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Lightbulb Mod Situation
Posted by: sanso - 24-04-2017, 10:30 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (9)

Hey everyone,

lets do this the official way: We need more mods. 

Let me explain. As the site gains more and more popularity I think this will become necessary. I know that the crash detection is already pretty dope. But currently (10:25 GMT+1) we're stuck in an exhibition. Again. That is unfortunate since there're regulars online that might use !skip in a proper way. I know it's not easy declaring someone new as mod. There have to be (and I guess there already are) strict rules as to what a mod can and can't and should and shouldn't do. We'd still need one or two more mods for now to have one mod for every 3-4 hour window of the day. 

If I had to guess I'd say that it is currently not possible to give someone _just_ the !skip power, or _just_ the !queuesong or whatever. On the other hand I don't know of that's even necessary. The regulars are all grown ups, we're not 20 anymore. All I want to say is: give it a shot. Unmod them if it doesn't work :)

Martin aka sanso

EDIT: I just thought of an automated way that might help as well. "Just" check for new entries in the DB every 15-20 minutes. If no new entry was made within that time period, skip the current game, reboot the server, whatever needs to be done.

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  AI patches release by Arxos (Force AI)
Posted by: Arxos - 20-04-2017, 08:10 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (4)

This thread is for listing all my AI patches, which currently totals 15 characters, including an additional 2 low-effort joke edits.
All my patches are designed for AI vs AI combat on SpriteClub, many of them will be quite unfair for players to battle against.
All my patches can be downloaded here: [url=All my patches can be downloaded from here: All my patches can be downloaded from here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvB0v1E0zwo8b72c1bEZwVbQgL8. Has download links for both the full versions (original + patch) and patch only versions (will need to download the base separately).

Chartette (Force AI) by SXVector

Character readme:

Quote:As Chartette almost entirely lacks the ability to do combo's, as well as it being my first patch, the AI is not much more than a glorified button masher. Unlike the vast majority of my other patches, this one should be quite suitable for human play.
Finally, to try and make the AI a little better, the AI can block at certain times that a human cannot. You can adjust this in the "Config.txt" if you wish, but it's a marginal difference in performance.
This character comes packaged along with vgma2/vgmaster2point0/BOlimar's Voice Patch.
If you wish, you can disable this in "Config.txt" as well.
Notable character changes:
- None!
- SXVector, the original author of Chartette.
- M3, for the AI ON sprite.

Rusty by woman

Character readme:
Quote:Unlike most of my AI's, Rusty shouldn't be too challenging for a human. She was my 2nd AI patch, and on a rather crappy character, so her AI is a bit dumb (just blindly charges in every time) and her moveset a bit limited (she really likes to grab). So I don't know if she'd actually be fun to fight.
Notable character changes:
- This character was quite non-functional originally... There were too many changes to be made.
- woman, the original author of Rusty.
- M3, for the AI ON sprite.
Gogan by IF

Character readme:
Quote:This AI is a fairly basic button masher, so it probably won't be too bad for a human to play against. However, due to her innate insanely high damage and merciless super usage, she's bound to be one hell of an opponent.

Notable character changes:
- None!

- IF, the original author of Gogan.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

Azurite (v.1.2) by ReVolUTioN-DeLtA
Please check the above video for Gogan.
Character readme:
Quote:By default, the AI abuses an infinite to gain full meter (due to damage scaling it cannot deal infinite damage). Most of the time it can only be used in the corner, but I've seen her sometimes use it on larger hitbox characters even outside of the corner.
If you want to disable it, please look for the following line in "Config.txt":

value = 1 ; <- Infinite abuse switch

and change the value to 0.

I added Sad Claps code that activates on palette 12 only. For some reason, her AI blocks every hit on this palette, making her almost impossible to kill for normal characters.

Notable character changes:
- A number of guardflags were changed to give Azurite a more complicated guard sequence.
- Due to low usability, the 1000-meter cost slash super now deals up to 100% additional damage depending on how low the enemies health is, and no longer deals significantly reduced damage mid-combo (this was probably a bug anyway).
- EX moves now give iframes for their full duration.

