Sessions log stops updating sometimes
This is usually because the DNS server temporarily goes down, which the stream has no qualms with as it only uses the DNS server when launching the stream.

Sometimes the website can still send updated exhibitions to the streaming PC (because its DNS server has no problems), but just not the other way. In fact, deleting the exhibition might cause some weird stuff to display on your exhibition log afterwards...
The chat bot thing is probably fixed now, I recently found and addressed a big oversight in the code for how it reconnects after a DC.

Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be a clear solution to it other than stepping over to a new ISP, but past experiences tell me that that probably won't end any better.
The past few 2-3 days have been pretty bad, the ~2 weeks before that I only recall a single DNS failure. I fear that we can only hope that this instability passes again.

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