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  Final Round 2018 Info
Posted by: JamPress - 16-03-2018, 01:16 AM - Forum: Live - No Replies


(This post may be updated over time before the event officially begins)


  • This event will run from March 16-18.
  • All bets on this tournament will earn Triple XP (3x) to each user's SpriteClub account, which is shared between all 3 websites.
  • The MUGEN bot will not post match data to SpriteClub chat during this live event.
  • This will be SpriteClub's first event covering bets on Dragon Ball FighterZ, and Street Fighter V: Arcade Edition.
  • The primary host for this event will be Bifuteki.
  • Headlining Friday's bets will be a hotly anticipated ft10 set between SonicFox and GO1 in Dragon Ball FighterZ on March 16th, 3PM PST.
  • Debuts have been moved a week back to Friday, March 23rd.
  • Payout prizes for this tournament via medals are TBA.
  • As of the time of writing, this event will not be covering bets on Marvel vs Capcom Infinite, Pokken Tournament, Injustice 2, or DOA 5 based on viewer interest.
  • Twitch user Brergrsart will be able to assist with the live bets if necessary.

We hope you enjoy betting with the SpriteClub community during the tournament this weekend!

[Image: DX2BP7PVwAEENby.jpg]

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  AAA's Tournament of Power
Posted by: HelloMyNameIsAAA - 27-02-2018, 12:35 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

The Tournament of Power is one of the most interesting thing that happened in Dragon Ball Super. It is a battle royal, featuring 8 teams representing an universe, fighting for its own survival. While it is fun, it is also a target for numerous criticism. It is mostly Universe 7 beating the shit out of everyone, with Universe 6 being the only other notable showing that isn't Universe 11, and a generic grey alien that is so strong Goku needed multiple powerups just to have some hope of defeating him. MUGEN is also the perfect place to do some sort of battle. Let's see how it will go out.

1: There will be 8 teams of 10 characters that comes mostly from 2rd Division, along with a few low 1st and some 3rd.
2. Matches will be played in turns, even if it is an 1 vs 1.
3. RNG will decide the fights. Sometimes, the teams doesn't have an exact number of fighters. Yes, a 4 vs 1 can happens. Also, fighters from different universes can be in the same team.
4. Placeholders will be The Kid. Poor him !
5. Fighters from the same team cannot fight each other. Once again, RNG will decide their placement.
6. Fighters are eliminated if they are KOed once or lose in case of an timeout.
6. Even if we are Zen-Ohs compared to any MUGEN characters, there will be no erasure from existence if an universe lose all its competitors. Kappa
7. A winning team is declared if it is the only one remaining.
8. Enjoy those matches and have fun !

The teams:

Universe 1: Dragon Ball

God of Destruction
Goku SSJ4
Piccolo 2
Bardock EX
Trunks 2
EX Janemba
Yamcha EX

Universe 2: Touhou


Divergence Mind
Light Blue Tenko
Amaterasu Remilia
B. Flandre Scarlet
Flash Byakuren

Universe 3: Street Fighter

Element Sagat
Slide Ken
Alex EX
Bomber Hugo
God Vega
Ultra Violent Dan

Universe 4: SNK

Juzo B-Style
ETK Geese
O-Iori XII
Berserk Rugal
Boss Nao
Washizuka B-Style
Boss Igniz

Universe 5: POI

Green Breeze Misaki
Yue Imasaka
Winggod Kanna
Really Dark Reiko
Maid Index
Nanoha XP
KouyaLen Ichigeki
[s]Shana EX

China Kohaku
Universe 6: Wacky

Perfect Tharja
Patchouli Kishinami
Radish SSJ4
Donald Solo
Metal Orochi
Silent Girl
Spin To
Transcending Raoh

Universe 7: Superpowers

Ultimate Hiryu
Captain America U
Juggernaut U
Ultimate Hulk

Universe 8: Machine

Destroyer Shimakaze
Boueie Defense Systems
Cyber Destroyer
Metal Eggman S2

Match Archive

Color Code
Eliminated by 1st contestant
Eliminated by 2nd contestant
Eliminated by 3rd contestant
Eliminated by 4th contestant

