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Posted by: JamPress - 01-06-2017, 07:10 PM - Forum: Off-topic - No Replies

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  SpriteClub vs SaltyBet (Features Graph)
Posted by: JamPress - 20-05-2017, 11:00 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi guys!

I notice that when we typically get new visitors, users seem confused about it being a potential "SaltyBet clone / ripoff" that have a hard time telling the differences immediately.

I took the liberty of preparing an accurate Comparison Chart between the two websites for new visitors (with the assistance of a group of registered premium users on SaltyBet), so that they will be able to quickly notice all the differences we have in regards to how our website handles matchmaking, tournaments, exhibitions, patches, crashes, betting, live events, etc.

Take a look below, and share it with new viewers coming in from SaltyBet, if you'd like to.

You can find the chart here


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Question Are you Robin Hood?
Posted by: sanso - 05-05-2017, 08:37 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hi everyone,
since M0nkubus donates some of his money sometimes I thought of a system to "distribute" cash. I realize that this is something which needs to be written anew and therefore the effort of doing it might be a little … uhhh... overwhelming Kappa
EDIT: As soon as I wrote it down I realized it sounds like a dumb idea for what it’s worth... - I'll leave it anyway...
Why and how:
Imagine you're like m0nk, you want to donate some of your dosh. He once made a pretty amazing donation through gambling away his hard-earned cash in a "catch me if you can" style lottery with a predetermined randomized bet.
How about a special mode (doesn't matter if tournament, mm or free) where you take an amount of your cash and put it in the pot (There has to be a bare minimum to make it fun enough for everybody though...) and then have the following rule-set.
1. Everybody that wants some of that sweet cash must all in every round until they lose or reach the minimum amount (50% of Donation amount)
2. As soon as the mode activates users that choose to participate are automatically bound to rule 1.
3. The number of rounds is decided by the donor with a minimum of 16 (testing required)
4. The minimum amount everybody starts with is not bound to level, but to the following formula (amount of donation/number of bettors)/2 - double of which needs to be paid to enter the mode, thus farther blowing up the pot
5. After 120 seconds (further testing needed) participants are all set, everybody that's not a participant bets with the usual cash they would have at that moment (Tourney, MM, Free)
6. The mode ends after the first to reach the amount donated. He will cash out with what he has + 50% of the remaining pot
7. Everyone after that gets a part of the remaining 50% of the remaining dosh until nothing is left
8. If no one can reach the minimum amount in the number of bets, then the payed amounts minus whatever the bettors have at that point go back to the donor (so that a high investment might pay off for the donor as well). Since 50% was the minimum amount to reach at least the amount the donor offered gets back to him + some extra.
9. Re-entry is possible by paying the minimum fee from your cash again - this will expand the total pot but not the minimum entry fee
The next rules should be discussed as there're multiple ways of expanding this:
- Maybe don't force the bettors to bet every round - there's always some connection issue or some shit...
- Of course, the donor should choose an amount that everybody is able to pay. So maybe this shouldn't even be on the fly but organized like the community tourney.
- Maybe let the donor choose: If no one can reach the 50% just donate the money via the percentage that every player has of the total pot?
Let me give you a simple example...
Donation amount: 100k
10 Participants want to enter 
Minimum amount to participate: 10k (people need to see the minimum refreshed every few seconds ... or just organize the event in before  Kappa )
Total Pot is now 200k
Minimum amount to win the mode: 100k
Start amount: 5k
Re-entry fee is 10k
Maximum win-able amount: 100k (50% of total pot) + 50k (50% of donor money)
Second place: Whatever amount he has + 25k (25% of donor money)
Criticism welcome SoBayed
With regards
Martin aka sanso

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  Dynamising matchmaking / the gamemode rotation
Posted by: Flandre5carlet - 03-05-2017, 08:16 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (8)

Hey there,

Earlier today I brought up in chat a bit of an idea I had about "scaling" the matchmaking size depending on the size of the previous tourney (bigger MM if huge bracket, normal MM for normal bracket, etc) and it kind of sprung into a bigger discussion about dynamising matchmaking and the gamemode rotation in general.

So I'm making this forum thread here so that people can centralise their ideas and discuss this in a better format than twitch chat Kappa

Personally I had that idea because I thought that we're "too often" in tournament mode due to the bigger brackets. It feels like half the time I tab in to SC to make a few bets it's like "welp it's tourney guess I'll bet $920 then."
On the other hand, Matchmaking is a bit dead usually especially during EU daytimes so it could use some way to make it more interesting to stick around...

