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  SpriteClub Banner Gallery
Posted by: SuperSamJams - 41 minutes ago - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hey everybody.

Here are all of our current SpriteClub banners and wallpapers that are in use for our stream. Feel free to use them as wallpapers or whatever you'd like.

Created by SpaceMousey

[Image: IQBY9pB.jpg]
[Image: r1Hwj6S.png]
[Image: CONrFi7.png]

Created by SuperSamJams

[Image: DdnhTcj.png]
[Image: wrm6jzD.png]
[Image: 3xFxPhp.png]
[Image: auQFUcX.png]
[Image: 3lze937.png]
[Image: HX23jGl.png]

Created by ShampooSama

[Image: IJDq9MT.jpg]
[Image: wZAqkta.jpg]
[Image: pbSPHww.jpg]
[Image: 7ZVD7Px.png]
[Image: 85dEj7S.png]
[Image: LEkjkDw.jpg][Image: PQxuFoN.jpg]

Created by Below273

[Image: T1KX3bf.png]
[Image: 2GrXHAo.png]
[Image: TVJ9quo.jpg]

Created by Sanso1 & Brergrsart

[Image: UveNAMI.jpg]

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Lightbulb SpriteVerse Community Stage Project
Posted by: SuperSamJams - 22-07-2017, 08:35 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hey everyone! Sam again.

I've decided to start work on a stage edit project for the stream, specifically N1000sh's Miiverse Stage.
This stage has drawings of fighters in the background that appear while the match plays, so I thought this could make for a cool custom community project for our stream.

Everyone may create and submit their own pictures to cheer on their favorite fighters for use on this stage for our stream!

Pictures should be submitted to me through my personal inbox.

  1. Drawing is optional. You may edit pictures in Photoshop if you wish. Those who are drawing pictures will be drawing in MS paint regardless, so do not worry about quality if you choose to give drawing a shot.
  2. Pictures may be created in color, but will be grayscaled in the end.
  3. Pictures drawn must all have a size of 420 x 160.
  4. You may submit up to 5 pictures.
  5. Pictures must not include sexual content, profanity, blood, discriminatory content, song lyrics, or OCs (Unless they have been implemented as fighters in stream, such as SpaceMouse).
  6. Pictures must not be a simple line of text (Get creative and go wild!).
  7. Pictures must be relevant to our stream. 
  8. You may include anything you like, but you may not submit the same concept more than once (Meaning you can't draw Kung Fu Man or CatfishBeater 5 times for all your submissions).
  9. You may sign your username on your pictures if you wish.
  10. Don't worry about borders, I will take care of this once they are submitted.
  11. Don't post your pictures in this thread, seeing what everyone else drew all together during the stage's debut should be an awesome surprise.
  12. You have until August 30th to submit pictures to me.

Acceptable submissions include ANYTHING related to MUGEN characters, Twitch / FrankerFacez/ BTTV emotes, special moves, super moves, chat commands, logos, and the SpriteClub mascot.

Here are some examples of acceptable pictures:

[Image: HqAmBuc.png]
[Image: zKV3sIr.png]
[Image: cCeD3pN.png]
[Image: eT8EoEI.png]

Here are some examples of unacceptable pictures:

[Image: pe4K6OO.png]
[Image: MOTrXBv.png]

Feel free to ask me any questions if you are unsure of any guidelines. Let's make this a kickass and ridiculous special stage.


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  SpriteClub Hunger Games Simulator
Posted by: SuperSamJams - 27-06-2017, 04:30 AM - Forum: Off-topic - No Replies

Posted this stuff in chat, everyone had a huge blast with it.

Here is a Hunger Games simulator themed around SpriteClub and its viewers, so you can all simulate us going on killing rampages against each other to unwind or enthrall yourself with a fascinating story.

May the odds be ever in your favor

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  Music request to add to exhibition editor
Posted by: zeroxzerotwo - 20-06-2017, 05:26 AM - Forum: Site Feedback/Bug Reports - Replies (1)

Can you add this song to the music roster? 



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  Kyo with a Smash Moveset
Posted by: SuperSamJams - 16-06-2017, 09:19 AM - Forum: Off-topic - No Replies

I don't know why I did this but because I'm constantly thinking out complete characters and movesets

I spent an hour imagining how Kyo Kusanagi would function in a Super Smash Bros. setting by making this graph

Here it is

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Posted by: SuperSamJams - 01-06-2017, 07:10 PM - Forum: Off-topic - No Replies

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Video SpriteClub Video Uploads Thread
Posted by: SuperSamJams - 31-05-2017, 03:30 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (1)

I'll be using this thread to showcase the SpriteClub uploads to YouTube. I will be uploading clip compilations and a ton of other stuff that revolves around SpriteClub. Every video will be shown here, under this horizontal rule, and this thread will also contain links to watch them all. Be sure to subscribe to the Main SpriteClub Channel hosted by Arxos, as well as my Personal Channel for updates related to SpriteClub.

