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  !mode indicator on interface?
Posted by: Irie - 27-10-2016, 08:53 PM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - Replies (4)

its not really important but it would be nice to see a match counter for !mode on the interface (maybe next to exp bar) Kappa

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  Loading Screen submissions?
Posted by: Irie - 27-10-2016, 08:44 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

Should we make some doodles and submit to spruce up the loading screens?

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Posted by: TherealestFalcon - 25-10-2016, 07:54 PM - Forum: Live - Replies (1)


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Heart NSLF & friends
Posted by: HerttainenSpade - 23-10-2016, 07:50 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

add not so little fighter (nslf.zip) from here pls


you can add the others too like gmc.zip and brimstone.zip

you might have some version but the latest has versiondate = 16/10/2016 so make sure thats the version you have

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Posted by: RonyMara - 23-10-2016, 06:36 PM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - Replies (6)

Can we get some emotes imported up in 'ere? DendiFace

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  Character Submission Guidelines
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:04 PM - Forum: Viewer-Content Submissions - No Replies

Characters should be sent to spriteclubtv+chars@gmail.com.

  1. Please verify if your character runs correctly on MUGEN version 1.1a4 with OpenGL renderer and 4:3 resolution. Generally speaking just testing if it runs on 1.0+ should be enough.
  2. ZIP all the characters into a single archive and mail the download link. The folder name for each character should match it's .def file, so don't submit a single folder with multiple .def's.
  3. If you have the know-how, remove permanent timer slows or stops from your submissions. Removing this is very simple though, so don't worry about this step too much if you don't know how.
  4. Your character should really at least beat standard Kung Fu Man, given that it's not a joke character.
  5. No instant-kill characters.
  6. If the character needs palette locking please include a message regarding it in your e-mail.
  7. You can use this page to see all characters on the roster. Please check for duplicates.
Additionally, you can also send character updates to spriteclubtv+updates@gmail.com, though processing them isn't high on my priority list right now so I recommend only sending major updates (e.g. crash fixes or AI patch on a character with otherwise no AI).

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  SpriteClub FAQ
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:04 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - Replies (2)

Specifically for the M.U.G.E.N stream, a more detailed and prettier FAQ can be found here.

Is this real money?
No, all the money is fake.
Furthermore, a bailout is in place, a minimum amount that you cannot drop under. In other words, you can't go broke!
Your bailout amount is based on your level, read more below.

Experience is earned from betting on matches.
For each bet you gain at least 1 XP. If you win, you will also get XP equal to the odds on that fight (so if your payout is 4x your bet amount, you will gain 4 XP).
Lastly, your winstreak acts as a multiplier on XP earned. For every winstreak, XP earned is increased by 50%.

Once enough experience is earned, you'll gain a level. Levels affect your bailout.
Your bailout is equal to 190 + 10 * level (=200 on level 1) for matchmaking and tournaments.
During tournaments, your bailout is increased to 485 + 15 * level (=500 on level 1). Tournaments use a separate balance from other game modes. Your money will be summed together once the tournament concludes.

What is this weird talk in chat?
You might be wondering what all the ZPC and CatfishBeater is about in chat. We use FrankerFaceZ (available here), or just FFZ, to use custom emoticons. A full list of the custom emoticons available from FrankerFaceZ can be found here.
If you're interested in using FFZ, a convenient extension to FrankerFaceZ is the 'FrankerFaceZ Add-On Pack', which you can check out here.
None of these extensions are required to bet on SpriteClub, but they may improve your chat experience!

How do I set my avatar?
SpriteClub is integrated with Gravatar. Simply sign up for Gravatar with the same e-mail address as you've registered with on SpriteClub and you'll be able to change your avatar.

Profile options
SpriteClub users have a number of customisation options. For one, SpriteClub will automatically ping you whenever a match opens for betting. The volume for this can be controlled in your profile, found by clicking on your name in the top right.
There are other settings in your profile as well, so check them out!

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  Stage Submission Guidelines
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:03 PM - Forum: Viewer-Content Submissions - No Replies

Stages should be sent to spriteclubtv+stages@gmail.com.

  1. Please verify if your stage runs correctly on MUGEN version 1.1a4 with OpenGL renderer and 4:3 resolution. Generally speaking it's mostly the 4:3 resolution that needs to be checked.
  2. Don't include any stage music in your submission, those will just be deleted anyway. Simply ZIP all the stages into one archive with a single folder and mail the download link. Do not put each stage in it's own folder.
These two are the most important requirements. Furthermore, there are a number of criteria that I look for when judging stages, which I detailed below. If you want, you're free to go through these yourself to save me some time. They may seem strict, but judging a stage only takes a few seconds thanks to some tools I have set up. Therefore, don't be too concerned about all these criteria. I'd rather you just send me your stages than get overly concerned about verifying all your stages and end up not sending anything.
  1. No weird starting positions like this.
  2. No high standing height stages like this.
  3. No overly saturated stages like this.
  4. Any stage width is fine as long as it's not smaller than the screen width like this.
  5. No overly dumb stages like this.
  6. The stage shouldn't overly obscure characters like this.
  7. Make sure your stage doesn't contain too much movement or overly small, repeating patterns, these severely degrade stream quality. The main offender of this tends to be rain like this.
  8. Lastly, this page displays all stages on the roster, including the ones that aren't used in matchmaking/requests. I'll be happy if you check for duplicates, but you shouldn't waste too much time on this.
Also, feel free to ask why a stage on the list I linked last is banned.