Anyway, vote/discuss.
Also bear in mind that none of this is official, is only my personal opinion and Erxos can just be like "wat Kappa" and not do anything Wowee

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Exclamation Unofficial Discord
Posted by: Traitor - 25-04-2017, 11:56 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (2)

Repurposing my empty one I used as an emote server into one  for Spriteclub 

All are welcome, but dont be a shithead


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  SOS - Double Sound, Double Everything
Posted by: sanso - 25-04-2017, 09:09 AM - Forum: Site Feedback/Bug Reports - Replies (2)



o3o fix please, the new "reset everything" doesn't kill the old running applications... or something along those lines

Martin aka sanso

EDIT: The offer for one or two new mods is still open... SoBayed

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Lightbulb Mod Situation
Posted by: sanso - 24-04-2017, 10:30 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (9)

Hey everyone,

lets do this the official way: We need more mods. 

Let me explain. As the site gains more and more popularity I think this will become necessary. I know that the crash detection is already pretty dope. But currently (10:25 GMT+1) we're stuck in an exhibition. Again. That is unfortunate since there're regulars online that might use !skip in a proper way. I know it's not easy declaring someone new as mod. There have to be (and I guess there already are) strict rules as to what a mod can and can't and should and shouldn't do. We'd still need one or two more mods for now to have one mod for every 3-4 hour window of the day. 

If I had to guess I'd say that it is currently not possible to give someone _just_ the !skip power, or _just_ the !queuesong or whatever. On the other hand I don't know of that's even necessary. The regulars are all grown ups, we're not 20 anymore. All I want to say is: give it a shot. Unmod them if it doesn't work :)

Martin aka sanso

EDIT: I just thought of an automated way that might help as well. "Just" check for new entries in the DB every 15-20 minutes. If no new entry was made within that time period, skip the current game, reboot the server, whatever needs to be done.

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  AI patches release by Arxos (Force AI)
Posted by: Arxos - 20-04-2017, 08:10 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (4)

This thread is for listing all my AI patches, which currently totals 15 characters, including an additional 2 low-effort joke edits.
All my patches are designed for AI vs AI combat on SpriteClub, many of them will be quite unfair for players to battle against.
All my patches can be downloaded here: [url=All my patches can be downloaded from here: All my patches can be downloaded from here: https://1drv.ms/f/s!AvB0v1E0zwo8b72c1bEZwVbQgL8. Has download links for both the full versions (original + patch) and patch only versions (will need to download the base separately).

Chartette (Force AI) by SXVector

Character readme:

Quote:As Chartette almost entirely lacks the ability to do combo's, as well as it being my first patch, the AI is not much more than a glorified button masher. Unlike the vast majority of my other patches, this one should be quite suitable for human play.
Finally, to try and make the AI a little better, the AI can block at certain times that a human cannot. You can adjust this in the "Config.txt" if you wish, but it's a marginal difference in performance.
This character comes packaged along with vgma2/vgmaster2point0/BOlimar's Voice Patch.
If you wish, you can disable this in "Config.txt" as well.
Notable character changes:
- None!
- SXVector, the original author of Chartette.
- M3, for the AI ON sprite.

Rusty by woman

Character readme:
Quote:Unlike most of my AI's, Rusty shouldn't be too challenging for a human. She was my 2nd AI patch, and on a rather crappy character, so her AI is a bit dumb (just blindly charges in every time) and her moveset a bit limited (she really likes to grab). So I don't know if she'd actually be fun to fight.
Notable character changes:
- This character was quite non-functional originally... There were too many changes to be made.
- woman, the original author of Rusty.
- M3, for the AI ON sprite.
Gogan by IF

Character readme:
Quote:This AI is a fairly basic button masher, so it probably won't be too bad for a human to play against. However, due to her innate insanely high damage and merciless super usage, she's bound to be one hell of an opponent.

Notable character changes:
- None!

- IF, the original author of Gogan.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

Azurite (v.1.2) by ReVolUTioN-DeLtA
Please check the above video for Gogan.
Character readme:
Quote:By default, the AI abuses an infinite to gain full meter (due to damage scaling it cannot deal infinite damage). Most of the time it can only be used in the corner, but I've seen her sometimes use it on larger hitbox characters even outside of the corner.
If you want to disable it, please look for the following line in "Config.txt":

value = 1 ; <- Infinite abuse switch

and change the value to 0.

I added Sad Claps code that activates on palette 12 only. For some reason, her AI blocks every hit on this palette, making her almost impossible to kill for normal characters.

