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Information M.U.G.E.N Download Requests
Posted by: JamPress - 07-01-2018, 05:02 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (52)


This is an official thread for requesting M.U.G.E.N content on SpriteClub that cannot be found anywhere else for personal use.
The administrator (Arxos) will primarily be in charge of overseeing this thread and fulfilling content requests.
While requesting content, please keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Please request the character and the author of said character (Example: Dance Master Duane by Brergrsart)
  • Stages can be requested.
  • Some content may be denied if the author has elected their work to be kept private on SpriteClub.
  • Please use the forum's 'search' function for your character before making your request, to make sure that an inquiry/link has not already been submitted for it.
  • If any users happen to find requested content on this forum, you may also publish it here to help each other out.

Here is a compilation of content that was requested in an earlier, unofficial thread in 2017.

  • CF-Len by G-sho: [LINK]
  • Kaguya Houraisan: [LINK]
  • Mechazawa by Minoo: [LINK]
  • Pepito by Quetzalcoatl_88: [LINK]
  • Residentsleeper by Pre-to: [LINK]
  • Giga Bowser by Lord Orga: [LINK]
  • Masked Dedede by suika_no_otto: [LINK]
  • Neco-Arc by Toma: [LINK]
  • Ellie NGI by tukimoon: [LINK]
  • AK Man by Elecbyte: [LINK]
  • DM Tenko by sudara13: [LINK]
  • Fleet of Legend NEET Orochis by STG: [LINK]
  • R'lyeh Text-Special by Volcrz+K_NaCa: [LINK]
  • Christmas Misaki by Digoxin: [LINK]
  • Coffee Azteca by seki-rou: [LINK]
  • 808080 by Apelao: [LINK]
  • Uncle Joel and Bulk Bogan by Brergrsart: [LINK]

These characters are private and cannot be distributed on this thread.

  • Bug Rei by Okihaito
  • Blazing Winnie by TwistedSynapse
  • Rascalex by TwistedSynapse
  • Salty Surfer by SFG
  • Chaos Suika by SFG
  • Kappa by SFG

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  2017 New Years Tournament Details
Posted by: Arxos - 27-12-2017, 07:44 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

It's time for another new years tournament!

Just like last year, the tournament will be a 512-character 1v1 double elimination tournament, meaning a total of 1022 matches.
The tournament will start on December 27th, 8 PM UTC. From that point onward, the tournament will run until it gets down to the top 48 (62 matches). Once it reaches that point, normal matchmaking will resume until December 30th, 8 PM UTC, at which point the top 48 will be played out in full.

With last years tournament being a 3rd Division tournament, this year we'll be doing 2nd Division. Because 2nd Division is a lot smaller, a bunch of top 3rd Division characters were added to the bracket as well.
The full list of characters can be found here. Gimmicks were filtered out for the most part, if you spot any major gimmicks feel free to mention it.

Some additional info for the tournament:

  • Although there are some exceptions, most of the characters in the tournament are either 2nd Division and below 1775 rating, or 3rd Division and above 1700 rating. If you spot any character that you believe is far above that level in the list, again, feel free to call out and I'll check it out.
  • During the tournament, matchmaking will not occur.
  • Every 64 matches, the tournament will be paused and return to exhibitions in order to provide a break.
  • As with normal tournaments, the lower bracket will be BO3 instead of BO5.
  • For every character, the lowest matchmaking palette will be used (i.e., if the matchmaking palette's for a character is 7-9, 7 will be used). White Len Force is an exception to this, who will use 12p instead.

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Exclamation Skullgirls Fighter Copyright
Posted by: Rex Blanchimont - 20-10-2017, 06:55 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

So as I know,there are two Skullgirls fighters on the roster- Squigly and Filia.
Now,at least Squigly was on SaltyBet.
Key word is WAS. She alegedlly got removed because of a reason from the developers of Skullgirls themselves.
My point is,one of the mods might want to try and get in touch with the team before any legal issues occur.

Best wishes, Rex Blanchimont

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Question Someone has download links for these stages?
Posted by: Below273 - 15-10-2017, 09:37 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

I love them so much, but can't find them...