- ReVolUTioN-DeLtA, the original author of Azurite.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.
- DrKelexo/Reza, for the wonder that is Sad Claps.

Chartette Force

Quote:This is a strengthening patch for Chartette by Arxos.
Although I consider it a patch, the character hardly resembles the original in playstyle...
The character specs are pretty brutal, being designed for fairly high strength AI vs AI fights.
A number of settings can be customised in "Config.txt", but even with everything at minimum she's a monster.
Honestly, I might have gone too far and may tone her down in the future.
This character comes packaged along with vgma2/vgmaster2point0/BOlimar's Voice Patch.
If you wish, you can disable it in "Config.txt".
Furthermore, to distinguish Chartette Force from standard Chartette, she uses a difference sequence of palette's.
If you wish to use the standard sequence, please find line 2323 in ChartteC.cns:
    dest = 1,ifelse(palno<=4, 19-palno, 13-palno)
    dest = 1,palno
Notable character changes:
- Too many to name.
- SXVector, the original author of Chartette.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.
- ReVolUTioN-DeLtA for using his knockback code from Azurite.
Original credits:
Wonderful World Doujin Game Makers - For sprites (2d Fighter Maker Rip)
Dissidia - Palettes (hatsune miku and sakura) / Testing
Sin - 3 Palettes / Testing
Kai - Palettes/Testing
Darts - Palettes/Testing
Bazooka - Code Usage (Thank you!)
By SXVector 
Character readme:
Hime Len by M3

Character readme:
Quote:Hime Len is essentially a Rachel edit from Blazblue and has some really complex systems, primarily moving her many helpers and even opponent position using her wind charges. This AI took me a long time to create (I really wanted to make this right after the original Chartette, but knew I would not be able to do her complexity justice at the time...). She avoids direct combat pretty hard, and relies on only two means of starting her assault (neco helper or divebomb).
Please check the "Config.txt" in the ForceAI folder, not the base folder! Hime Len has many options.
Of particular interest is the "Always enable auxiliary AI" switch. This means that Hime Len will operate the wind charges for you, even under human play. Because her combo's are complex, as well as at times directionally contradicting, this makes things a lot easier and allows you to do some amazing combo's without having to bend over backwards. By default this is on.
As of note, this version does not include the February 17 patch for Hime Len. I had already completed the patch by the time I found that patch.
Palette details:
- On 1-4p, the settings are precisely as in the "Config.txt", on 5p+ some settings got overriden.
- 5p: AI abuses near-infinite grab loops (note: does almost nothing alone)
- 6p: Damage scaling disabled
- 7p: Unlimited wind charges
- 8p: Near-infinite grab loops + Damage scaling disabled
- 9p: Near-infinite grab loops + Unlimited wind charges
- 10p: Damage scaling disabled + Unlimited wind charges
- 11p: Near-infinite grab loops + Damage scaling disabled + Unlimited wind charges
- 12p: Same as 11p, but will also spawn lots of things at random and gain high health regen. Unlike 1-11p, the AI isn't coded to work with this palette, so she will be as confused as you are. This palette is purely for fun, it is a very silly palette.
Notable character changes:
- Damage scaling adjusted to canon Blazblue values (overall slight buff).
- Some moves were adjusted to create additional combo routes that looked like they should've be possible.
- Helpers no longer despawn whenever Hime Len takes damage.
- Divebomb now makes Hime Len invulnerable when moving fast enough.
- Circuit Spark cost reduced from 2000 to 1500. Also has more iframes and knockback time because you would often instantly get hit again.
- Last Arc cost reduced from 2000 to 1500. The setup required is too much to warrant dealing 35% damage at best for 2000 meter.
- Hime Len now enforces her own fall.defence_up multiplier on enemies, because I got tired of seeing her combo's do almost no damage to enemies that thought a fall.defence_up multiplier of 200 was cool.
- Can no longer mid-air recover from mine hits.
- For ease of use, the supers can now be activated using the much simpler commands of Forward/Backward + Z.
- M3, the original author of Hime Len.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.
White Len Force by M3

