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  SpriteClub FAQ
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:04 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - Replies (2)

Specifically for the M.U.G.E.N stream, a more detailed and prettier FAQ can be found here.

Is this real money?
No, all the money is fake.
Furthermore, a bailout is in place, a minimum amount that you cannot drop under. In other words, you can't go broke!
Your bailout amount is based on your level, read more below.

Experience is earned from betting on matches.
For each bet you gain at least 1 XP. If you win, you will also get XP equal to the odds on that fight (so if your payout is 4x your bet amount, you will gain 4 XP).
Lastly, your winstreak acts as a multiplier on XP earned. For every winstreak, XP earned is increased by 50%.

Once enough experience is earned, you'll gain a level. Levels affect your bailout.
Your bailout is equal to 190 + 10 * level (=200 on level 1) for matchmaking and tournaments.
During tournaments, your bailout is increased to 485 + 15 * level (=500 on level 1). Tournaments use a separate balance from other game modes. Your money will be summed together once the tournament concludes.

What is this weird talk in chat?
You might be wondering what all the ZPC and CatfishBeater is about in chat. We use FrankerFaceZ (available here), or just FFZ, to use custom emoticons. A full list of the custom emoticons available from FrankerFaceZ can be found here.
If you're interested in using FFZ, a convenient extension to FrankerFaceZ is the 'FrankerFaceZ Add-On Pack', which you can check out here.
None of these extensions are required to bet on SpriteClub, but they may improve your chat experience!

How do I set my avatar?
SpriteClub is integrated with Gravatar. Simply sign up for Gravatar with the same e-mail address as you've registered with on SpriteClub and you'll be able to change your avatar.

Profile options
SpriteClub users have a number of customisation options. For one, SpriteClub will automatically ping you whenever a match opens for betting. The volume for this can be controlled in your profile, found by clicking on your name in the top right.
There are other settings in your profile as well, so check them out!

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  Stage Submission Guidelines
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:03 PM - Forum: Viewer-Content Submissions - No Replies

Stages should be sent to spriteclubtv+stages@gmail.com.

  1. Please verify if your stage runs correctly on MUGEN version 1.1a4 with OpenGL renderer and 4:3 resolution. Generally speaking it's mostly the 4:3 resolution that needs to be checked.
  2. Don't include any stage music in your submission, those will just be deleted anyway. Simply ZIP all the stages into one archive with a single folder and mail the download link. Do not put each stage in it's own folder.
These two are the most important requirements. Furthermore, there are a number of criteria that I look for when judging stages, which I detailed below. If you want, you're free to go through these yourself to save me some time. They may seem strict, but judging a stage only takes a few seconds thanks to some tools I have set up. Therefore, don't be too concerned about all these criteria. I'd rather you just send me your stages than get overly concerned about verifying all your stages and end up not sending anything.
  1. No weird starting positions like this.
  2. No high standing height stages like this.
  3. No overly saturated stages like this.
  4. Any stage width is fine as long as it's not smaller than the screen width like this.
  5. No overly dumb stages like this.
  6. The stage shouldn't overly obscure characters like this.
  7. Make sure your stage doesn't contain too much movement or overly small, repeating patterns, these severely degrade stream quality. The main offender of this tends to be rain like this.
  8. Lastly, this page displays all stages on the roster, including the ones that aren't used in matchmaking/requests. I'll be happy if you check for duplicates, but you shouldn't waste too much time on this.
Also, feel free to ask why a stage on the list I linked last is banned.

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  Roster Updates
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:03 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - Replies (1)

This will be updated whenever things are manually changed, like character palettes or character updates.
This thread is purely for keeping things clear and will thus remain closed. You can discuss any update in the Roster section.
The first post contains the current month, below that is the full changelog.