[Image: 1853.jpg]

[Image: 1854.jpg]

[Image: 1851.jpg]

[Image: 1852.jpg]

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  AAA's tourneys
Posted by: HelloMyNameIsAAA - 07-10-2017, 12:34 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

HelloMyNameIsAAA's simultaneous broke as fuck tourney (4vs4 Simul tourney)

Click here  for the Excel sheet. The rules are in its own section. Also, post the links for the contestants in this thread.

HelloMyNameIsAAA's bracket tourney (2vs2 4th division tourney)

Click here for the excel sheet !

- Pick any characters that are 4th Division and below. You can find the characters in the ''stats'' section of this website.

- This tourney  be a 2v2 simul 32-bracket double elimination or a 64-bracket single slimination (Or double elimination if Arxos allows it), and all teams added after the 32rd one will be played though exhibitions.

- Any characters banned for usage are unbanned for this tourney.

- You can create up to 3 teams, but you cannot use the same character more than once in all your teams.

- Duplicates are allowed, but complete plagiarism is not allowed.

- The following characters are banned; Divekick characters, Dark Phoenix, Darkness-of-Red,  Suicider Raoh, Kokodesuka?, Ultra Magnus and Wario 64.

- Don't pick any characters with more that 5000 maximum power as your first character. This is to prevent some characters exploiting a larger maximum power in order to spam poweful specials over and over again.
(This rule is on a case by case basis. But if I see a team with a character with 100k power and a Snowwolf it would be obvious)

- Be funny, be original, and simply enough, have fun !

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  SSCAIT API URL changed
Posted by: N00byEdge - 07-09-2017, 07:34 PM - Forum: StarCraft - Replies (1)

The Starcraft Betting site is therefore broken. This tweet has more info.

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  StarCraft betting is now live!
Posted by: Arxos - 10-08-2017, 07:33 AM - Forum: StarCraft - No Replies

Hello any newcomers from StarCraft!

I am Arxos, creator of SpriteClub. You'll generally find me under the username "Erxos4" on Twitch (confusing, I know!).

SpriteClub is a site that was previously a betting site solely dedicated to certain live Twitch events (primarily fighting game related ones, but also events such as Games Done Quick and E3) as well as M.U.G.E.N betting.
This changes now! SpriteClub has been extended to interface with the SSCAIT stream's API, allowing it to support fully automated bets for the SSCAIT stream.

A few things you may like to know:

  • Currently you earn 3x normal XP on the StarCraft site, due to the longer matches.
  • AlwaysWhale and NeverDucky are in-house bots designed to prevent 1 dollar cash grabs and infinity odds by always going all in on both sides randomly.
  • The bets remain open for 90 seconds. Currently this does not account for any potential stream restarts, so don't wait with your bets in case a restart occurs!
  • Please inform me a stream restart causes a problem (e.g. next match changes while the bets are open) as this part isn't very well tested yet.
  • If anything else goes wrong, please inform me as well of course!

Furthermore, a number of site basics, explained in the M.U.G.E.N FAQ as well:

What is this stream?
Student StarCraft AI Tournament is an educational event, held annually since 2011. Students of Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science submit the bots programmed in C++ or Java using BWAPI to play 1v1 SC:Brood War matches.
The SSCAIT stream is hosted at https://www.twitch.tv/sscait by SSCAIT. SpriteClub is merely using it to host bets and is not personally involved with the streaming process.

Can I get more info on the SSCAIT organisation?
Absolutely! SSCAIT has its own site over at https://sscaitournament.com/ that lists much more information about what the stream is about and how it functions.
This site includes a page that lists all bots, which can be found here. There, you can also vote on which bot you'd like to see duke it out next on-stream.

Is this real money?
No, all the money is fake.
Furthermore, a bailout is in place, a minimum amount that you cannot drop under. In other words, you can't go broke!
Your bailout amount is based on your level, read more below.

Experience is earned from betting on matches.
For each bet you gain at least 1 XP. If you win, you will also get XP equal to the odds on that fight (so if your payout is 4x your bet amount, you will gain 4 XP).
Lastly, your winstreak acts as a multiplier on XP earned. For every winstreak, XP earned is increased by 50%.