Videos of AI patches by Arxos are located on this thread.

Clip Compilations:
May / Launch
June 2017

(None yet. Check back soon!)

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  SpriteClub vs SaltyBet (Features Graph)
Posted by: SuperSamJams - 20-05-2017, 11:00 AM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (3)

Hi guys!

I notice that when we typically get new visitors, some of us in chat attempt to explain all the cool and radical features we have to offer right off the bat (which can be a lot to take in at one time), and that some new users seem confused about it being a potential "SaltyBet clone / ripoff" that have a hard time telling the differences immediately.

I took the liberty of preparing an accurate Comparison Chart between the two websites for new visitors (with the help of SpriteClub users and registered premium users on SaltyBet), so that they will be able to quickly notice all the differences we have in regards to how our website handles matchmaking, tournaments, exhibitions, patches, crashes, betting, live events, etc.

Take a look below, and share it with new viewers coming in from SaltyBet, if you'd like to.

[url= https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1...ring]Chart[/url]


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Question Are you Robin Hood?
Posted by: sanso - 05-05-2017, 08:37 PM - Forum: General Discussion - No Replies

Hi everyone,
since M0nkubus donates some of his money sometimes I thought of a system to "distribute" cash. I realize that this is something which needs to be written anew and therefore the effort of doing it might be a little … uhhh... overwhelming Kappa
EDIT: As soon as I wrote it down I realized it sounds like a dumb idea for what it’s worth... - I'll leave it anyway...
Why and how:
Imagine you're like m0nk, you want to donate some of your dosh. He once made a pretty amazing donation through gambling away his hard-earned cash in a "catch me if you can" style lottery with a predetermined randomized bet.
How about a special mode (doesn't matter if tournament, mm or free) where you take an amount of your cash and put it in the pot (There has to be a bare minimum to make it fun enough for everybody though...) and then have the following rule-set.
1. Everybody that wants some of that sweet cash must all in every round until they lose or reach the minimum amount (50% of Donation amount)
2. As soon as the mode activates users that choose to participate are automatically bound to rule 1.
3. The number of rounds is decided by the donor with a minimum of 16 (testing required)
4. The minimum amount everybody starts with is not bound to level, but to the following formula (amount of donation/number of bettors)/2 - double of which needs to be paid to enter the mode, thus farther blowing up the pot
5. After 120 seconds (further testing needed) participants are all set, everybody that's not a participant bets with the usual cash they would have at that moment (Tourney, MM, Free)
6. The mode ends after the first to reach the amount donated. He will cash out with what he has + 50% of the remaining pot
7. Everyone after that gets a part of the remaining 50% of the remaining dosh until nothing is left
8. If no one can reach the minimum amount in the number of bets, then the payed amounts minus whatever the bettors have at that point go back to the donor (so that a high investment might pay off for the donor as well). Since 50% was the minimum amount to reach at least the amount the donor offered gets back to him + some extra.
9. Re-entry is possible by paying the minimum fee from your cash again - this will expand the total pot but not the minimum entry fee
The next rules should be discussed as there're multiple ways of expanding this:
- Maybe don't force the bettors to bet every round - there's always some connection issue or some shit...
- Of course, the donor should choose an amount that everybody is able to pay. So maybe this shouldn't even be on the fly but organized like the community tourney.
- Maybe let the donor choose: If no one can reach the 50% just donate the money via the percentage that every player has of the total pot?
Let me give you a simple example...
Donation amount: 100k
10 Participants want to enter 
Minimum amount to participate: 10k (people need to see the minimum refreshed every few seconds ... or just organize the event in before  Kappa )
Total Pot is now 200k
Minimum amount to win the mode: 100k
Start amount: 5k
Re-entry fee is 10k
Maximum win-able amount: 100k (50% of total pot) + 50k (50% of donor money)
Second place: Whatever amount he has + 25k (25% of donor money)
Criticism welcome SoBayed
With regards
Martin aka sanso

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  Dynamising matchmaking / the gamemode rotation
Posted by: Flandre5carlet - 03-05-2017, 08:16 PM - Forum: General Discussion - Replies (8)

Hey there,

Earlier today I brought up in chat a bit of an idea I had about "scaling" the matchmaking size depending on the size of the previous tourney (bigger MM if huge bracket, normal MM for normal bracket, etc) and it kind of sprung into a bigger discussion about dynamising matchmaking and the gamemode rotation in general.

So I'm making this forum thread here so that people can centralise their ideas and discuss this in a better format than twitch chat Kappa

Personally I had that idea because I thought that we're "too often" in tournament mode due to the bigger brackets. It feels like half the time I tab in to SC to make a few bets it's like "welp it's tourney guess I'll bet $920 then."
On the other hand, Matchmaking is a bit dead usually especially during EU daytimes so it could use some way to make it more interesting to stick around...

Anyway, vote/discuss.
Also bear in mind that none of this is official, is only my personal opinion and Erxos can just be like "wat Kappa" and not do anything Wowee

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