M.U.G.E.N Download Requests
Next request: I saw that Cocoa by Sankiti had an AI Patch of some sort on Niconico Douga, so if you have her with an AI implemented that would be appreciated.
Immortal Devil: https://mega.nz/#!bgwB0IRK!EjPCdw_-f64qL...29z-LnD-_A
There's actually two patches for Cocoa, I uploaded them both here (SpriteClub uses the one named just "COCOA"): https://mega.nz/#!vhpXWB5Q!1Jr46WZL7ABIB...wbjMsHLOvc
Can i have the following characters?:
Kirei Hana EX by Haru
Hyper Daigo Ken by TwistedSynapse (base char by GM and blazemanxd)
Lialucard Did Something Wrong by jor8a requested by HelloMyNameIsAAA
Ultimate Koja-chan by Jam/TheTrueAnalysis
Avatar Tharja, Christmas Tharja, Hakaishin Rhajat & Angel Tharja, Inu Hanyo Tharja, Omega Tharja, Perfect Tharja, Robo Tharja Mark II, Shogun Tharja, SSJ4 Tharja and Tharja (all by TheTrueAnalysis) in a pack (pack name:Tharja Pack)
Basically all of those are private. Best chance is to keep track of this thread on MFFA, as some of those will probably show up there eventually.

As for Kirei Hana EX: https://mega.nz/#!KghFxZjY!esml-SHUugWjE...cuP8jn6zYM
A number of characters by Seravy (Seravy's site is kinda broken, plus AI patches if they didn't come pre-installed)-
Ayu, Nitori Kawashiro, Princess Silver, S-Unknown, S.Moon, Satori, Suika Ibuki, & Tenshi Hinanai

- Yukiko Amagi P4A and Angelia P4A (for pre-installed AI patches)

Lastly, Captain Caveman X, Cook Kawasaki, DF Cirno, Marvin The Martian, & Mizuka Tank would be appreciated.
Thank you, now may I ask if you have the new version of Boss Gustab M by ONI-MIKO? I can't tell if I have the newer version or not.
(29-07-2018, 07:33 PM)JrSyobon Wrote: Thank you, now may I ask if you have the new version of Boss Gustab M by ONI-MIKO? I can't tell if I have the newer version or not.

I wager that I have the older version, as SC's is from 2011. I'm not familiar with his versioning.

Also, what's wrong with Seravy's website? You can get all the stuff from here. Just be sure to download the latest AI.st and add that to the folder. It's a bit of a hassle, I think our Seravy's are probably a bit outdated by now in that regard.
Anyway tell me if you have a problem with that link, for the other stuff, here ya go: https://mega.nz/#!uooGzAyQ!YActWi7lv80eG...wdWq--10pQ
The problem with the link is that all of the downloads have a ".00x" extension to them, which makes them unopenable by WinRAR- and renaming it so it has 7z as the extension makes it say that the file is corrupted or something.
I can probably just go and find the files elsewhere (I even did it for Suika and Koishi since they popped up on MA recently), though that does make me worry slightly about AI and being recent versions...
You're meant to download all the .00x files, then right-click the .001 and just select extract here. I can extract them fine with both Winrar and 7zip. If it really doesn't work for you then I'll upload them I guess, good excuse to update all of the Seravy's I guess.
Every char by Ildanaf and Kamase, please !

Also the following individual characters

Candy Vegito by sheld, AI by NKYMD
Clark's Fun Ride by Men's Club
Fallen Sanae by オワタ
Alchemy Man by Hachishiki
Joiya Joiya Raoh, Doutei Tank and Joiya Joiya Raoh by sudara13
Iyahha Jagi by Drowin hokuto

That's all for today ! Kappa