Once enough experience is earned, you'll gain a level. Levels affect your bailout.
Your bailout is equal to 185 + 15 * level (=200 on level 1) for matchmaking and tournaments.

How do I set my avatar?
SpriteClub is integrated with Gravatar. Simply sign up for Gravatar with the same e-mail address as you've registered with on SpriteClub and you'll be able to change your avatar.

Profile options
SpriteClub users have a number of customisation options. For one, SpriteClub will automatically ping you whenever a match opens for betting. The volume for this can be controlled in your profile, found by clicking on your name in the top right.
There are other settings in your profile as well, so check them out!

I hope you will enjoy your stay here and try out the other parts that this site has to offer.

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Bug Mistakes in character database
Posted by: filozof - 01-08-2017, 06:39 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (2)

This thread is where you can post missing or incorect stuff.

These characters  should have "sumin2393" as their author. I found his blog as a proof. Character Undine I sent few months ago (still in the debut pool) has the same author.

edit: it's "sumin2393" not "sum2393"

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  Music request to add to exhibition editor
Posted by: zeroxzerotwo - 20-06-2017, 05:26 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

Can you add this song to the music roster? 



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Question Are you Robin Hood?
Posted by: sanso - 05-05-2017, 08:37 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

Hi everyone,
since M0nkubus donates some of his money sometimes I thought of a system to "distribute" cash. I realize that this is something which needs to be written anew and therefore the effort of doing it might be a little … uhhh... overwhelming Kappa
EDIT: As soon as I wrote it down I realized it sounds like a dumb idea for what it’s worth... - I'll leave it anyway...
Why and how:
Imagine you're like m0nk, you want to donate some of your dosh. He once made a pretty amazing donation through gambling away his hard-earned cash in a "catch me if you can" style lottery with a predetermined randomized bet.
How about a special mode (doesn't matter if tournament, mm or free) where you take an amount of your cash and put it in the pot (There has to be a bare minimum to make it fun enough for everybody though...) and then have the following rule-set.
1. Everybody that wants some of that sweet cash must all in every round until they lose or reach the minimum amount (50% of Donation amount)
2. As soon as the mode activates users that choose to participate are automatically bound to rule 1.
3. The number of rounds is decided by the donor with a minimum of 16 (testing required)
4. The minimum amount everybody starts with is not bound to level, but to the following formula (amount of donation/number of bettors)/2 - double of which needs to be paid to enter the mode, thus farther blowing up the pot
5. After 120 seconds (further testing needed) participants are all set, everybody that's not a participant bets with the usual cash they would have at that moment (Tourney, MM, Free)
6. The mode ends after the first to reach the amount donated. He will cash out with what he has + 50% of the remaining pot
7. Everyone after that gets a part of the remaining 50% of the remaining dosh until nothing is left
8. If no one can reach the minimum amount in the number of bets, then the payed amounts minus whatever the bettors have at that point go back to the donor (so that a high investment might pay off for the donor as well). Since 50% was the minimum amount to reach at least the amount the donor offered gets back to him + some extra.
9. Re-entry is possible by paying the minimum fee from your cash again - this will expand the total pot but not the minimum entry fee
The next rules should be discussed as there're multiple ways of expanding this:
- Maybe don't force the bettors to bet every round - there's always some connection issue or some shit...
- Of course, the donor should choose an amount that everybody is able to pay. So maybe this shouldn't even be on the fly but organized like the community tourney.
- Maybe let the donor choose: If no one can reach the 50% just donate the money via the percentage that every player has of the total pot?
Let me give you a simple example...
Donation amount: 100k
10 Participants want to enter 
Minimum amount to participate: 10k (people need to see the minimum refreshed every few seconds ... or just organize the event in before  Kappa )
Total Pot is now 200k
Minimum amount to win the mode: 100k
Start amount: 5k
Re-entry fee is 10k
Maximum win-able amount: 100k (50% of total pot) + 50k (50% of donor money)
Second place: Whatever amount he has + 25k (25% of donor money)
Criticism welcome SoBayed
With regards
Martin aka sanso

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