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Catalog Error Reports - JamPress - 15-01-2018


This is an official thread for reporting errors and suggesting label alterations in the SpriteClub catalog/database.
The administrator (Arxos) will be in charge of overseeing this thread.

RE: Database Error Reports - JamPress - 15-01-2018

Some author edits for characters labeled under "Elecbyte"

Bristol-D = BoyBoyz
Charging Chuck = fer619
Cheapest KFM!!!/Ju Do Man/Kung Fu Head/Kung Fu Man Neo/Chain Combo KFM = otto
Chibiko/Otane Oume/Wasp Hive = nyo
Cordelia = DKN
Football Len = K2R
Fullmoon Iku = Himojoe
Gatotyuman/Rugal 4th/Maaarioooo!!!!/Old Man/Misuzu-chin = STG
Grim Patron Man = InfernalSpectre
Hammerin Harry/The Manticore, the Queen, and the Dragon = Werewood
Hato Sabure = man
Jack Hanma = tokage
Kumagawa Misogi = otika
Kung Fu M. Bison/Koryu Fu Man/Tu Shou = N64Mario
Kung Fu Master = Devon28746
Kung Fu Rabbit = pikapon
Namihei/Rei Ayanami = Nyan☆Kiryu
Neco-Misaka = Mob7
Nirvana (Nirvana_S?)/Physalis/Sarashina/Uzume/Ishtar= Lates
SF4 Evil Ryu = Nejitumin
Sayama Mikoto = ria-coarst
Senator = ThePunisher026
Seruzad = azu
Son of Sun/Lavos Core/Lavos Spawn/Nyoki = Ahuron
TKGD7K = hyuga
Jonathan/William Anthonio Zeppeli = amarimono (Should also be renamed William Antonio Zeppeli)
Yukkuri Remilia = Ika
Yumiko Watanuki = Nyan☆Kiryu, AI by Holn

Would also suggest adding (Brergrsart) to Rokettotanku's author label.
The author of Towa is unknown, but LJH made the AI for her.

RE: Database Error Reports - Below273 - 10-02-2018

The Kaname by Rakurai is replaced by Kaname Hibiki by STR during matches. 

[Image: iDDtsUhqTRSRrss1M40PZw.png]

RE: Catalog Error Reports - Rex Blanchimont - 03-03-2018

Does Aura's HP stat (And maybe Energy stat too) count as an error? This one has been around for a while...

RE: Catalog Error Reports - Arxos - 04-03-2018

Aura works strangely. She seems to control the damage you deal to her, so the health on her file is just for show. If I adjust it in the database it'd adjust it in-game too (the runner will use -p1.life to set their life). I could remove it but well... I haven't really found it a major issue. Aura isn't alone in having this quirk.