SpriteClub FAQ
Debut Mode
Debut mode is a special mode that, currently, starts bi-weekly on the first matchmaking session after Friday 8 PM UTC.
During debuts mode characters are gradually added to a 'NEW pool'. This pool will add up to 20 characters to the NEW pool. Once the NEW pool is filled, no new characters will be introduced until one completes its debut matches.

Each new character starts at the default of 1500 rating and after a total of 10 rated matches against the existing roster, the character will be assigned a Division. The exact rating -> Division numbers are:
  • 1400 or less: 5th Division
  • 1401-1550: 4th Division
  • 1551-1700: 3rd Division
  • 1701-1800: 2nd Division
  • 1801 or more: 1st Division
During debut matches the new character gains/loses rating at a greatly increased speed, gradually reducing to a normal speed as it approaches the end of its 10 matches. The existing characters that they are matched against do not gain or lose any rating for debut matches.

If you wish to see the list of characters that were added during debuts, you can check the session page for one of these debut session. For example: https://spriteclub.tv/session?id=2569

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