Round 1

Ultra Violent Dan (3) - Bardock EX (1) - Goku SSJ4 (1) - O-Iori XII (4) vs. Light Blue Tenko (2) - Boueie Defense Systems (8) - Flash Byakuren (2)
Juzo B-Style (4) vs. Ultimate Hulk (7)
Element Sagat (3) - H-Ryu (3) - Perfect Tharja (6) vs. Cyber Destroyer (8)Astranagant (8)
Yamcha EX (1) - B-Vegeta (1) vs. Nanoha XP (5) - Transcending Raoh (6)
Metal Orochi (6) - Spin To (6) vs. Krillin (1) - Protectos (8)
Bergamot (8) - Donald Solo (6)  vs. Slide Ken (3)
M-Griffon (4) - SSJ Kyo (4) vs. Really Dark Reiko (5) - Juggernaut U (7) -  Captain America U (7)
B-B-H-Hayato (7) - Ultimate Hiryu (7) - Yue Imasaka (5) vs. ETK Geese (4) - Divergence Mind (2) -  B. Flandre Scarlet (2)
Amaterasu Remilia (2) vs. Radish SSJ4 (6)  - Silent Girl (6) - Bomber Hugo (3)
Piccolo 2 (1) - Washizuka B-Style (4) - Destroyer Shimakaze (8) - Froyunt (2) vs. Spiderman-HELL (7) !Balrog (3) - Alex EX  (3) - B_Chun-Li (3)
Aspectus (2) vs. EX Janemba (1) - Boss Nao (4) - Scopedog-RSC (8) - Batman-Z (7)
Berserk Rugal (4) vs. Tank (8) - Green Breeze Misaki (5) - W_Ryuko (7)
Shana EX (5) - Maid Index (5) vs. Magma (8)
Duang-HELL (6) vs. Magasame-MFT (1)
Boss Igniz (4) - Winggod Kanna (5) - China Kohaku (5) - Truth (5) vs. Metal Eggman S2 (8) - Huitloxopetl (2) - ResidentSleeper (6) - Patchouli Kishinami (6)
Dies (2) - God Vega (3) - Superman (7) - KouyaLen Ichigeki (6) vs. Trunks 2 (1) - God of Destruction (1) - Rockula (4)
Rashoujin (3) vs. Cyclopes (7)

Round 2

Magma (8) vs. Nanoha XP (5) - Superman (7) - Radish SSJ4 (6) - Ultimate Hiryu (7)
W_Ryuko (7) - Bomber Hugo (3) vs. Perfect Tharja (6) - Yue Imasaka (5) - Patchouli Kishinami (6)
Washizuka B-Style (4) - Magasame-MFT (1) - Transcending Raoh (6) vs. H-Ryu (3) - Cyclopes (7)
Goku SSJ4 (1) Captain America U - Himeido (5) vs. Protectos (8) - Juzo B-Style (4) - Element Sagat (3) - Aspectus (2)
O-Iori XII (4) - Green Breeze Misaki (5) vs. Donald Solo (6) - Tenshinhan (1)
ResidentSleeper (6) - KouyaLen Ichigeki (5) - Silent Girl (6) vs. God Vega (3) - Destroyer Shimakaze (8) - Froyunt (2)

Round 3

Superman (7) - Aspectus (2) vs. H-Ryu (3) - Green Breeze Misaki (5)
Patchouli Kishinami (6) - Perfect Tharja (6)  vs  Froyunt (2) - Cyclopes (7) 
Ultimate Hiryu (7) vs. Yue Imasaka (5) - Radish SSJ4 (6) - Element Sagat (4)


Fighter ranking

5 eliminations

H-Ryu (Universe 3)

4 eliminations

Goku SSJ4 (Universe 1)
Aspectus (Universe 2)
Ultimate Hiryu (Universe 7)

3 eliminations

Elment Sagat (Universe 3)
God Vega (Universe 3)

Washizuka B-Style (Universe 4)
Juzo B-Style (Universe 4)

Magma (Universe 8)
Perfect Tharja (Universe 6)

