Skullgirls Fighter Copyright
So as I know,there are two Skullgirls fighters on the roster- Squigly and Filia.
Now,at least Squigly was on SaltyBet.
Key word is WAS. She alegedlly got removed because of a reason from the developers of Skullgirls themselves.
My point is,one of the mods might want to try and get in touch with the team before any legal issues occur.

Best wishes, Rex Blanchimont
Squigly was taken down from SB because of this website's paid Illuminatii services, and having characters stats among other things behind a paywall was not something Lab Zero likes very much.

However, there is no such thing like a paywall in SC, and since we are a way smaller community, we are not at risk for such a takedown.

Hope this will help !