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  Roster Updates
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:03 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - Replies (1)

This will be updated whenever things are manually changed, like character palettes or character updates.
This thread is purely for keeping things clear and will thus remain closed. You can discuss any update in the Roster section.
The first post contains the current month, below that is the full changelog.

November 16, 2018:
- Renamed Kohaku AA to Full Moon Kohaku (as she was the only AA who does not randomise moons).
- Half-Moon Miyako, Half-Moon Akiha and Einherjar-Red-Milite renamed to not have any "-" symbols in their names (accurate to actual Melty Blood, and the latter for consistency with the new version).
- Toushiro Hitsugaya renamed to Toshiro Hitsugaya.
- May Lee renamed to K_May Lee (consistency with other KoopaKoot's)
- Mai removed (duplicate of K_Mai)
- Malin removed (duplicate of K_Malin)
- Hashi has been removed and will be re-added with a new AI patch.

The following 130 characters have been updated:
- Adelheid 98
- Andy 98
- Another Kung Fu Girl XIII
- Ash XI
- Athena-K
- Awakened K-BW
- Balert
- Benimaru 98
- Billy Kane KOF02UM
- Black & White Hina
- Brannen Rosso
- Byakuren ULiL
- C-F-Kain
- Chang Koehan KOF02UM
- Chang the Red Aqueous
- Choi Bounge KOF02UM
- Clark 98
- Clone Kyo XI
- Curse Head
- Daimon 98
- Dorgan
- Earning Shiki
- Eiji 98
- Elion
- Envia
- Evancell
- Pocket Evil Ryu
- Fie
- Fighter
- Freeman
- Funny Toki
- Geese 98
- Geese XI
- General Mouri
- Genjuro Kibagami KOF02UM
- Giant D!
- Goenitz 98
- H-Kain
- Hakuowlo CSX
- Haohmaru 98
- Heidern 98
- Honda Tadakatsu
- Iari
- Iori 2K2UM
- Iori 98
- Iori EX 2K2UM
- John 98
- K' 2K2UM
- K' XI
- K-BW
- K-BW v2
- Kaguya Luna
- Kasumi 98
- Ken 98
- Khriz 2K2UM
- Kibanohara Ethica
- Kim 98
- Kogetsu Lin
- Krauser 98
- Kuna-R
- Kusanagi 2K2UM
- Kyo 2K2UM
- Kyo 98
- Kyo XI
- Lilith Aensland
- Line zzzz
- Lowe
- Maltet
- Marx Soul
- Mizuchi KOF02UM
- Mizuka Tank
- Mr. Big 98
- MSN-04 Sazabi
- My Ancient Crab
- Nameless 2K2UM
- Nanaya Exchange
- Nyal-CBK
- Omega Rugal KOF02UM
- Orc
- Orochi KOF02UM
- Oswald XI
- Princess Athena XIII
- Prism River Noisy Girls Orchestra
- Ramda
- Red
- Reimu-K
- Ridden
- Riesbyfe-CBK
- Rinne_mm
- Robert 98
- Rock 2K2UM
- Roll_mm
- Rugal 98
- Ryo 2K2UM
- Ryo 98
- Ryo Sakazaki 2K2UM
- Ryu 98
- S. Sinclair
- Sa-tan
- Saisyu 98
- Saki Tsuzura AO
- Sakura 98
- Sanae ULiL
- Sandra
- Schreckgespenst
- SF3 Sean
- Shen XI
- Shimo
- Shimo 2K2UM
- Shin Godzillen
- Shingo 98
- Shinobu Kawasaki
- Shovel Knight
- Sion Clone
- Stove Igniz
- Subterranean Rose
- Superbiola
- Takuma 98
- Terry 2K2UM
- Terry 98
- Touka CSX
- Troll
- True Saiki
- Vritra
- Washizuka XI
- Yamazaki 98
- Yang Xiao Long BBTag
- Yashiro 98
- Youmu-CBK

December 26, 2018:
- Removed Virgilia and renamed Virgilia OMK to Virgilia. They're duplicates with the removed version being the "light" version, whatever that meant.
- Removed Lety EX (duplicate of Lety)
- Renamed Line zzzz to Linne zzzz
- Renamed Mr. Katate SS to Mr. Karate SS

January 4, 2019:
- Renamed MVC2 Cammy to MVC2 Cammy EX (naming consistency for Kong's characters)
- Renamed MVC2 Hulk to MVC2 Hulk EX (naming consistency for Kong's characters)
- Renamed Hayato MVC2 to MVC2 Hayato (cause literally every other character is named MVC2 first)
- Dormammu and Luca Licolas have been removed and will be re-added with new AI patches

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  Song Submission Guidelines
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:03 PM - Forum: Viewer-Content Submissions - No Replies

Songs should be sent to spriteclubtv+songs@gmail.com.

  1. All songs should be put into one large zipped file with a download link included in the e-mail. Don't include attachments.
  2. I'd rather you stick to mp3's, or flac's if you really want to, but the following file formats are supported: mp3, wav, wave, flac, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v, m4r, 3gp, mp4, aac, ac3, wma.
  3. Ensure the song isn't already on the playlist. You can see the entire playlist on a single page here.
  4. Under normal circumstances any track longer than 10 minutes will be rejected. That doesn't mean you should send 10 minute loops of a 60 second clip though.
  5. Please don't send stuff like this. You can send troll-y stuff if you really want but don't get your hopes up.
  6. I enjoy anime myself too, but consider submitting instrumentals. We don't need to listen to Japanese for most of our time here.
  7. Song names are automatically parsed. There are two routes you can go, either use proper artist and title tags OR have the filename be in the format "composer - track (ost)". It doesn't matter which one you use, but the parser will ignore the filename if the tags are set.

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