M.U.G.E.N Download Requests

This is an official thread for requesting M.U.G.E.N content on SpriteClub that cannot be found anywhere else.
The administrator (Arxos) will primarily be in charge of overseeing this thread and fulfilling content requests.
While requesting content, please keep these guidelines in mind.
  • Please request the character and the author of said character (Example: Dance Master Duane by Brergrsart)
  • Stages can be requested.
  • Some content may be denied if the author has elected their work to be kept private on SpriteClub.
  • Please use the forum's 'search' function for your character before making your request, to make sure that an inquiry/link has not already been submitted for it.
  • If any users happen to find requested content on this forum, you may also publish it here to help each other out.

Here is a compilation of content that was requested in an earlier, unofficial thread in 2017.

  • CF-Len by G-sho: [LINK]
  • Kaguya Houraisan: [LINK]
  • Mechazawa by Minoo: [LINK]
  • Pepito by Quetzalcoatl_88: [LINK]
  • Residentsleeper by Pre-to: [LINK]
  • Giga Bowser by Lord Orga: [LINK]
  • Masked Dedede by suika_no_otto: [LINK]
  • Neco-Arc by Toma: [LINK]
  • Ellie NGI by tukimoon: [LINK]
  • AK Man by Elecbyte: [LINK]
  • DM Tenko by sudara13: [LINK]
  • Fleet of Legend NEET Orochis by STG: [LINK]
  • R'lyeh Text-Special by Volcrz+K_NaCa: [LINK]
  • Christmas Misaki by Digoxin: [LINK]
  • Coffee Azteca by seki-rou: [LINK]
  • 808080 by Apelao: [LINK]
  • Uncle Joel and Bulk Bogan by Brergrsart: [LINK]

These characters are private and cannot be distributed on this thread.

  • Bug Rei by Okihaito
  • Blazing Winnie by TwistedSynapse
  • Rascalex by TwistedSynapse
  • Salty Surfer by SFG
  • Chaos Suika by SFG
  • Kappa by SFG
Terminator by Xiami (and to a lesser extent, all the latest versions of the author's other characters) on a non-Baidu mirror. Baidu's been screwing up for me all week (403 errors even with Jdownloader2).