Character readme:
Quote:White Len Force is heavily based on counters and geneal confusion through illusions, making her very hard to catch.
White Len Force has an EX mode that is normally only enabled in 12p, but you can use "Config.txt" (in ForceAI folder, not base folder!) to change those conditions. In EX mode she gains meter/life regen, a higher damage scaling cap, increased iframes and the AI will show less openings. This is purely designed for beating the highest level of AI's that aren't just flat out god-tiers, I don't recommend even trying to beat this palette as a human.
Notable character changes:
- Damage significantly increased, but damage scaling is also more rapid. Overall, the damage is not much higher outside of supers, but most of the damage will be dealt in the first few hits.
- Changed some move timings to create an additional combo route that looked like it should've been possible.
- Can no longer be grabbed out of her counters.
- Iframes on succesful counter increased, to prevent certain characters with large and long-lasting attacks to simply hit her instantly again.
- Circuit Spark cost reduced from 2000 to 1500. Also has more iframes and knockback time because you would often instantly get hit again.
- Phantom damage multiplier is now set to a static amount rather than using that of White Len Force herself. Overall, this means the damage it deals is actually significant unlike before.
- Ice Spikes now have additional hit stun (small for normal spike, large for super spike) to allow certain follow-ups. It looked to me like that is how they should behave, and it made the character more interesting to me.
- M3, the original author of White Len Force.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

Maximum Seraph by ROCKMarisa

Character readme:
Quote:This is an AI patch by Arxos for ROCKMarisa's Maximum Seraph.

The AI is designed to fight against other AI's on https://mugen.spriteclub.tv so it may feel unfair for a human to fight.

Notable character-specific changes:
- Added an option for an alternate control scheme (on by default).
- Changed a few guardflags and fixed a few attacks that allowed for instant recovery.
- Changed some things about grabs, the OHKO and Volcanic Viper. Check the Config.txt for more info or to change the settings.
- Because of being horribly bad, her heal super now costs less AND heals more.

- ROCKMarisa, the original author of Maximum Seraph.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

Dark Sonic by dshiznetz & Duralminn

Character readme:
Quote:This is an AI patch by Arxos for dshiznetz & Duralminn's Dark Sonic.

The AI is designed to fight against other AI's on https://mugen.spriteclub.tv so it may feel unfair for a human to fight.

Notable character-specific changes:
- Fixed a number of bugs that would allow certain specials and supers to ignore their meter/state requirement.
- Fixed a few other parts/some unused code (e.g. a grab that wasn't fully implemented).
- Changed a large number of guard flags to more logical values (e.g. air attacks can't be blocked low anymore).
- Added an EX mode that is active on 1-6p (can be modified in Config.txt). He's significantly stronger with it, but also feels better as he isn't so reliant on being able to rush down his enemy.
* EX mode increases Dark Sonic's defensive options with iframes on certain moves to match his overwhelming offense.
* Turns one of his moves into a combo breaking burst with a heal and cooldown on it.
* Gains 3 bars at the start of the match.

- dshiznetz & Duralminn, the original authors of Dark Sonic.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

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  Spriteclub Community Tournament Thread
Posted by: Arxos - 13-04-2017, 07:17 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

I'll use this thread from now on to host the Community Tournaments.

Previous tournaments will be in the 2nd post on this thread.

General rules:
- No duplicates (apparently this has to be explicitly said)
- Any character picked in the last 10 tournaments is banned for variety's sake.

Community Tournament #16- 2-Turns 1500 Rated (October 31, 2018, starts at 8 PM UTC)

The excel sheet can be found here.

The rules are:
- Pick 2 characters that are 4th Division and below 1500 rating OR 5th division and above 1300 rating. A list of eligible characters is found on the 'Characters' tab of the sheet.
* Remember that it's Halloween!
- The tournament will be a 32-bracket 2-Turns Double Elimination.

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  4-Turns Community Tournament
Posted by: Arxos - 07-04-2017, 04:28 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

Hey guys. It's on a bit of a short notice, but I figured we could do a special tournament this Sunday.