Notable character changes:
- A number of guardflags were changed to give Azurite a more complicated guard sequence.
- Due to low usability, the 1000-meter cost slash super now deals up to 100% additional damage depending on how low the enemies health is, and no longer deals significantly reduced damage mid-combo (this was probably a bug anyway).
- EX moves now give iframes for their full duration.

- ReVolUTioN-DeLtA, the original author of Azurite.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.
- DrKelexo/Reza, for the wonder that is Sad Claps.

Chartette Force

Quote:This is a strengthening patch for Chartette by Arxos.
Although I consider it a patch, the character hardly resembles the original in playstyle...
The character specs are pretty brutal, being designed for fairly high strength AI vs AI fights.
A number of settings can be customised in "Config.txt", but even with everything at minimum she's a monster.
Honestly, I might have gone too far and may tone her down in the future.
This character comes packaged along with vgma2/vgmaster2point0/BOlimar's Voice Patch.
If you wish, you can disable it in "Config.txt".
Furthermore, to distinguish Chartette Force from standard Chartette, she uses a difference sequence of palette's.
If you wish to use the standard sequence, please find line 2323 in ChartteC.cns:
    dest = 1,ifelse(palno<=4, 19-palno, 13-palno)
    dest = 1,palno
Notable character changes:
- Too many to name.
- SXVector, the original author of Chartette.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.
- ReVolUTioN-DeLtA for using his knockback code from Azurite.
Original credits:
Wonderful World Doujin Game Makers - For sprites (2d Fighter Maker Rip)
Dissidia - Palettes (hatsune miku and sakura) / Testing
Sin - 3 Palettes / Testing
Kai - Palettes/Testing
Darts - Palettes/Testing
Bazooka - Code Usage (Thank you!)
By SXVector 
Character readme:
Hime Len by M3

Character readme:
Quote:Hime Len is essentially a Rachel edit from Blazblue and has some really complex systems, primarily moving her many helpers and even opponent position using her wind charges. This AI took me a long time to create (I really wanted to make this right after the original Chartette, but knew I would not be able to do her complexity justice at the time...). She avoids direct combat pretty hard, and relies on only two means of starting her assault (neco helper or divebomb).
Please check the "Config.txt" in the ForceAI folder, not the base folder! Hime Len has many options.
Of particular interest is the "Always enable auxiliary AI" switch. This means that Hime Len will operate the wind charges for you, even under human play. Because her combo's are complex, as well as at times directionally contradicting, this makes things a lot easier and allows you to do some amazing combo's without having to bend over backwards. By default this is on.
As of note, this version does not include the February 17 patch for Hime Len. I had already completed the patch by the time I found that patch.
Palette details:
- On 1-4p, the settings are precisely as in the "Config.txt", on 5p+ some settings got overriden.
- 5p: AI abuses near-infinite grab loops (note: does almost nothing alone)
- 6p: Damage scaling disabled
- 7p: Unlimited wind charges
- 8p: Near-infinite grab loops + Damage scaling disabled
- 9p: Near-infinite grab loops + Unlimited wind charges
- 10p: Damage scaling disabled + Unlimited wind charges
- 11p: Near-infinite grab loops + Damage scaling disabled + Unlimited wind charges
- 12p: Same as 11p, but will also spawn lots of things at random and gain high health regen. Unlike 1-11p, the AI isn't coded to work with this palette, so she will be as confused as you are. This palette is purely for fun, it is a very silly palette.
Notable character changes:
- Damage scaling adjusted to canon Blazblue values (overall slight buff).
- Some moves were adjusted to create additional combo routes that looked like they should've be possible.
- Helpers no longer despawn whenever Hime Len takes damage.
- Divebomb now makes Hime Len invulnerable when moving fast enough.
- Circuit Spark cost reduced from 2000 to 1500. Also has more iframes and knockback time because you would often instantly get hit again.
- Last Arc cost reduced from 2000 to 1500. The setup required is too much to warrant dealing 35% damage at best for 2000 meter.
- Hime Len now enforces her own fall.defence_up multiplier on enemies, because I got tired of seeing her combo's do almost no damage to enemies that thought a fall.defence_up multiplier of 200 was cool.
- Can no longer mid-air recover from mine hits.
- For ease of use, the supers can now be activated using the much simpler commands of Forward/Backward + Z.
- M3, the original author of Hime Len.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.
White Len Force by M3