2 eliminations

Light Blue Tenko (Universe 2)
Huitloxopetl  (Universe 2)
Nanoha XP (Universe 5)
Green Breeze Misaki (Universe 5)
ResidentSleeper (Universe 6)
Radish SSJ4 (Universe 6)
Cyclopes (Universe 7)
Protectos (Universe 8)

1 elimination

Piccolo 2 (Universe 1)
Tenshinhan (Universe 1)
God of Destruction (Universe 1)
Magasame-MFT (Universe 2)
Dies (Universe 2)
Froyunt (Universe 2)
Slide Ken (Unverse 3)
!Balrog (Universe 3)
M-Griffon (Universe 4)
SSJ Kyo (Unverse 4)
ETK Geese (Universe 4)
Beserk Rugal (Universe 4)
O-Iori XII (Universe 4)
Boss Igniz (Universe 4)
China Kohaku (Universe 5)
KouyaLen Ichigeki (Universe 5)
Himeido (Universe 5)
Donald Solo (Universe 6)
Patchouli Kishinami (Universe 6)
Metal Orochi (Universe 6)
Silent Girl (Universe 6)

Juggernaut U (Universe 7)
Captain America U (Universe 7)
Superman (Universe 7)
Destroyer Shimakaze (Universe 8)


Universe ranking

Universe 1 has eliminated 7 competitors
Universe 2 has eliminated 11 competitors
Universe 3 has eliminated 13 competitors
Universe 4 has eliminated 12 competitors
Universe 5 has eliminated 7 competitors
Universe 6 has eliminated 9 competitors
Universe 7 has eliminated 8 competitors
Universe 8 has eliminated 6 competitors

Universe 1 have 0 fighters remaining
Universe 2 have 0 fighters remaining
Universe 3 have 2 fighters remaining
Universe 4 have 0 fighters remaining
Universe 5 have 1 fighters remaining
Universe 6 have 2 fighters remaining
Universe 7 have 0 fighters remaining
Universe 8 have 0 fighters remaining

Total fighters remaining: 5

Eliminated universe (ascending number)

1. Universe 4 (SNK)
2. Universe 1 (Dragon Ball)
3. Universe 8 (Machine)
4. Universe 2 (Touhou)
5. Universe 7 (Superheros)

Winning universe


What universe will have the most eliminations.
What fighter will have the most eliminations.
What universe willl win this tournament of power.

Talks will go to this topic.

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Exclamation Licensed Music on Stream
Posted by: JamPress - 10-02-2018, 11:17 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (1)

Hello SpriteClub!

A pretty big concern from the moderators/assistants recently has been the large volume of licensed music from record labels being played on stream, which due to SpriteClub basically being auto-run, unfortunately puts us at a larger risk than normal live streams for reports and notices being sent to the Twitch team, which can result in suspensions and even takedowns of the SpriteClub channel. This is something I wanted to bring up publicly in a forum post to address and overview the matter while we can take care of it to avoid something stupid like that from possibly happening.

Recently Twitch has updated their community service guidelines, which will officially go into effect next Monday. They're very vague with their rules in regards to taking action against streams that play copyrighted music on an auto-run setup, so to avoid any spontaneous issues arising, we thought it'd be better safe than sorry and at least cut down on the number of songs at risk for this in the playlist so we're not as vulnerable.

I reviewed the playlist yesterday in regards to marking big red-flags for copyrighted music. Out of 3165 current tracks, I've narrowed the red-flag total to about 220 advised removals to be reviewed (7% of the total playlist, which shouldn't be too bad).

This list DOES NOT include:
- Songs that are pretty much a core part of SpriteClub's community at this point, and would be best to not be removed, since the community is very fond of them. It's best to cut down the problem to a small scale, rather than purging EVERY song that could get us in trouble (Billy Joel, Justice, Daft Punk, Toto, and a ton more for example, would be awesome to keep since I know a lot of people love them).
- Songs in the finals playlist.
- Songs that are covers.