April 4, 2018:
- Ash XIII, Kim XIII and EX Iori XIII have been renamed to Ash CSX, Kim CSX and Iori CSX (consistency)
- Andore Jr., Guile Machine and Leon have been removed and will be re-added with new AI patches
- White has been removed from the roster (duplicate of KOF White)
- Yurlunger has been removed from the roster (duplicate of Yurung)

The following 123 characters have been updated:
- A-Okita
- Acicirno
- Amakusa NRF
- Amaterasu Remilia
- Ameno Sagume
- Aoko Aozaki EXP
- Archetype Sun
- Arcueid Brunestud EXP
- Aselia(J)
- A_Geese
- Byakuren ULiL
- B_Chun-Li
- Chalice
- Chonshu KOF02UM
- Chris GB
- Code K
- Colossal Titan
- Cure Bloom
- Cure Egret
- Dan Gun
- Dark Bolt
- Deka Kohaku
- Destiny Dio
- Dual Shiki
- Envia
- Fire-Chicken
- Flash Gen
- Freeze
- Fujitora Issho
- Funny Yi's Turtle Ship
- Future Gohan
- Geese-Kai
- Genma Saotome EXP
- Ghost Leopard
- Giant D!
- Goku Z
- Grass Mud Horse
- Hatsune Miku
- Heroine X
- Homu Homu
- Homura-R
- How Are You?
- Hugo KOF02UM
- Hyper Daigo Ken
- Ingrid SR
- Innovation Chris
- Iori-G.MF
- Kakine
- Kamen Rider Ex-Aid
- Kamen Rider Wizard
- Kamiya Sana
- Karate Sensei
- Kiyohime
- Kokoro
- Kouma Kishima EXP
- Kula Diamond EXP
- Kula-02
- Kuna-R
- Kyo-213
- K_Claire
- Lavaila
- Legendary God Rugal
- Lightning-Adel
- Lord Gustab
- Master Dragon
- Master Ryo
- Matthew
- MC-Jade Type-K
- Mech Hisui 404
- Mech Ralf
- MG Snorlax
- Mishio & Makoto R
- Miyako Arima EXP
- Miyako GM
- Miyako X
- Mizu Lenja EX
- M_RozweL
- Nameless Archer
- Natural Kain
- Night of Starry Sky
- Oni Miko Reimu
- Orga Itsuka
- Orochi Iori EX
- Perfect Perfecti
- Pikachu EX
- Pill
- Powered Ciel EXP
- Psycho Weapon MB-00
- Red
- Reincarnation
- Rewrich Wallach
- Riesbyfe Arrange
- Riesbyfe Stridberg EXP
- Rock-G.TG
- Rockman.exe
- Rugal TLE
- Rui Yin
- Ryuko ZS
- SaSoJinKa B-Style
- Satsuki Yumiduka EXP
- Sevil Nahte D
- Shelby Cobra
- Shermie-BC
- Shiki Nanaya EXP
- Shiki Ryougi EXP
- Shiki Tohno EXP
- Shovel Knight
- Sion Eltnam Atlasia EXP
- Spellcutie
- Storm Igniz
- Sweet-Angel
- The Executioner
- Thunder Miss Shermie
- Thunderstorm Shermie
- Togabito Kagami
- True Saiki
- Truth
- Vampylia Scarlet
- White Night
- Yagevil
- Yujiro Hanma
- Yuudachi Kai Ni

April 20, 2018:
- Joutenchi Wind has been removed and will be re-added with a new AI patch
- Golf Master Ella has been removed and will be re-added with a major update
- Ranmaru and Sumimaru have been renamed to Ninja Ranmaru and Ninja Sumimaru (consistency)

The following 34 characters were updated:
- A-Okita
- Axel_mm
- Bai-Hu 0D
- Blade AA
- Boueie Defense Systems
- Code C: Yagevil
- Condor Heads 0D
- Dao-long 0D
- Death Rebecca
- Dusk Whip
- Forbidden Knowledge
- Gajet 0D
- Giant Gunter
- Hanzou 0D
- Kamui 0D
- Kogetsu Lin
- Leo Bradley 0D
- Lord Gustab
- Master Barnes 0D
- Nanaya Exchange
- Pielle 0D
- R'lyeh Text-Special
- Rinne Salvator Atman
- Roy Wilson 0D
- Sasuke 0D
- Sho Kamui 0D
- Stove Igniz
- The Red Dragon 0D
- Tia Langray 0D
- Vice XIII
- Vortz 0D
- White Len & Nanaya
- Wing Moriya
- Wong Fei Hung 0D

May 4, 2018:
Kinyo, Laharl, Bane EX, Morgana P5, Shogunyan and Zack Fair have been removed and will be re-added with updated/new AI patched versions.