Character readme:
Quote:White Len Force is heavily based on counters and geneal confusion through illusions, making her very hard to catch.
White Len Force has an EX mode that is normally only enabled in 12p, but you can use "Config.txt" (in ForceAI folder, not base folder!) to change those conditions. In EX mode she gains meter/life regen, a higher damage scaling cap, increased iframes and the AI will show less openings. This is purely designed for beating the highest level of AI's that aren't just flat out god-tiers, I don't recommend even trying to beat this palette as a human.
Notable character changes:
- Damage significantly increased, but damage scaling is also more rapid. Overall, the damage is not much higher outside of supers, but most of the damage will be dealt in the first few hits.
- Changed some move timings to create an additional combo route that looked like it should've been possible.
- Can no longer be grabbed out of her counters.
- Iframes on succesful counter increased, to prevent certain characters with large and long-lasting attacks to simply hit her instantly again.
- Circuit Spark cost reduced from 2000 to 1500. Also has more iframes and knockback time because you would often instantly get hit again.
- Phantom damage multiplier is now set to a static amount rather than using that of White Len Force herself. Overall, this means the damage it deals is actually significant unlike before.
- Ice Spikes now have additional hit stun (small for normal spike, large for super spike) to allow certain follow-ups. It looked to me like that is how they should behave, and it made the character more interesting to me.
- M3, the original author of White Len Force.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

Maximum Seraph by ROCKMarisa

Character readme:
Quote:This is an AI patch by Arxos for ROCKMarisa's Maximum Seraph.

The AI is designed to fight against other AI's on https://mugen.spriteclub.tv so it may feel unfair for a human to fight.

Notable character-specific changes:
- Added an option for an alternate control scheme (on by default).
- Changed a few guardflags and fixed a few attacks that allowed for instant recovery.
- Changed some things about grabs, the OHKO and Volcanic Viper. Check the Config.txt for more info or to change the settings.
- Because of being horribly bad, her heal super now costs less AND heals more.

- ROCKMarisa, the original author of Maximum Seraph.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

Dark Sonic by dshiznetz & Duralminn

Character readme:
Quote:This is an AI patch by Arxos for dshiznetz & Duralminn's Dark Sonic.

The AI is designed to fight against other AI's on https://mugen.spriteclub.tv so it may feel unfair for a human to fight.

Notable character-specific changes:
- Fixed a number of bugs that would allow certain specials and supers to ignore their meter/state requirement.
- Fixed a few other parts/some unused code (e.g. a grab that wasn't fully implemented).
- Changed a large number of guard flags to more logical values (e.g. air attacks can't be blocked low anymore).
- Added an EX mode that is active on 1-6p (can be modified in Config.txt). He's significantly stronger with it, but also feels better as he isn't so reliant on being able to rush down his enemy.
* EX mode increases Dark Sonic's defensive options with iframes on certain moves to match his overwhelming offense.
* Turns one of his moves into a combo breaking burst with a heal and cooldown on it.
* Gains 3 bars at the start of the match.

- dshiznetz & Duralminn, the original authors of Dark Sonic.
- M3, for the base of the AI helper system that I adapted for my own purposes, as well as the AI ON sprite.

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  Spriteclub Community Tournament Thread
Posted by: Arxos - 13-04-2017, 07:17 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

I'll use this thread from now on to host the Community Tournaments.

Previous tournaments will be in the 2nd post on this thread.

General rules:
- No duplicates (apparently this has to be explicitly said)
- Any character picked in the last 10 tournaments is banned for variety's sake.

Community Tournament #13- 2v2 1525 Rated (November 10, 2017, starts at 7 PM UTC)

The excel sheet can be found here.

The rules are:
- Pick up to 2 characters that are below 1525 rating and above 1200 rating, either 4th or 5th Division. A list of eligible characters is found on the 'Characters' tab of the sheet.
* The first pick is guaranteed to be in the tournament.
* The second picks will be randomly selected based on number of slots left in the tournament.
- The tournament will be a 32-bracket 2v2 Double Elimination.
- Previous tournament bans do not apply.

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  4-Turns Community Tournament
Posted by: Arxos - 07-04-2017, 04:28 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hey guys. It's on a bit of a short notice, but I figured we could do a special tournament this Sunday.

I've created an excel sheet over here. You can select 4 of the characters from the 'Characters' sheet (listing all 1550 rated and below characters) and make a team using them.
A character may only be picked once, so be quick!

For now, it's just 1 team per user, but you can submit extra teams in the area below. I'll be using those to pad the tournament to a 32-size if there aren't enough submissions in time.
You can supply a team name, but I can't guarantee I'll have that feature ready by Sunday.

The tournament will be a 32-bracket double elimination tournament, starting at 8 PM GMT+1. Countdown here.
For my own sanity, please make sure you've submitted your teams at least 2 hours before the tournament starts.

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