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This is an official thread for reporting errors and suggesting label alterations in the SpriteClub catalog/database.
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Some author edits for characters labeled under "Elecbyte"

Bristol-D = BoyBoyz
Charging Chuck = fer619
Cheapest KFM!!!/Ju Do Man/Kung Fu Head/Kung Fu Man Neo/Chain Combo KFM = otto
Chibiko/Otane Oume/Wasp Hive = nyo
Cordelia = DKN
Football Len = K2R
Fullmoon Iku = Himojoe
Gatotyuman/Rugal 4th/Maaarioooo!!!!/Old Man/Misuzu-chin = STG
Grim Patron Man = InfernalSpectre
Hammerin Harry/The Manticore, the Queen, and the Dragon = Werewood
Hato Sabure = man
Jack Hanma = tokage
Kumagawa Misogi = otika
Kung Fu M. Bison/Koryu Fu Man/Tu Shou = N64Mario
Kung Fu Master = Devon28746
Kung Fu Rabbit = pikapon
Namihei/Rei Ayanami = Nyan☆Kiryu
Neco-Misaka = Mob7
Nirvana (Nirvana_S?)/Physalis/Sarashina/Uzume/Ishtar= Lates
SF4 Evil Ryu = Nejitumin
Sayama Mikoto = ria-coarst
Senator = ThePunisher026
Seruzad = azu
Son of Sun/Lavos Core/Lavos Spawn/Nyoki = Ahuron
TKGD7K = hyuga
Jonathan/William Anthonio Zeppeli = amarimono (Should also be renamed William Antonio Zeppeli)
Yukkuri Remilia = Ika
Yumiko Watanuki = Nyan☆Kiryu, AI by Holn

Would also suggest adding (Brergrsart) to Rokettotanku's author label.
The author of Towa is unknown, but LJH made the AI for her.
The Kaname by Rakurai is replaced by Kaname Hibiki by STR during matches. 

[Image: iDDtsUhqTRSRrss1M40PZw.png]
Does Aura's HP stat (And maybe Energy stat too) count as an error? This one has been around for a while...

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Aura works strangely. She seems to control the damage you deal to her, so the health on her file is just for show. If I adjust it in the database it'd adjust it in-game too (the runner will use to set their life). I could remove it but well... I haven't really found it a major issue. Aura isn't alone in having this quirk.