June 15, 2018:
- Mecha Dragon renamed to Meka Dragon
- Izayoi (by Barbatos) has been renamed to Tsubaki Izayoi (to make room for Deoxgigas' Izayoi)
- Arcueid Brunestud SLN and Sion Eltnam Atlasia SLN will be re-added with fixed AI patches
- Tokisaki Kurumi will be re-added with new settings (AI will scale, won't be 1st division on 1p anymore)
- Ange was some weird outdated mexi damage edit of yuki's AI patch. She'll be re-added with normal stats and updated to the latest version.
- [] has been removed and will be re-added with an updated version, as well as renamed to Saka Shiki.
- BF Mario, Elecman-o, Master Mecha Sonic, Master Mechanical Mizuchi, Matilda the Armadillo, Orochi Head, Pikachu EX, Reisen and Suave Dude have been removed and will be re-added with a major update/new AI patch.

July 22nd, 2018:
Made all of Kong's characters use the same naming style:
- The Invincible Iron Man renamed to MVC2 Iron Man
- Silver Samurai renamed to MVC2 Silver Samurai
- Kamekaze and Kong's Amingo's are renamed to Amingo (Kamekaze) and MVC2 Amingo (Kong) respectively
- Kurenai has been removed and will be re-added with a major update

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  Song Submission Guidelines
Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:03 PM - Forum: Viewer-Content Submissions - No Replies

Songs should be sent to spriteclubtv+songs@gmail.com.

  1. All songs should be put into one large zipped file with a download link included in the e-mail. Don't include attachments.
  2. I'd rather you stick to mp3's, or flac's if you really want to, but the following file formats are supported: mp3, wav, wave, flac, m4a, m4b, m4p, m4v, m4r, 3gp, mp4, aac, ac3, wma.
  3. Ensure the song isn't already on the playlist. You can see the entire playlist on a single page here.
  4. Under normal circumstances any track longer than 10 minutes will be rejected. That doesn't mean you should send 10 minute loops of a 60 second clip though.
  5. Please don't send stuff like this. You can send troll-y stuff if you really want but don't get your hopes up.
  6. I enjoy anime myself too, but consider submitting instrumentals. We don't need to listen to Japanese for most of our time here.
  7. Song names are automatically parsed. There are two routes you can go, either use proper artist and title tags OR have the filename be in the format "composer - track (ost)". It doesn't matter which one you use, but the parser will ignore the filename if the tags are set.

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Posted by: Arxos - 23-10-2016, 04:01 PM - Forum: Announcements/Help - No Replies

Welcome to the Spriteclub forums!

Things are still taking shape here at Spriteclub. I am currently the sole developer, so feel free to direct any comments, suggestions or feedback to myself or post it in one of the respective forums.
Over the upcoming weeks/months I'll be working to make things smoother and more complete and I would love to hear what features you'd like to see implemented next.

The M.U.G.E.N stream should be up most, if not all, of the time, so check it out. It may be taken down during times of low activity, primarily during weekdays.
If you're interested in submitting stuff to the roster, be it characters, stages or music, check out the guideline threads on the Submissions forum. Instead of using the e-mails listed on these threads you can also contact me directly on Twitch, where I go by the name Erxos4, (it's probably the easiest for now) but I give no guarantee that I won't lose track of the things you link me if you do.
For anyone who doesn't already have it installed, I highly recommend downloading the FrankerFaceZ plugin for Twitch chat. The emotes available through FFZ are often used in the Twitch chat.

May RNG be kind on your soul during your stay here.

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