I've created an excel sheet over here. You can select 4 of the characters from the 'Characters' sheet (listing all 1550 rated and below characters) and make a team using them.
A character may only be picked once, so be quick!

For now, it's just 1 team per user, but you can submit extra teams in the area below. I'll be using those to pad the tournament to a 32-size if there aren't enough submissions in time.
You can supply a team name, but I can't guarantee I'll have that feature ready by Sunday.

The tournament will be a 32-bracket double elimination tournament, starting at 8 PM GMT+1. Countdown here.
For my own sanity, please make sure you've submitted your teams at least 2 hours before the tournament starts.

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  Update of 25/02/17
Posted by: Arxos - 25-02-2017, 08:10 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

So a lot has happened since the last update and I just wanna give a breakdown of what actually was changed over the past 1.5 months or so.

1. A song update of ~250 songs has happened. Full list can be found here: http://pastebin.com/08mD8ZYn
There's one more pack of 128 songs that I have to process, so whoever was that sent that, don't panic from not seeing anything.

2. Some updates to tournament generation:
- Minimum rating increased to 1200 for 8-double/16-single, 1375 for 16-double/32-single and 1550 for 32-double/64-single. Note that 2v1 tournaments are 1200 at all sizes.
- Every tournament has to be at least a different Division and rating from the last. So if a tournament at 1450 rating ocurred, the next cannot be 4th Division, nor around 1350-1550 rating.

3. As I'm sure you've all noticed, turns mode has been introduced!
Just for the sake of clarity, turns mode means that a team of characters is created, each fighting solo. When one loses or draws, he is replaced by the next on his team.
Turns mode is supported in matchmaking, tournaments and exhibitions, but note that, right now, teams must be of equal size.
I actually found a way to get around this for at least 1v2/3/4-turns, but I'll have more info on that later. It may take a few days to work everything out for that functionality.

4. Lastly, a ruling change has been in effect for a few weeks regarding how I've been updating characters. From now on, when an AI patch by an entirely new author is received for a character already on the roster, that character will be removed from the roster and the new version added to the NEW pool. This means the characters start fresh, the AI patch is properly shown off, and the debut pool stays a bit healthier in size.

As a result of this, over the past 3 weeks or so the following characters have been removed from the roster, to be returned through debuts in due time (those that have already done so I marked with a *):
- *Ageha Hayate
- *Akiha Vermilion(Re) -- name also fixed to Akiha Vermillion(Re)
- *Alex_A
- Avdol
- *B-Cirno
- *Cammy
- CvW Haggar
- Cycloid Sigma
- Fliz
- Foreigner
- Frog
- G. Rugal
- *Gaoh
- Hotaru Futaba MOTW
- *Huitloxopetl
- *J-Angel
- *Juli
- Karin Kanzuki
- *Kiyohime
- Komasan
- *Kuando
- Kureha Hayate
- Lee NBC
- *Lilith
- Lt. Chelnov
- Magic Geese
- Meifang
- Minis Mahn
- MVC Anakaris
- MVC Jedah
- MVC2 Oro
- *Nakoruru
- Ninjaslayer
- Oota Kanako
- Pop
- Powered Ciel
- *Reggie Skatore
- *Rimururu-M
- *Rosa Ushiromiya
- SF3 Alex
- SF3 Hugo
- *SF3 Ryu
- Solis R8000
- *Terry Bogard MOTW -- name also changed to Wild Wolf
- Willard

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Lightbulb Profile Feature Suggestion - Favorite Fighters
Posted by: StyleKrong - 20-01-2017, 06:24 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

(I think this is the right forum section for this, but if it belongs in the other feedback area feel free to move it!)

So, this just a random feature I thought of, during a break after a tournament finished and while making a quick exhibition... there are a lot of fighters, and it can be hard to keep track of them all. I don't know how much of a pain in the ass something like this would be to implement, but I thought it'd be cool if there was a feature in the profile section where people could list off and/or categorise their favorite fighters. I was thinking something simple, like a "create new favorite fighters category" tab, and within that tab people could list their favorites. As an example, someone might have a "funny fighters tab", "exhibition favorites", or a "favorite tournament winners" tab. 

