Licensed Music on Stream
Hello SpriteClub!

A pretty big concern from the moderators/assistants recently has been the large volume of licensed music from record labels being played on stream, which due to SpriteClub basically being auto-run, unfortunately puts us at a larger risk than normal live streams for reports and notices being sent to the Twitch team, which can result in suspensions and even takedowns of the SpriteClub channel. This is something I wanted to bring up publicly in a forum post to address and overview the matter while we can take care of it to avoid something stupid like that from possibly happening.

Recently Twitch has updated their community service guidelines, which will officially go into effect next Monday. They're very vague with their rules in regards to taking action against streams that play copyrighted music on an auto-run setup, so to avoid any spontaneous issues arising, we thought it'd be better safe than sorry and at least cut down on the number of songs at risk for this in the playlist so we're not as vulnerable.

I reviewed the playlist yesterday in regards to marking big red-flags for copyrighted music. Out of 3165 current tracks, I've narrowed the red-flag total to about 220 advised removals to be reviewed (7% of the total playlist, which shouldn't be too bad).

This list DOES NOT include:
- Songs that are pretty much a core part of SpriteClub's community at this point, and would be best to not be removed, since the community is very fond of them. It's best to cut down the problem to a small scale, rather than purging EVERY song that could get us in trouble (Billy Joel, Justice, Daft Punk, Toto, and a ton more for example, would be awesome to keep since I know a lot of people love them).
- Songs in the finals playlist.
- Songs that are covers.

The list DOES include:
- Songs owned by major labels that have not grown as parts of the stream and are red flags for copyrights, and unfortunately would be best to remove.
- Songs that have been noticed through viewing VODs get muted due to copyright from labels.
- Songs owned by Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, FOX, NBC, WWE, and Disney (excluding Kuzco since Erxos will absolutely not remove it under any circumstance and I don't blame him MingLee ).

Feedback is greatly appreciated from you guys on this topic.
If you see songs that you think should qualify for deletion due to being a red-flag for licensing by a record label, or if you see a red-flagged song you absolutely think should be excluded from this list, I strongly encourage you to make your voice heard below.

Thanks! VoHiYo
Due to the scale of the stream I don't think we have much to worry about, and I'm not really concerned about VODs being muted as there's not really a reason to watch the VODs anyway.
Furthermore, from what I can tell their ruling with regards to music hasn't actually changed since last year. In the end, they're still entirely driven by copyright holders actually making claims.

So for now I think that we can just continue as-is. But, the list is pretty accurate in terms of major record holders, it's a good thing to hold on to in case things start getting dicier.
At least, that's my opinion for now. I know I'm kind of a lax type when it comes to these sorta things, so by all means convince me otherwise.