The list DOES include:
- Songs owned by major labels that have not grown as parts of the stream and are red flags for copyrights, and unfortunately would be best to remove.
- Songs that have been noticed through viewing VODs get muted due to copyright from labels.
- Songs owned by Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network, FOX, NBC, WWE, and Disney (excluding Kuzco since Erxos will absolutely not remove it under any circumstance and I don't blame him).

Feedback is greatly appreciated from you guys on this topic.
If you see songs that you think should qualify for deletion due to being a red-flag for licensing by a record label, or if you see a red-flagged song you absolutely think should be excluded from this list, I strongly encourage you to make your voice heard below.

Thanks! VoHiYo

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  Song Submissions Board
Posted by: JamPress - 17-01-2018, 01:13 AM - Forum: Off-Topic - Replies (1)


This is a thread to highlight a Google Forms sheet where you can submit songs for the entire team to look at and add on stream over time.
You can submit up to 5 songs per month.

New Additions for January 2018
A-CHAP - Sentinel (Theme of E-Soldat) (Akatsuki Blitzkampf Ausf Achse OST)
A-ONE - Spider's Blood
Norihiko Hibino - After Burner (Infinity Climax Mix) (Bayonetta OST)
Daisuke Ishiwatari - Rokumon (Theme of Baiken) (Guilty Gear Xrd Rev 2 OST)
Propellerheads - Spybreak! (The Matrix OST)
Daisuke Ishiwatari - Lust SIN II (Theme of Jin Kisaragi) (Blazblue: Chrono Phantasma OST)
Master+ - Infinite Cave (Long Version) (Beatmania IIDX 13 DistorteD OST)

New Additions for February 2018
SEXY-SYNTHESIZER - Katamari on the Swing (ALL ABOUT namco Mix) (Katamari Forever OST)
Wet Floor - Don't Slip! (Splatoon 2 OST)
Nero - Satisfy
Atlas Plug - Truth be Known
Shinji Hosoe - Stronger (Theme of Garuda) (Street Fighter EX3 OST)
Deavid Soul - Miller Ball Breakers (Jet Set Radio OST)
Akira Kushida & ZENTA - Ultimate Battle (Ultra Instinct) (Dragon Ball Super OST)
Taku Inoue - Pac Baby (PAC-MAN Championship Edition 2 OST)

New Additions for March 2018
ACE+ - Awakening (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 OST)
Lucifer - Time of World Revolution (Chrono Trigger Remix)

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Information Catalog Error Reports
Posted by: JamPress - 15-01-2018, 03:16 AM - Forum: Feedback/Bug Reports - Replies (5)


This is an official thread for reporting errors and suggesting label alterations in the SpriteClub catalog/database.
The administrator (Arxos) will be in charge of overseeing this thread.

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Information M.U.G.E.N Download Requests
Posted by: JamPress - 07-01-2018, 05:02 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (9)


This is an official thread for requesting M.U.G.E.N content on SpriteClub that cannot be found anywhere else for personal use.
The administrator (Arxos) will primarily be in charge of overseeing this thread and fulfilling content requests.
While requesting content, please keep these guidelines in mind.

  • Please request the character and the author of said character (Example: Dance Master Duane by Brergrsart)
  • Stages can be requested.
  • Some content may be denied if the author has elected their work to be kept private on SpriteClub.
  • Please use the forum's 'search' function for your character before making your request, to make sure that an inquiry/link has not already been submitted for it.
  • If any users happen to find requested content on this forum, you may also publish it here to help each other out.

Here is a compilation of content that was requested in an earlier, unofficial thread in 2017.

  • CF-Len by G-sho: [LINK]
  • Kaguya Houraisan: [LINK]
  • Mechazawa by Minoo: [LINK]
  • Pepito by Quetzalcoatl_88: [LINK]
  • Residentsleeper by Pre-to: [LINK]
  • Giga Bowser by Lord Orga: [LINK]
  • Masked Dedede by suika_no_otto: [LINK]
  • Neco-Arc by Toma: [LINK]
  • Ellie NGI by tukimoon: [LINK]
  • AK Man by Elecbyte: [LINK]
  • DM Tenko by sudara13: [LINK]
  • Fleet of Legend NEET Orochis by STG: [LINK]
  • R'lyeh Text-Special by Volcrz+K_NaCa: [LINK]
  • Christmas Misaki by Digoxin: [LINK]
  • Coffee Azteca by seki-rou: [LINK]
  • 808080 by Apelao: [LINK]
  • Uncle Joel and Bulk Bogan by Brergrsart: [LINK]

These characters are private and cannot be distributed on this thread.

