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Content requests - Tosiaki - 03-11-2016

Thread for requesting any MUGEN-related content.

Currently wanted: G-sho's CF-Len and Kaguya Houraisan. The onedrive on http://www.geocities.jp/mugen_abyss/ does not work anymore

RE: Content requests - Flandre5carlet - 03-11-2016

G-sho's Kaguya. https://www.dropbox.com/sh/9bt41arub5zerl4/AAA7dhnWZ_YXz6HEvIU-7cZ3a?dl=0 I don't have their Len.

RE: Content requests - Arxos - 03-11-2016

Here is CF-Len https://mega.nz/#!ftRSnLwR!PALjI9R5LU_SS5BnEe0O6azLC8VVSEbt4n_tOfR8YDE

RE: Content requests - Tosiaki - 03-11-2016

I was actually able to find PoLen (CF-Len) just a moment ago from here: https://pan.baidu.com/share/home?uk=2215741465#category/type=0 but thanks. I do wonder though if anyone caught the KaguyaAI.zip that was on the onedrive though. I was able to find the Kaguya AI from, out of all things, a torrent.

RE: Content requests - Flandre5carlet - 04-11-2016

I believe mine has the AI patch onto it already, but I could be wrong. It's an old file, I have a "KaguyaAI" folder which is empty - and that's usually what happens when I apply a patch to a character without keeping the patch-less one.

RE: Content requests - desruprot - 02-01-2017

Anyone have the Mechawaza by minoo Character? He has been on a few times on here and I would like him to join my M.U.G.E.N game.

RE: Content requests - Arxos - 24-01-2017

Here you go: https://mega.nz/#!DlBXEIBb!-V2dFZ_rafuaScgOfUrJhSX3QJDD6cUU228AHKsn4fI

RE: Content requests - Below273 - 11-05-2017

- AK Man
- DM Tenko
- Fleet of legend NEET Orochis
- Salty surfer
- R'lyeh text special
- Chaos Suika
- Christmas Misaki
- Kappa
- Bug Rei (fixed)
- Coffee azteca
- 808080

With thanks :)

RE: Content requests - filozof - 17-10-2017

Anti-Mage from Salty Bet

RE: Content requests - Rex Blanchimont - 21-10-2017

-Pepito (I can't find him anywhere,despite him being a minorly-famous character)
-ResidentSleeper (The sleeping Cirno by Pre-To)
-Uncle Joel
-Giga Bowser
-Masked Dedede (NOT Revenge- Just "Masked Dedede",by suika_no_otto)
-Toma's Neco-Arc (I'm pretty sure I have this one,I just want the AI this character has... But include the whole character in case I don't own this one)

No more requests for now,just focus on these (If you can only grab one,make it be Uncle Joel,please),please.