cleary not afraid of creating whatever he wants, and that's why we love him. His character is on his website for personal usage.

Who is Joël/Varghskelethor ?

Joël/Varghskelethor is a Vincesauce streamer that relies on funny interactions with the games he plays instead of speedrunning them. Naturally, he is very good at what he does and you should check his streams on his Youtube channel. He also streamed MUGEN in the past with the results you expected. Brergrsart created Uncle Joël for MUGEN and he is an absolutely insane memefest, and created a fullgame with both him and lots of recurring Joël memes. He streamed it and here is the fullstream. It was a lot of fun for both Joël and the SpriteClub community, and a nice breath of fresh air that the entire MUGEN community really deserves.

Why some members such as Waruno respond to random messages with ''ur nan'' ?

Ur nans means your grandma, and there is enough ''your mom'' jokes on the Internet. Don't worry ! We are good guys and we did so for fun trolling and never with malicious intent.

What happened about JamPress ?

JamPress resigned from being a SpriteClub moderator and an event organizer by Jam's own accord. It was due to personal reasons. Jam is a very good person. May we wish him good luck about his future.

How could I contact SpriteClub members ?

Many members are very active if you want to talk. You could do so in the Twitch chat, but also in our discord server.
Some users could also be in other MUGEN communities, such as myself, as I am present in MugenFreeForAll and even Mugen-Archive. (Yes ! You may believe in the flying pigs.)

Thanks  for reading this ! This was a lot of fun to do. If you have some suggestions for this FAQ contact me in SpriteClub, on our discord channel and on the other MUGEN communities I described.

Special thanks for Jenngra505, Brergrsart and Ryafalt for the various fixes they provided for me.

Nice FAQ. Should help new people coming in :)