It'd make it a lot easier to find and recall fighters when making exhibitions, would allow people to add a little customisation to their profile, plus it might give people some incentive to check out other people's profiles to see what kinds of characters they enjoy watching the most. As an extended feature, there might even be a "most favorited fighters" ranking, just for fun, to see who the most popular fighters on the site are.

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  Tourney did not award places/medals
Posted by: longshot - 20-01-2017, 09:42 AM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - Replies (1)

There was a tourney during a Free block a day or two ago which didn't record the top three placers, and thus didn't award medals. The standings associated with that tourney do show the final positions, so I'm asking if the placings can be recorded and the medals awarded for this tournament?

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  Update of 20/12/16
Posted by: Arxos - 20-12-2016, 05:03 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (2)

Another update, this time including roughly 500 stages (almost doubling our current collection)!
All stages can be viewed on this page.


There's a few other stuff to be mentioned as well, however. First, regarding debuts:

  • There will be no debuts next week due to Christmas.
  • The week afterwards is a bit uncertain due to New Years' Eve, probably we'll just keep it to a short one-day debuts.
  • Then the new year, as AGDQ is at January 8th (link) we'll have shorter than normal debuts from the 6th to 7th.
  • Due to AGDQ the weekend of January 13-15 will be skipped.
In other words, a bunch of skipped or shortened weekends. It's good anyway though, I can't keep up with the rate that it's emptying, so pauses were inevitable. Probably I'll be making the debuts end a few hours earlier as well in the future.


Next, people have had the idea of doing a massive tournament for New Years. This would be a 512-bracket double elimination using 3rd Division characters. To my estimates, such a tournament would run for approximately 54 hours using a BO3 lower bracket, and 60 hours with a BO5 lower bracket (thoughts on what you guys would like for the lower bracket please!).
I'm thinking of a start time in the morning of the 28th (rough countdown here).
I'd like to implement a system to periodically return to exhibitions (say every 64 matches), so taking that into account I'd wager the end should be a bit past midnight for EU and late afternoon/early evening US. Because I still have to decide on lower bracket type and returning to exhibitions, this is obviously still subject to change, but it seems good to aim for such an end time anyway, so that people can spend New Years' Eve as they please (or would you guys like to spend it here? KappaPride Mind you that it'd likely be an early afternoon ending for US folks in that case).

Lastly, as for the bracket itself, I wanted to leave it primarily up to RNG, but a partially-rigged bracket seems like a good idea. Guaranteed contestants would include:
  • Any 3rd Division characters made by folks around here
  • All 3rd Division HnK's (how can we not?)
  • 3rd Division characters added in recent debuts (that are ACTUALLY new, mind you)
  • A number of fan favorite characters (Muteki's come to mind, recommendations welcome)
I would like the characters to be ACTUALLY 3rd Division characters, so the tournament can just be categorized as one properly, but we can see about that I suppose (I already want to 'breach' this rule and just bring Teoc Reisen to 3rd cause I won't accept her not being in Jebaited ).

Anyways, I'll put up a !newyears command on Twitch chat as soon as I get around to creating a google sheet with a list of guaranteed contestants. In the meantime, do give suggestions on who you'd like to see in the tournament.

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Exclamation Admit it, Erxos
Posted by: Flandre5carlet - 15-12-2016, 08:48 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (20)

[Image: a659883d1ada256b19cd010a34d5718b.png]


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  Update of 1/12/16
Posted by: Arxos - 02-12-2016, 12:26 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (4)

Just a short announcement, but some details needed to be posted and made clear.

First off, the largest playlist update yet by far. All new songs can be found here.
Also, for those that didn't notice, some of the more major changes to the runner of the past month'ish were posted here.

Finally, I'd just like to make clear that the stream will be taken down during Capcom Cup streaming times. NEW may be delayed by ~1 hour so that people can take a bit of a break after Capcom. Capcom Cup starts at 9 AM California time tomorrow (More details over at http://capcomprotour.com/capcom-cup-2016-details/) on Friday, and 6 PM on Saturday. Be sure to join us all at http://live.spriteclub.tv/!

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