  • Bug Rei by Okihaito
  • Blazing Winnie by TwistedSynapse
  • Rascalex by TwistedSynapse
  • Salty Surfer by SFG
  • Chaos Suika by SFG
  • Kappa by SFG

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  2017 New Years Tournament Details
Posted by: Arxos - 27-12-2017, 07:44 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

It's time for another new years tournament!

Just like last year, the tournament will be a 512-character 1v1 double elimination tournament, meaning a total of 1022 matches.
The tournament will start on December 27th, 8 PM UTC. From that point onward, the tournament will run until it gets down to the top 48 (62 matches). Once it reaches that point, normal matchmaking will resume until December 30th, 8 PM UTC, at which point the top 48 will be played out in full.

With last years tournament being a 3rd Division tournament, this year we'll be doing 2nd Division. Because 2nd Division is a lot smaller, a bunch of top 3rd Division characters were added to the bracket as well.
The full list of characters can be found here. Gimmicks were filtered out for the most part, if you spot any major gimmicks feel free to mention it.

Some additional info for the tournament:

  • Although there are some exceptions, most of the characters in the tournament are either 2nd Division and below 1775 rating, or 3rd Division and above 1700 rating. If you spot any character that you believe is far above that level in the list, again, feel free to call out and I'll check it out.
  • During the tournament, matchmaking will not occur.
  • Every 64 matches, the tournament will be paused and return to exhibitions in order to provide a break.
  • As with normal tournaments, the lower bracket will be BO3 instead of BO5.
  • For every character, the lowest matchmaking palette will be used (i.e., if the matchmaking palette's for a character is 7-9, 7 will be used). White Len Force is an exception to this, who will use 12p instead.

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Exclamation Skullgirls Fighter Copyright
Posted by: Rex Blanchimont - 20-10-2017, 06:55 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (2)

So as I know,there are two Skullgirls fighters on the roster- Squigly and Filia.
Now,at least Squigly was on SaltyBet.
Key word is WAS. She alegedlly got removed because of a reason from the developers of Skullgirls themselves.
My point is,one of the mods might want to try and get in touch with the team before any legal issues occur.

Best wishes, Rex Blanchimont

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Question Someone has download links for these stages?
Posted by: Below273 - 15-10-2017, 09:37 PM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - Replies (1)

I love them so much, but can't find them...

[Image: 1853.jpg]

[Image: 1854.jpg]

[Image: 1851.jpg]

[Image: 1852.jpg]

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  AAA's bracket tourney
Posted by: HelloMyNameIsAAA - 07-10-2017, 12:34 AM - Forum: M.U.G.E.N - No Replies

HelloMyNameIsAAA's bracket tourney (2vs2 Simul 4th Division, October 11, starts at 7 PM UTC)

Click here for the excel sheet !

- Pick any characters that are 4th Division and below. You can find the characters in the ''stats'' section of this website.

- This tourney  be a 2v2 simul 32-bracket double elimination or a 64-bracket single slimination (Or double elimination if Arxos allows it), and all teams added after the 32rd one will be played though exhibitions.

- Any characters banned for usage are unbanned for this tourney.

- You can create up to 3 teams, but you cannot use the same character more than once in all your teams.

- Duplicates are allowed, but complete plagiarism is not allowed.

- The following characters are banned; Divekick characters, Dark Phoenix, Darkness-of-Red,  Suicider Raoh, Kokodesuka?, Ultra Magnus and Wario 64.

- Don't pick any characters with more that 5000 maximum power as your first character. This is to prevent some characters exploiting a larger maximum power in order to spam poweful specials over and over again.
(This rule is on a case by case basis. But if I see a team with a character with 100k power and a Snowwolf it would be obvious)

- Be funny, be original, and simply enough, have fun !

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