2017 New Years Tournament Details
It's time for another new years tournament!

Just like last year, the tournament will be a 512-character 1v1 double elimination tournament, meaning a total of 1022 matches.
The tournament will start on December 27th, 8 PM UTC. From that point onward, the tournament will run until it gets down to the top 48 (62 matches). Once it reaches that point, normal matchmaking will resume until December 30th, 8 PM UTC, at which point the top 48 will be played out in full.

With last years tournament being a 3rd Division tournament, this year we'll be doing 2nd Division. Because 2nd Division is a lot smaller, a bunch of top 3rd Division characters were added to the bracket as well.
The full list of characters can be found here. Gimmicks were filtered out for the most part, if you spot any major gimmicks feel free to mention it.

Some additional info for the tournament:
  • Although there are some exceptions, most of the characters in the tournament are either 2nd Division and below 1775 rating, or 3rd Division and above 1700 rating. If you spot any character that you believe is far above that level in the list, again, feel free to call out and I'll check it out.
  • During the tournament, matchmaking will not occur.
  • Every 64 matches, the tournament will be paused and return to exhibitions in order to provide a break.
  • As with normal tournaments, the lower bracket will be BO3 instead of BO5.
  • For every character, the lowest matchmaking palette will be used (i.e., if the matchmaking palette's for a character is 7-9, 7 will be used). White Len Force is an exception to this, who will use 12p instead.